Health Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercises

All forms of mindfulness exercises are about being in the present moment, and by practicing these you will experience Health Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercises

less stress, less anxiety, and less depression than currently.

Some other health benefits of easy mindfulness exercises include:

improving your self-awareness, control of emotions, feeling your best, becoming more self-compassionate, becoming more loving toward others and yourself, eliminating negative thoughts, less worry, and making the best choices or decisions.

Naturally, these things are not going to happen just by practicing once or twice.

Being mindful takes you through a transformation, and it’s during this process that you will become more capable and feel less stressed.

When you have complete awareness of your mind and body, you will be able to do what you want, enjoy every moment of life, and be confident no matter what comes up.

It’s no wonder that mindfulness is the fastest growing trend in health and well being.

You learn to change and do this by strengthening all of your senses in the process.

When you are at your peak levels you will learn faster, you will be able to make immediate decisions, become non-judgemental and genuinely care about yourself and others.

Looking at yourself and being able to observe what is going on, will provide the insight you need to adjust things.image saying "Being mindful transforms you into a less stressed out person"

Think of it as your favorite television show or book, where you look forward to discovering something new and exciting every single time.

Instead of being happy or contempt when those end, you are able to continue the adventure. This means every day is a new episode and you get the joy of discovering what will happen next.

What are mindfulness and meditation?Health Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercises

You are starting to become more aware of a better way of life, everything sounds amazing and you can’t wait to get started.

One problem, you don’t know enough about it to start.

Maybe you have picked up a book and gotten a few tips before, but have you given yourself the time to get familiar with what it actually involves?

Don’t worry, because I am here to show you everything you will need to know.

The good news is that it’s pretty cheap to do meditation and mindfulness exercises.

In fact, you won’t need to buy anything, everything you need is already available.

Part of mindfulness is using the senses to enjoy each activity you do on a daily basis.

So the costs involved are the same as you already experience and have a budget for.

If you would like to find out what others are doing, they offer special sessions or classes and will take you through it from day one.image saying "complete awareness of your mind and body will benefit you"

Knowing this, your only real cost is sparing a few minutes a day to start.  After that, you adjust the amount of time you practice and get more comfortable.

What will you be doing to be mindful?Health Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercises

The first thing you need to do is decide this is for you, then you will want to begin by practicing what is around you for one minute anytime you would like.

Mindfulness is about the senses, and for now, we are gonna be focused on the five we all know very well.

Because when you enjoy your life as a sensory being, you are less likely to be stuck worrying about everything.

You are also gonna learn more about what actually goes on in your mind and with your body.

This is important because observing things non judgementally allows you to grow.

If you haven’t read the article I wrote on meditation, now is the time to go back and review it.

Since all mindfulness activities and exercises are related to meditation, we can use what we know to start practicing.

When you sit down to eat, experience your food. Chew each bite 20-30 times, try to pick out all the flavors or ingredients, notice the textures, and allow yourself to follow it down to the stomach.

Put things on a plate so you can enjoy all the different colors and before each bite take the time to smell the fragrance.image saying "learn faster, choose faster, be non judgemental, about life "

As you may know, we actually do eat with our senses, but most of us are in a rush to chow down and start on the next task.

Being mindful means to slow down in life just for a few times each day. To enjoy the things we take for granted, this will help you see where you have lost focus on being present and in the moment.

Walking meditation and being mindful of the Health Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercisesscenery

You can experience the texture of each different bite, but you can also learn to feel each one of the steps you take as you walk around.

Instead of putting on headphones and staring at your phone, decide you will take a nature walk and enjoy the many sounds of nature.

Feeling the grass and listening to what it sounds like as you walk, or climbing up a hill and taking note of the earth sliding down with each step you make.

When there are flowers or plants enjoy the smells, the fresh scent of a gentle rain shower.

Even taking lunch outside for a picnic over the weekend.

You have options how to do this but the importance is to utilize what is all around you to make your life better.

These are free to help you become healthier.

People are always so busy, and it’s from this mentality that we have forgotten to do the best things for us.

Don’t have time for a walk or a picnic, then practice a few quick breathing exercises while you’re in the shower.

Close your eyes and feel the water as each drop lands in a different spot, the sensations of warm and cold, the smell of the shampoo or the body wash.

The feelings which come from massaging your head, and the soothing softness the silky after effect of the conditioner.image saying "mindfulness and meditation exercises cost nothing to do"

Just allow each thing to enter your mind and don’t try to control your thoughts, feelings, or emotions. You can tell yourself that something is a thought, something is a feeling and even an emotion.

But leave it alone after that so you don’t lose track of the present moment.

Excitement from every sensationHealth Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercises

Don’t care for the ideas I am suggesting? Come up with some that you know will fit right into what you’re already doing.

