Free Lead System, Lead Lightning, And Power Lead Systems

What is the difference between these 3 things? The free lead system is a freebie, The lead lightning is your budget-friendly upgrade, and the power lead system is your main product.

Together each one has a job which is to get you to spend money so that you can make money. The question then becomes, should I buy into this complete system and how will it improve my life?

Even for a complete beginner, this may sound like a great set of tools, you get a lot without having to spend a lot. But the catch is you will only be able to make money if you can get other people to follow your example.

So, why on earth do you need any of this compared to what else is on the market?

Making Money Fast And Easy With These Products

Anyone who has a big dream of one day giving up their nine to five jobs and sitting back on the beach knows that you need passive income streams.

That is your agenda during the first couple of years with affiliate marketing as well. So, you could take the long route and set up a blog in order to build your own audience.

Once you have done that you likely have created an email list for that specific niche. That alone is where the money is at because it’s an entire list of people who are willing to listen to what you have to say.

Now, most of the list isn’t going to just jump on everything you offer, but some are more likely to take a chance and try it out. That will lead to sales, with sales you make commissions, and with commissions, you re-invest in your businesses.

But the catch is you will need to research, write often, learn new things daily, test different products and eliminate the good from the bad all with your website or more specifically your blog.

This complete system removes the part of your website which is the grunt work anyway. Instead, you simply need to figure out a better strategy to get interested leads to your product or offers.

With the free lead system you give each person, they will get the chance to learn a few things that entice them into upgrading. The part that you need to emphasize is that you can make six dollar commission only if you buy the one time upgrade to the lead lightning system.

That means you get to try out the free system up to a point where you want to earn commissions. The seven dollar upgrade will make it possible to promote both systems because one is your freebie/incentive to sign up for an email list.

Once inside you can learn lots of different reasons that it’s a good idea to continue thinking about the upgraded version. Which means most of you will spend the seven dollars which unlocks more possibilities.

The last part of the offer is to upgrade one last time to your best product choice. It will give you everything that the other two does plus you earn a much higher commission.

It’s a funnel that you spend money on in order to promote to other people. The way it makes money is obviously by getting more people to upgrade to the power lead system.

The fundamental thing to remember is that it’s somebody else’s system which means you don’t make one hundred percent profit for the amount of work that you do.

If that is okay with you then you may want to take advantage of this product.

For others, the long route will serve them better.

Just remember that when you invest in somebody else’s product you won’t have control if it disappears for any reason. So, my suggestion is that you take this opportunity to learn more about email marketing.

Start out with the free lead system and upgrade when you understand enough about email campaigns.

Get Started With A Free Lead System Here

What Other Options Are Out There And Available For Little or No Money Required?

Allow me to take a few more minutes of your time to explain what else you can do to make more money with this system. There is another website called the Global Money Line which works great at building a bigger list.

You can learn more about it by clicking on the link above.

The catch that comes with it is the first upgrade. You can remain free forever but will have to add a new referral every day to keep your list.

Then the alternative is to spend twenty dollars one time so you won’t have to do the daily requirement. It’s available as your first choice when you join and I recommend taking the chance to lock it in place.

This way you won’t have to worry about missing any new leads that will expire each day. The average number per day is three hundred new members that you can message with your offer.

Since it’s a money line concept you will start with zero people in your list but will gain three hundred each day. Do the math and that means about one hundred and ten thousand per year.

Out of one hundred and ten thousand, how much do you think the average conversion will be? Well, it’s going to follow a unique commission structure.

This is where it can get confusing because as a bronze member you need to get two referrals at any time to join the affiliate part. That is twenty dollars per month with a recurring commission from your entire line.

It skips two each line so that you will get everything else. Let’s say you refer ten people, that means you get ten of them to go bronze and you make 8 commissions.

It’s about one hundred and sixty dollars minus the twenty that you spend for that month. But once each of your referrals has gotten approved for the affiliate program and get referrals you will then earn fifty percent commission for skip two and each one of theirs.

The important part to realize is the skip two per line concept.

Start Your Global Money Line Here!

Combining both products will give you a solid two income streams

Not bad so far eh? So the next concept will be what other roles do you need to play to maximize the first two streams. Social media promotions will be necessary but can be outsourced.

You either spend your time talking with people, writing headlines, or making videos that convince people to follow your direction. The bigger you grow your team on the money line the more you will make.

Now, the part I didn’t mention earlier. How are you going to get people to notice your offers? You promote the free system for what it does.

Attract people to a freebie or giveaway with the chance to learn how to make money themselves. This means you will want to set up something that gives out a bit more information or shows examples of what can be done.

Reviews do this nicely, case studies, and visuals or videos.

Guess what you will be using to make those things? The power lead system tools because that is exactly why you get started with that product.

Hopefully, you can see how this completes a cycle of making money for both you and the product creator. Each new person who joins will be doing the same thing with the best available tools that they upgrade too.

You can decide to do everything for free but spend quite a bit more time putting your pages and offers together.

How does this product create such a demand for itself?

I hope everyone understands what I am teaching you here. The way to make money online is to teach other people how to make money online. It’s an area that will not go dry because new people will always be interested in learning how.

You will truly want to keep current on the best products because you are still building a list of others who want to make a lot of money too.

So, once you have a team put together on the money line, you need to find new products or services to promote that will become the advanced material to teach.

It’s a never-ending process because there will be new products and services with each new technology that comes out. Which also brings me to suggest one more places of interest.

That is a community of affiliate marketers who keep you up to date with everything that is a must to learn. The place I get my training from has a commission structure itself so you earn fifty percent of the monthly membership.

For a free member there you will be able to promote the training for about eleven dollars and fifty cents a month. Not a big amount but it doubles for premium members.

You can also get a bigger lump payment when your referrals go yearly. A premium member earns about one hundred and eighty per yearly.

My top three recommendations will follow these programs/products because you can be a free participant for as long as you need to be.

The quicker you invest money, the sooner you will be capable of increasing the amount of money that you earn each month and for each referral.

This entire process creates a win-win-win relationship between all parties involved.

The more you learn the more you make

Since everyone needs help with a problem. You can also make income streams for unlimited amounts of problems. You see how easy it is to start one stream and see it through.

Now is where the more advanced lessons will come into play.

That is why I advise you to think short and long term with your life goals, business goals, and plans for every few years. So, I have begun learning about psychology, human nature, health, and wellness.

Once you can make money online you will be able to do the same exact thing for any area that you want. This is one of the best reasons you want to join Wealthy Affiliate.

They teach you how to make a business out of online marketing which will cover you for any interest and any new technology that comes out.

How much will each option cost you along the way? That depends on you and whether or not you wish to maximize your profits from the start.

My suggestion is to start as simple as possible and to check each one out for at least a full day. You can join all three of these for zero money which means you only need to spend when you can.

Investing in the free lead system first is going to give you a quick way to earn a commission. Also, Wealthy affiliate will let you have two free site rubix subdomain websites free when you start.

That is the equivalent to having a full website but without the ability to move it until you purchase your own domain. Then the global money line as a free start gives you a place to recruit for either the free lead system or WA.

This post is getting lengthy so I think I will stop it here. Be sure to follow the links below and get started as soon as you can.

What are the free lead system, lead lightning, and power lead systems for? To set you up well for all that you want to dream of doing now and later.

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