How Do I Figure Out Who I Am? The Truth Revealed

Excellent question which will challenge your beliefs when you are ready to fully investigate this. Just looking at Who I AmHow Do I Figure Out Who I Am

will be a necessary part of your journey.

When we begin to question things we are taught, it opens up many possible doors into our minds.

These steps are wonderful because they allow us to ask How Do I figure out who I am?

It will lead us to ask more questions and it’s important to go as deep as we can by asking why after each response.

This process gets us to the root of many challenges or obstacles that stand in our way.

image saying "question what you are taught so you can know what is possible"

Learning about Who I Am

There are several ways to go about this type of discovery, the first is to start writing down your thoughts as they happen. See where it goes, and don’t worry about it making sense.

This is an exercise that will show us what we are really thinking even when we aren’t sure about anything.

Ask: Who Am I?    Your Inner voice: I Am    You:?  Inner voice: I am everything, I am nothing…   You: huh?    Inner voice: I am all you know and all you don’t   I am good and I am evil   I am Eternal yet mortal  I am both the sky and the earth   I am memories and dreams   I am potential and doubt  I am saint and sinner  I am you I am…image saying "desire means we feel an urgency to know what works best"

Other than confusing us this is a thought-provoking way to explore what we have asked Who Am I? There is no answer because we are everything and we are nothing at the same time.

Once we understand that we are capable of whatever we want, life is left in our own hands. We either do something or we don’t, we pass or fail, we live or die, we eat or we starve, we jump or we squat, we sleep or we stay awake.

Now don’t get me wrong but this may or may not be too much for us to understand, that is because we have to desire to really start to think about everything we have ever been taught.How Do I Figure Out Who I Am

Do we really know right from wrong?

You learn from experiences just as I do and everyone else. But what happens when we are taught the opposite of what is true? What is the meaning of truth?

This comes down to what we believe, the meaning is behind the definitions, and these together shape our behaviors. When you get hungry you probably don’t worry much about eating a piece of fruit to satisfy your hunger.

But as an infant, you didn’t even understand what hunger was. Instead, you cried because your body was in pain. Hunger pain to be exact.

Now if you are all alone would you live or die?  As a baby with no movement, the chance to survive is zero.

Because you know nothing, your instincts do you no good since crying would probably just go unheard or another animal would hear your cries and either eat you or ignore you.image saying "to be an individual means living in the present moment"

Maybe you would be lucky and a mama wolf would somehow feel your distress and know to nurse you. Obviously, if you were to die, story over and it wouldn’t matter about right or wrong.

But, if you grow up in the wolf’s world, you would be taught quite differently then if you had been raised by a mother or a father. They would have shown you the differences between wrong and right.

Let’s imagine now that you learn everything about behavior from a wolf. Would you then understand what another person was, would you know not to hurt them or kill and eat them?

The wolfs would probably teach you to fear other humans. How Do I Figure Out Who I Am

What would happen to your social skills or social abilities?

Do you think they would be there or would you likely be shy and awkward and unable to fit in with other humans?

You see this is what happens in a way when we are raised in a bad environment.

We don’t view things in the right or wrong way instead we confuse things which we never learned.

We continue down the road until somebody teaches us or we teach ourselves differently.

When we just avoid everyone and everything we are cursed to get worse.

With no chance to learn from new experiences we just start to follow beliefs which are not helping us out.

As you figure yourself out from the present, you will need to understand what makes us individuals. Was there something you can remember which happened and you started to believe a certain event would unfold?

The only way we can change our behavior is to fully understand where they come from. This is what it takes to change and this is what we have to figure out now if we have any desire to be more social.image saying "to change our behavior we need to know where it came from"

Thousands of questions we have to ask ourselves

Let’s go back to the question of who am I? Can you see the connection between memories and experiences? When we form a belief about something it’s due to both.

This is because we are taught to be something regardless of whether that something is true to what we want. This goes into the meaning we place on memories, experiences, lessons, rewards, punishments, and results we have gotten.image saying "to be more social we must understand what it takes"

When we start to look over these we can learn that none of them are what matters because when we live in the present we shape everything we think about.

What happens if I start asking myself the questions which matter most to me? Can I make a new belief system or a new set of memories based on new experiences?

Sometimes we just need to ask the first question, then figuring out who I am becomes the result of the questions we ask ourselves now.How Do I Figure Out Who I Am

What? I got lost somewhere along the way

Sometimes our minds can’t keep up with what we want. That is okay because it isn’t gonna hurt us to take time and reflect on things.

Once we learn how to find our answers the questions will get answered by our real self. That is how they start to all fall into place like we are putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

Because I am everything and nothing this means we don’t have to be lead by other people. We are not a bunch of facts that are right no matter what or wrong no matter what.

We have the ability to 100 percent change anything we want about ourselves. We just have to get to the source of what our beliefs really are.

Then we can go back and change any of them we don’t want to be true. How do I figure out who I am? I learn everything I can about myself and what I really value.

This shapes my abilities, my outlook and my results going forward with my life.


Let me know what you think of this post. Every comment you share makes it easier for others(including me) to know what you need help on. Leave those comments below or any questions you have.

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