Clean up your work area either at home or in the office and place different items to sensationalize it.

Make a playlist on youtube or other platforms, these will make it exciting.

Relax with music, or listen to your favorite voices from a podcast.

Feel the comfort of the chair and pay attention to how it contours to you when you sit down.

Walking to and from things in the office, how many steps does it take, who was around, what things hadn’t you seen before.

Just notice these things and move right along to notice the next.

Take lunch at your desk and enjoy the other ideas I mentioned. Taking the time in your day to experience life as it happens, isn’t a difficult thing to do.

As you gain a better feel for doing this you may find out that it’s the most fantastic way to live. All the while you will be helping to improve your health.image saying "Mindfulness is about the five senses and observations"

But, these still don’t just happen right away. When I first started meditation I was expecting too much too soon. That left me wondering if I was doing something wrong.

I want to reassure you that it’s not about a right or wrong way. After doing it for a month, you will see a difference.

And if you don’t, time to try to change it up a bit. The idea is to become aware of yourself, the objects and people around you, and the things which used to not matter that actually do matter.image saying "enjoying life as a sensory being, you are less likely to worry"

Leave your past concerns alone and the future problems where they are. Just getting used to the world that is right in front of you and isn’t flooding your mind to do anything about it.

Are mindfulness exercises beneficial or improvements?Health Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercises

I hope you are seeing how this will start to help improve your overall health, but if you still are wondering, let me go into more specifics.

Depression is linked to our mood, which is linked to what we are doing at the moment so we feel a certain way.

When you start to change up from a set routine to include new exercises such as being mindful.

You learn new tricks that combat your mood and will generate better ones.

If you find that you get depressed often because your life is this or that.

Changing moods is important because it’s the only way to get out of a rut.

Since I started practicing meditation and being mindful, I know how to remove the funks that show up.

These moods are temporary after a while and show up less and less. As a result, I actively look to be more in tune with myself and my surroundings.

The “I wish I was dead thoughts” have gone away, and I began looking for more reasons I am thankful to be alive. You will likely have to put up with these for a while until you get the hang of just observing.

But when you do, you will think “I haven’t had that thought for a while now.” At least that is what it’s been like for me. The important thing for me was to remind myself to observe and not to judge.image saying "being mindful means to slow down and focus on each moment"

That is easier said than done, but with enough practice, you should get the hang of it. And it’s much easier to do when you are not forcing yourself to observe, you get to the point of just doing it.

Anxiety is also impacted because it consumes us so easily. Maybe you’re like I used to be afraid to do certain things because you just knew something bad would happen.

This “knowing” bad things will happen, is our mind telling us that bad things will always happen since we are only preoccupied with that thought.

I don’t feel anxious when I think about the great and wonderful things which actually do happen. The observations get us to a place without our minds constantly making noises.

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t take everything away, it’s a process of changing our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and moods without realizing it’s happening.image saying "become aware of yourself, the objects and people around you"

The best way I can describe it is to say, you become less threatened and more excited. Instead of seeing a flower and thinking it’s pretty, you notice it’s color, how it’s shaped and how it doesn’t demand a label of beauty or ugliness.

When a person walks by you notice their hair color, their expression, their pace in walking and not judging them as attractive, scary, or too much this and not enough that.

You begin to see everything as it just is, this allows you to develop stories about them later on. Where you describe them and not assume they are something.

This also means you no longer need to interpret a person as attractive or unattractive. You don’t feel the need to point people out and say to your friends “look at that ugly thing.

All of these exercises let you remove the negatives and acknowledge only positives.

I call these improvements that have gradually happened to me. You can say they are benefits of becoming more aware or more in tune with everything.Health Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercises

Why stay an unstable mess, when there is a free solution?

I don’t think of people as unstable messes, this term is how I used to describe myself prior to becoming a more educated individual. The type of education I lacked was all about emotional intelligence.

Full of many worthless and unjustified fears, I had social anxiety, depression, zero motivation, no friends, nobody I cared about or loved, and I wasn’t in any mood to ever change.

Now, you may identify with some, none or all of these things.

The point of me showing you what is out there and available which doesn’t require a huge commitment or even an investment in cash.

Is to teach you how the little things lead to the big things when done for a purpose and that success is gonna follow you all the way to any goals you may have.

Goals to me aren’t even the important thing with this process because unlike the law of attraction, we can’t just think of something and it will find us.

We have to encourage these things to come from ourselves, to overcome our shortcomings, and to strive to be a compassionate and self-loving person.image saying 'ignore the past and the future to see what is right in front of you"

After doing this, people will be unable to avoid seeing it projected from your presence anywhere and everywhere you go. This is what leads people to follow and when people want something badly enough they get curious and eager to learn.

By the time you have found the joy in your life it will become the simplest way to live and I dare you not to want to share how you did it with other people.

