How Fear And Success Will Impact Your Life

How Fear And Success Will Impact Your Life

As promised I am back again to show you how fear and success will impact your life positively from this day forward.

Fear and success both come from within your mind and both will lead you towards your goals.

But only one of these is considered negative.

Do you understand the difference and do you think you can use fear to be beneficial like you can with success?

Understanding that these are both positive and negative depending on how you are gonna use them, will make it possible to motivate yourself.

Why is fear a positive? Think about all the ways’ your fear can motivate you.

Why is a success a negative? Think about all the ways’ success can lead you away from your goals.

What makes these two mindsets both helpful and harmful at times? This is what you are going to be learning in this post.

How does your fear make you better? How does success trick you into taking the wrong kinds of risks?

Understanding your fear which is usually a problem, and managing it will solve one of the issues that block you from taking action. But beware because when you start to gain any success, you can create other problems.

Your beliefs about fear and success

Yup, you are back to this whole thing dealing with beliefs again. Hopefully, you are familiar and have been making great progress with them. But why is a fear something you believe in as a positive?

Take an example like this: You have a fear of becoming homeless, you are worried because you know it’s always a possibility. This fear leads you to work several part-time jobs.

You have already decided that work equals’ money, and this is your best way to prevent yourself from becoming homeless. The problem here is that you haven’t looked at all the possible solutions.Understanding your fear and managing it will solve one issue

This is only one solution, and there are other ways’ to prevent homelessness. Now if you just stopped there and said this is great, a fear of something can lead you to take the right actions to get your life moving forward.

But in this example, you are seeing a person afraid of a consequence that really doesn’t need to be there. Why? Because you understand that one way to earn money is to work but there are also other ways’ to do the same thing.

An argument will follow in most cases. This argument will be about our friend working a series of dead-end jobs with no plans for later in life or when they get sick and can’t work.

This puts you into a what-if scenario about thinking of the worst things that could happen. You know that worrying about things isn’t a great way to experience life.

How Fear And Success Will Impact Your Life

When this person is the same way then it’s both good and bad at the same time.

It’s good because they want to earn money to provide a way from becoming homeless. It’s bad because they are not spending their energy to maximize what their time is worth.

80 hours a week at min wage vs 80 hours working on a business they own and run will both provide a solution to there problem.

Once you start to see that having certain fears can bring about good things, you will be able to manage which ones you want to utilize and which ones you need to let go of right away.

The difference, in this case, is about risk, and when you factor in another scary word like risk you change the meaning of the word fear.Certain fears can bring positive results

Positive, negative, or somewhere in between is what you end up thinking about fear. Also, it’s gonna make success mean something completely different when you factor in the results in each of these cases.

The point of all of this is to understand the details that go into a decision. What I am saying is that you need something that isn’t about fear and something that isn’t about success.

What do you think this would bring us? That’s right, self-assessment about your abilities and skills. It’s why knowing how good you are becomes so much more important in your life than what you fear.

Fear, success, beliefs, and now self-assessment

How Fear And Success Will Impact Your Life

Back to our example, fear of being homeless lead our friend to want to work and earn money.

The problem was working too hard for too little. The belief was that it was necessary to work at something no matter what it paid.

Call it self-hate, self-doubt, self-sabotage or anything else that fits. But realize you don’t have to just accept whatever comes your way.

You can make a wise decision and set things up for the best solution.

Now factor in self-assessment and you start to gain a perspective that this kind of overexertion does solve a problem but does not solve it as well as other choices would.

Knowing that you don’t have to limit yourself and take on a role that doesn’t serve you best is one reason this site is so helpful.

Working past these limiting beliefs will get your life optimized for the best outcomes.

It’s also important you realize that not all fears are negative, some will help you to an extent before they become useless.

Doing this will also change the focus and direction you have, so you are not preoccupied only with one fear and one version of successfully solving your problems.

Let’s quickly fast-forward to a year from now and see what this person has gained. By following along with what I am teaching them, they now value themselves much more and they are confident that working for min wage is not in their best interests.

Taking that money they had earned and accepting some risk they believe in what I am showing them. This leads them to grow their abilities into something that provides a much higher payout for them in the end.Train your mind to be quicker, do things easily, and become valuable

What is it they did? They trained there mind to work with them instead of against them. By figuring out the best way to use their skills, they can do things quicker, easier, and have become more valuable.

Why does knowing your capabilities open many doors? Because you get to assess what you are worth. This means you will understand that dead-end jobs can only be used as a short-term solution.

Once you figure out your capabilities, you can remove that worry about not having the money to keep a home. You remove the fear of becoming homeless, and you know that each fear is there to serve a purpose.

When that purpose is acknowledged, accepted, and has run its course, you will be able to move on and let it go.

Energy gained, time spent, and skills improved

How Fear And Success Will Impact Your Life

When you understand how much value each of us has, you learn that small improvements can turn into major achievements.

