Help Me, My Problems Don’t Have A Root Cause!

Help Me, My Problems Don't Have A Root Cause!

The first thing you must realize is that no matter what you are experiencing there is a root cause. The bad news is this can take quite a lot of digging in order to figure it out.

Help me, my problems don’t have a root cause is going to look at how you actually dig deeper so that you can solve whatever issues you are having.

Remember back a few posts ago when I wrote about inferiority complex. I was first introduced to that disorder by learning more about why I became shy.

My first instincts were to look at shyness as being the initial root cause of my problems.

So I had to dig before I learned that a cause of my shyness happened or developed because of how often I felt inferior to others during my lifetime.

Here is an important thing to remember as well:

Shyness – Inferiority – Not understanding my strengths – being picked on about everything – not feeling like my family loved me or wanted me around – parents never around only babysitters – growing up in a family that was completely unstable.

As you can see this is about many causes that all lead to a feeling about being shy for me but that was just what was on the outside. When I began working it backward it’s because of my family.

Now that isn’t where it stopped, but because I am only illustrating how you dig deeper I don’t need to go into the root cause right now.

Mine will not help you figure out yours and will only likely make you think that yours isn’t right.

Everyone’s problems in life have a root cause

Help Me, My Problems Don't Have A Root Cause!

How do you learn what the root cause is of your problems if you haven’t taken the time to try to solve it yet? Simply stating or listing all of your problems is just the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t really get you any closer to solving it.

It’s like me yelling at my dinner stating that it’s cold and sitting there hoping somebody comes along and reads my mind about heating it up. This accomplishes nothing until I track down why it has happened.

Let’s assume I don’t understand how a microwave or oven works and I simply opened up a frozen dinner and put it on the table. Not only is it not hot but it’s likely to be frozen and look uncooked.

So my first complaint was it’s cold and I couldn’t eat it that way. But what else is a part of the problem?

When I learn why I don’t know how an oven works that moves me a little closer. Let’s assume that I moved into an apartment and had not lived alone before.

I was used to getting something that was prepared ahead of time and that I probably should have learned the difference between a frozen meal and a fast food order.

In my haste to move out, I didn’t take the time I needed to learn the basics of taking care of myself. This is a much bigger problem and not just about one dinner or one meal.

This will require me to learn how to fully take care of myself and that is the main issue of my problem. But is it possible even knowing this information that it still isn’t the root cause?

Yes, I need to continue by asking myself why I didn’t develop that knowledge, and why I felt in such a hurry to become independent.

The further I dig into the past experiences of my life I realize that I didn’t experience enough personal freedom. Expecting everything to be done for me, I was unable to think of any possibilities where that wouldn’t remain the same.

This meant for me to feel great about myself that I needed to go through life on my own and to learn from my own mistakes. The real root cause of this example is that I needed to understand how making mistakes will increase the knowledge I have about life.

When I correct what I know, my belief about taking care of myself becomes simple. I just need to take the time and put forth the effort to know more about my wants and my desires so that I can learn everything essential to solving all my problems.

So that example illustrates the need to learn how to solve your own problems so that you are familiar with the process and can dig as deep as you need to, to find the solutions.

Help Me, My Problems Don't Have A Root Cause!

How to start applying this to your own life problems

This is where the process gets harder because it may be different for everyone and there are a lot of different factors that come up to be important along the way.

Here are the important guidelines to consider:

  • All of your problems happen because of something going on inside of you. When you learn what the root cause is you will no longer view it the same way. This translates into your problem being the result of a flaw in your beliefs, your choices, your behavior, your mindset, or your personality and outlook. To solve your problem you will be required to figure out exactly where the flaw is located and to remove it from your system.
  • When you are tracing your problem backward and looking at the patterns it will likely stem from a certain factor. When you are able to test those patterns out you can find a solution that will help to remove it for good.
  • To actually dig deeper you should ask two types of questions about the cause which are why it’s a problem and what else could be going on to cause this? Often this will mean that something comes along which makes complete sense or a lightbulb goes on and gives you that gut feeling it’s the root.
  • The only way to know for sure is to start and gather information this way you can test your beliefs about the gut feeling. What do I know about this issue that my belief about it says will be true and then prove that evidence to be false?
  • You can only learn what the root cause is when you learn more about yourself so that you understand what you do, why you do it, and the reasons that you think doing it is important or not.

There is no one solution to every problem, just like there is no one size fits all for your belief system or your personal preferences. This will be something that you can either figure out or that you will need to ask for help on from a professional.

To get yourself started, take the time to list your problems, dig as deep as you can with them, and then start to dig even deeper each time you look at the issue from another angle.

There are going to be some problems which are easy to figure out and others that take you more time and effort to get resolved. Just remember that the more you learn about psychology and human nature, the more you will be able to become aware of what you are doing.

Help Me, My Problems Don't Have A Root Cause!

The best help you can gain is knowledge

There are actually lot’s of different methods that you can use to gain this knowledge. I mentioned using a professional like a therapist, a hypnotist, a life coach, or anyone that has experience and knows this process.

So it’s not completely up to you to do this on your own, I certainly don’t mean to scare anyone away from trying to solve any of their own problems by saying that this is hard or difficult.

Just understand that you will be using the resources you have at your disposal and that some things will require that you learn new skills to dig deep enough.

As I mentioned you will likely have several issues you want to solve and sometimes when you solve one it will help you dig deeper with another one. The best reason to keep a journal that organizes all your knowledge is so that you understand everything about yourself.

For any of you that don’t know about journaling, you really need to start to learn the benefits and I have a post you can read about it. Help me, my problems don’t have a root cause is gonna to be the most important part of your journal.

Make sure you do the work that is necessary and it will help you live your life much better in the future. For any questions or comments please write them below so that I can learn how to meet your needs better.



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2 thoughts on “Help Me, My Problems Don’t Have A Root Cause!”

  1. I don’t remember where I read it but “it’s a problem when you don’t have any problems because that means you aren’t doing anything.” The two best ways to find out where you are at in life is to make two lists. One is about anything you want which you don’t have and the other is what you want to avoid. This will give you a list of life goals which you can start to work on. By comparing the two lists you will see all your problems and that will make things so much easier to plan for.

  2. I have already started a journal. I want to be the best person I can be for myself, before I can put myself out there for someone else. I like the idea of writing down my problems. On the surface, I think that I don’t have many problems. But everyone does, including myself. So I am gonna start by listing them, so that I am fully aware of them and can work on them. I do think a journal has so many benefits. I just feel better after putting things down on paper. It is right in front of me, staring at me, and I can work on these things.

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