Teaching is how you pay it forward, mindfulness starts the journeyHealth Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercises

Teaching people to live the life that is the simplest and easiest way to live, seems too simple and too easy. That is why there is so much inner resistance to changing yourself.

We get to experience different opinions from the very first breath we take entering this world. And when nobody or nothing can be perfect, we forget to filter things out into the best.

By looking at yourself first and understanding what your surroundings are, you will unlock more information than you gain by reading a hundred books.

Reading is a wonderful means of gaining information when the answer you seek is very specific. But when the answer you need is inside of yourself nothing but you can find it.

There are methods that will make this easier and things that work for some people but not others. Mindfulness is one general way to live that works one hundred percent of the time.image saying "it's important to remember to observe and not judge anything"

But it’s your journey that needs you and only you to make it happen. Coincidently it’s because of this that the phrase “keep doing what you’re doing and you will keep getting what you have always gotten” exists.

And if you don’t already know, it means keep behaving badly so that you keep on being disappointed with your life. Or something very close to that.

What is the smallest amount of practice you can do and still benefit?Health Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercises

First I wanted to point out that there is no such number which I can suggest. It’s one of those things that you will either like to do, or you will hate to do.

Because this involves changing yourself from what you are like now, it also means that it probably will take more practice then you would like.

Start by just observing, either your thoughts, your breathing, or by taking a walk and noticing things. The more often you practice the easier it will be and the more you will get out of it.

Don’t worry about the results, when you are too concerned about making progress you will likely miss the entire point of making this change.

Pick a time of day or night, start with a mediation that is simple and easy. Do it for a minute the first time, observe and notice how it goes.

Take a few notes if you like and then bump it up to two minutes for the next time. Adding a minute more to your practice each time.

Don’t force yourself to go to thirty minutes or an hour until you are completely ready. I only do this a few times throughout the day, and I began with a guided meditation that confused me the first week.

Mindfulness and having more awareness will come to you when your mind understands and feels more comfortable with spending the time to help you.image saying "anxiety goes away while thinking about the wonderful present moment"

Results will happen but not when you are constantly looking for them. It’s after you figure out everything about yourself that this will truly impact your life.

Recapping what we have learned about mindfulness

You can start to gain the benefits right now this very minute when you decide to start accepting life in the present. This allows you to take a minute to start becoming aware of the universe around you.

When done on a regular basis you will likely experience fewer problems, but don’t get all caught up in things working or not working.

By not expecting things you will free your mind to become more positive and you will be less of a complainer/blamer. This will lead you down a path that builds up your powerful mind and body.

Having the time and the freedom to love yourself and practice self-compassion, you will remove many of your health issues slowly.image saying "observe your thoughts, your breathe, or go for a walk and notice things"

You don’t have to understand everything right away because nobody does, but you just need that little voice in your head to become open to being taught.

When that happens, you will find yourself appreciating things, looking for more improvements to build yourself up with. And over time when you look at the whole package, you will gain this breakthrough.

The oh my God type of feeling that you hadn’t seen from yourself before. That is the way it’s been for me anyway, the more I love and care about others including myself the more wonderful goosebump moments I experience.

Yes, goosebumps to me are amazing to feel, I have even read peoples stories who overcame the same types of problems I used to have said it’s possible to feel happiness until that gets tiresome.

They go on to find a peacefulness that is euphoria which needs no description. It’s just the complete way to ever feel about yourself, and if you search for joy, you should really give this a try.

Let me know what you think and how this benefits you, I will keep writing more about my experience with being mindful so let me know what you would want to hear about.

This will make things simpler for both of us and even more wonderful to create and share. I hope you have enjoyed reading about the health benefits of easy mindfulness exercises.


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  1. Mindfulness is useful because you can observe more and learn more at the same time. Instead of just smelling the roses you try to take the time to understand what it’s for, what it’s smell means to you, and what it’s existence allows you to bring into your own life. What happens is that we often get so busy that we forget that life goes on without us all the time and it’s because things aren’t the same reality that we experience based on the beliefs that are present. When you practice becoming more mindful you realize that rather than seeing the world through a straw like you presently do often, it’s better to see things in a universal way. When you can start to see yourself in this way it makes it possible to understand your problems from the correct angles. Meaning you stop freaking out because you spilled something on yourself while out in public. You come to the conclusion that your problems are just a tiny speck on what is an enormous universe and this controls your anxiety, worry and allows you to seek solutions in a much calmer way.

  2. I see this as kind of taking time out to smell the roses? Would that be correct? I mean, we need to take time out in our day to just experience things around us with our senses, instead of always trying to control them. Makes me think back to a visit with the eye doctor. He told me to take time out of my work day to step outside and just look at the mountains, the scenery, things in the distance. Enjoy the view. Similarities I think, only the reason behind his was much different.

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