Looking at certain kinds of success is dependent on the direction you want to go.

Why should I learn to do something I will never use? Or why do I know about this when I really needed to know about that?

It’s because of these, that you need to understand that not all success can be a positive for you.

That sometimes you will actually be wasting your time doing one thing instead of another.

Before I was only aware that a job earned some money, but now, I know how I can gain the most money for the least amount of effort. This frees up the time it takes me to get my jobs done.

When I stop thinking about success being just anything in another direction I change it’s meaning a bit so that it’s customized to my own goals.

Now even if you are perfectly happy with the life you are living, there is still some annoying voice inside your head telling you something isn’t working right.

This can happen as it does our example, or it can happen because you fear something different than what was mentioned above. Honestly fear of being homeless isn’t even the root of the worry.

There has to be some type of experience which happened for that doubt to have ever crept into the mind of the person. That is the real job of what you are doing here and why self-assessment is the optimal way to know yourself.

Understanding why you fear the things you fear, because success shouldn’t be a negative and fear shouldn’t be positive. Right?

When you trace back to everything you learned and why you become powerful you can determine your own results.Success is possible when you move in the direction you want to

Power brought on by understanding your own mind

(emotional intelligence – EQ)

Knowing why your thoughts are there and understanding how your fears and abilities will change how you deal with your decisions.

You can make better choices where you don’t have to experience the doubts and the worries that cause the anxiety and the pain.

Yes, a lot of words here that I mention all over this website but do you know why they keep coming back up over and over again?

When you can answer every question your mind can ask, you know who you are and why you do what you do. This becomes a path to everything you will desire for the rest of your life.Having a purpose will mean you stop wasting time trying to do it all

As soon as you understand that it’s necessary, you will discover your purpose which will stop wasting your time and money doing things that cannot possibly bring you happiness and joy.

Do you see the point of doing something like journal exercises or something like a blog that directly takes a look at each and every fear that you have?

Once you have a way to track and evaluate your own thoughts and feelings, you will be able to shape them to be exactly what is needed for every situation that comes up.

This preparedness is what makes success a positive word instead of a negative because you understand that accomplishing something is 100{002cebbb9982bb452b7f35ba8a1ec40e802a4e49a9f04bce8c9af9df955e9923} the best use of your time and energy.

Emotional intelligence is when you know your feelings and your desires and have trained your mind to be in full control. This way your reactions and responses will almost always follow the way that you want them to.

This is what sets you up to be driven and to do things that other people cannot or will not do.

How Fear And Success Will Impact Your Life

Power of the mind and body

A high EQ leads you to believe that everyone has a wonderful purpose. Because of that realization, you know that means you can spread your love and kindness without needing it to be reciprocated.

When compassion gets factored in it’s because you have so much room to give, it’s impossible for you not to want to do that for others.

To yield true power in this world is from the ability to give things out to everyone who needs them. Wealth isn’t about money, it’s about what you do with everything you have and understanding it’s only valuable when it helps other people.

The same reason water has value, food has value, gasoline has value, and knowledge has value. As long as it helps somebody else achieve the results they are after.True power comes from compassion

For your basic needs obviously food and water are more valuable to survive, but knowledge still is at the top of your priority list. The old saying about teaching a man to fish is better than doing the fishing for him.

Demonstrates just how big a priority that knowledge really has, because knowing a lot of information will also be key to survival.

Here is the challenge I have for you, make sure you can pinpoint your fears and understand how to become successful despite them. Another way to look at this is to say you can overcome your fears and achieve everything you need in your life.

By now, I hope that you realize you already have all the tools you need to be wealthy, happy and fulfilled. It’s still up to you to improve your mind and body to achieve those results as fast as you can.

The sooner you have them the sooner you can give them all away and be a true blessing to this world which is always in need of more compassionate people.

Please let me know if you have any problems with figuring out why you fear what you fear. Sometimes a second person can come in and see the problem better than we can, or at least nudge us into the best way of thinking about it.

This is how fear and success will impact your life, the next part will be published on Wednesday. Be sure to come back then if you don’t any sooner. Also, get your copy of the e-book Confidence creates a better life with the form below.

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  1. I do know that we can be our own enemy, at times, in relation to how we feel and react to situations.

    Regarding this article, I do see how fear can be used to our advantage IF we choose to make the right choice for ourselves and not let others decide our fate. And, yes, success can sometimes cause problems.

    I believe we need to be risk takers, at times, i.e., if an opportunity presents itself and we do nothing, nothing will come of it. However, if we take the plunge and try something new, we can certainly succeed in that venture if we persevere and continue to believe we will succeed. In doing so, we can use our success to help others succeed!

    This article can help many people to realize what their fears are and how to apply these steps in a positive manner, to succeed in life, in all aspects!

    Thanks for this valuable info!


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