How To Be More Socially Confident – Practice These Weird Tricks

Many of us would like to gain more confidence before entering a room. By practicing a few things every day, this can How To Be More Socially Confident

become a reality when done right.

How to be more socially confident because you understand how a person’s mind actually see’s things.

People will respond to you and like you even more because you are going to be able to talk to them without using your words.

For somebody like myself who can be socially awkward at any moment, it’s a great way to still be able to get our message out and let the other person feel comfortable around us.

In my previous post (Learn to read body language) I discussed a few different ways to identify these.

In this article, I am hoping to give us far more about what each hand gesture means and how it will give us an advantage when we learn to use them correctly.

Confidence and comfort tied together

What I mean by this is that when we feel confident we are likely to feel comfortable at the same time.

This will become a habit if we can understand how our movements are important.image that says "this will become a habit if we understand our movements being important"

Prior to learning this, I was always worried about what kind of things people were thinking. I didn’t realize that I could absolutely control some of this by understanding different gestures and that my over-thinking wasn’t helping things.

I figured out by doing a few simple gestures, that I could then determine whether another person was wanting to talk. I can even learn to engage in groups if I am able to use my powers that way.

Before you second guess yourself you will need to know what each gesture is and what it means when it’s done correctly. It will even go beyond a simple gesture when we follow through with our words.

But first what is a hand gesture or any type of gesture exactly? It’s either a controlled or uncontrolled movement we make based on how we are feeling. These are things that most people don’t even think about when they do them.

This is how we are gonna gain our confidence because we have the upper hand in learning and doing them on purpose. Think about all the videos you watch or people you see who are showing no fear while talking.image that says "confident people know the secret about hand gestures"

They have a presence or something about them which draws us all in.

What magic do these people possess?

Confident people know the secret about moving there hands, so why don’t other people do it? And why does it happen more than 2x the amount that an average person does hand gestures for?

For my own reasons I became fascinated by these gestures and wanted to learn what each possible one was and how it was best used. Because of this, I have made a list of the best ones we all can practice and put into our everyday conversations.

If you are ready to learn these I hope that it excites you as much as it did me. The hardest part is to show them to other people without a video or images. Because describing them in the text is rather difficult to do.

The first one we must identify is the point because this one can be dangerous to use. We point to things we are describing and that is fine. It’s when we start pointing towards people that it can be offensive if not done right.

A couple of ways you can point to let somebody know non verbally you are talking about them is to take your hand make an open fist and then point with your thumb.image that says "Practice being socially confident with your hand gestures"

This replaces the pointer finger so it can’t be taken the wrong way. You can then point to people, objects, or anything else you want and other people will get your message.

The second one is the I, you, and we, and it’s done by pointing to yourself, the other person, and then bringing your hands together open palm, face up so that one hand ends on top of the other.

Third one to share is the steeple it will be done by bringing all your fingers and both thumbs together. You will keep your fingers spread and put them together as you move both hands toward your chest.

Next up is how to show numbers while explainingHow To Be More Socially Confident

These are quite simple and shouldn’t require any real visuals because we simply use fingers and thumbs to show the numbers we are talking about.

The purpose is to make our point much easier to anyone we are talking to. I show the number one by using my right pointer finger to point straight up.

Two by doing the same thing except I add my index finger to the one.(be careful because the “peace” sign shown backward is an offensive gesture)

Three is by using our pointer, index and ring fingers straight up with our fingers spread apart. And four is the same as three but we just add our pinky finger.

Five is one whole hand palm facing the other person or group fingers apart and pointing up. Six is by using one hand showing five and using the second hand using one.

Seven is the same as five but showing two on the other hand as well. I think you can get the point.

Some of the main uses for numbers are for when we are talking about the number of steps, the number of objects, or even what something will cost.image that says "don't over use gestures just learn to get comfortable using them"

Other more common hand gestures we can try to use

Love is something you can use while talking about many different things. From favorite foods to favorite movies if it’s a topic that interests somebody else as well as yourself make sure you know the gesture for it.

To do love you simply bring both hands together like your praying and position them close to your mouth or chin. You will be amazed at how often you actually love something.

Next, we want to know how to talk about something whether it’s big or small. To do either of these hand gestures you will need to show it with one or two hands.

Gesture for big is by using both hands and creating a lot of space between both palms. The palms should be facing each other. For small you can use your pointer finger and thumb to show very little space between the two.

For intelligence, simply point to your head and it will tell people you mean something is of high intelligence. For dumb you can make a fist and move that towards your temple.

Top and bottom is a pair that can be done by using your palm facing down and either placing it closer to your head or closer to your belly.

Being creative as you talk How To Be More Socially Confident

For any others you want to use, you can quite simply make them up on the spot or for consistency practice while talking in front of the mirror.

It’s never a bad idea to watch other important people and how they use their hand gestures while speaking.

Copy any of the good ones you find and be sure to practice those as well.

The point of this is to do as many as you can without looking like they are out of place.

You don’t have to go overboard just find a nice comfortable way to start including them

I hope you have found this information useful, and if you have any questions please write them below.

By practicing how to be more socially confident using hand gestures you can even start to teach people your secrets for a bit more intimacy.


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