Are You Fed Up Working For Other People?

When you are fed up working for other people, the most natural desire is to work for yourself. But what does that actually mean that you will be doing?

For starters, you will want to explore your many options… Depending on your skills, there is either a lot or a little that you can do. 

Imagine a website that you use on a regular basis. What are the ways it uses to make money?

Have you ever thought about it or checked to see why it’s successful at what it does?

Now the reason for those two questions is that you can replicate that sort of thing. That is the simplest way that you can get started online. 

Here are the things that you will need to be able to do:

  • Research – This is your main role because you will be searching for issues to solve, products or services that offer the best solutions, and people who have that issue as a pain point.
  • Writing – You will need a way to present those three things. At least a way to take notes so that you can relay the information to a writer.
  • Self-discipline – You will want to stay on task without jumping from one idea to the next. Pick something and see it to the end.
  • Creative mind – You will likely want to have the ability to see things from many different and unique angles. It will also help if you can think outside the box.
  • Organizational skills –  You will save a lot of time if you can put things into categories. Use folders inside of your devices. Design a website so that each piece of content connects to the others.

There are countless others that will assist you such as patience, persistence, consistency, leadership, and confidence with all forms of communication.

But most of these skills aren’t required to be at max level since you can easily learn them as you gain experience.

You are going to control the line of customers that will learn about your existence.

Also, you will be learning how to set up and then manage your own website. 

This is the first step that I took anyways, and it was made super simple because I joined a training platform that also taught me how to use it.

After reading a bit and watching a simple video, I was able to start thinking about what that website would offer. 

This step wasn’t easy… After all, what did I know a lot about? 

Hmm, so nothing was coming to mind no matter where I looked, what I did, or who I asked.

I was stuck with no clue what that business would do.

Eventually, I decided to try my hand at a video game niche… But there was no enjoyment having to do research about games and accessories that I hadn’t even played/tried.

Well, clearly that wasn’t going to work because I spent a lot of time writing about my past gaming experiences.

You know, the kinda thing that nobody but me would even care about…

But during that initial phase… I managed to improve several of the skills necessary to manage a WordPress website.

Then it sorta hit me, I was working through my own issues on a different site. That meant each of the problems I was learning about could become a potential business idea.

After that, it was just a matter of trying to find the right one that would be profitable. 

Anyway, inside of this article… I will be showing you how to get started on one that you can build anyway that you want.

Initially, you will be coming up with ideas that you can try for a successful company.

Using the technique known as brainstorming, you will start to write down all the ideas that come to your mind.

Once you have finished making this list (take 30 minutes to an hour thinking about things) you are ready to work on the next part.

The general rule about an online business is that you want to do one or all of these three things:

  • Inform/educate – Performing various services that relate to what your target audience desires.
  • Entertain/create joy – Broadcasting various types of content so that people will become familiar with your company.
  • Demonstrate/Teach – Allowing people to enter your own little world so that they can gain important lessons to try in their own lives.

To do these three things you must find a way that is both profitable and pleasurable or else it’s going to blow up in your face.

That means you will not want to spend your time guessing about what you’re doing.

Often the very first step you must take is to gather information so that you can assess your chances of making money.

That will lead you to ask many qualifying questions such as:

  • How many people can I reach if I try this specific niche? (You will learn more about a niche down below).
  • What are the various problems associated with that audience and how much income do they have available to spend?
  • What are the ideal characteristics of this niche so that I will know what to look for while searching for groups to join?
  • What kind of products do these people like or what will satisfy their needs and wants?
  • Are there any complaints about those existing products or services that I can take advantage of?

Once you have your base information known, you will then need to observe people as they are interacting with one another.

This will clue you in to the types of conversations they have which allows you to learn the language.

From your notes, you will attempt to blend in by interacting so that you can ask any and all questions that you still have.

Once you have a solid case for this niche and conclude that it’s profitable or not, you will then go through all these things for another niche idea.

The main goal while you are gathering information is to come up with the very best option.

That means you evaluate each idea one at a time so that you will be capable of doing comparisons.

From those comparisons, you can determine which one has the most potential and which ones have the least potential.

As soon as you know what you will want to try doing, you will be able to create your initial business framework.

A Website Is Your Home Base...

You start one by buying a domain or by using a sub-domain that belongs to another business.

That is what sites like Wix, Blogger, SiteRubix, and many other places do.

They let you use a free sub-domain so that you can mess around and learn.

It’s important to learn how to set one up and how to manage what is inside of it.

Now, I could show you all of this but there is an easier way.

Simply follow this link and you can mess around with one for free that way you get a feel for using it.

The link will actually take you to the training platform where I am right now learning to do even more incredible things with mine. 

But, it comes with a starter membership that you can use to learn for free for six months.

You can go through the first course for free or the first phase of boot camp training that will teach you how to promote your first affiliate link.

Everything else is closed to you as a starter member but can be opened for a monthly fee. (That is how they make money and it’s also how you can learn to make money quickly by promoting this platform).

That is a little ahead of what I was talking about, for now, you will want to know what you should expect.

These are WordPress hosted websites and what that means is the design of them is already done for you through Themes.

I use a theme for this website that has all the default settings, with those handy things you just start to build content to fill your website with whatever it is you are wanting to work on.

Those Are What Have Been Named Niches

A niche is a targeted segment of the market where people share the same interests, the same hobbies, the same problem, or want to learn to use something specific.

This is what this site is aimed at as well, it’s going after a niche and that consists of people like you.

This is where the training really helps because you will learn how to research what people are interested in.

That way you can determine an area that needs help or that will be profitable.

Without this kind of knowledge, your website would be like my first one, just a random website with somebody who has guessed about what people will want to search for online.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that this can be frustrating when you are guessing about what people will search for.

That is why it’s vital to devise a strategy and come up with a plan.

While thinking about a niche, you will want to keep in mind what you believe will be your targeted market.

That way you can describe your ideal customer and then search for people that match that description.

When you locate a place that they are online or offline, you will be given the chance to observe and interact with them. 

Take special care to write down in your notes:

  1. What kind of problems they are having,
  2. What kind of solutions they are trying,
  3. What other areas are they interested in, 
  4. Learn how you can become a part of their group.

Ideally, you will want to walk away with some specific data to run through a keyword tool.

A Keyword Tool Is A Simple Algorithm That Finds What People Have Searched For...

There isn’t any real reason to worry exactly how it works unless you are a coder who likes to study those things.

I am not so I couldn’t tell you much else about them other than the one that I use.

What is important is to know what it does and what the metrics are that it uses. That way you can move from one keyword to the next quickly.

Looking for the best ones to select and to create your content around.

So, content is what you will create to gain visitors to your websites individual posts and pages.

That is also going to be taught to you in the training if you decide to use the paid membership.

If you are unable to do that you will be using a free google keyword planner.

Google has a tool that is more for paid advertising but it can also be helpful for people to locate things that are commonly searched for.

It just has some drawbacks because more people will be using that free tool than any of the paid tools that are out there.

So, each of these keyword tools does something unique to its competitors.

Really, when you are just starting out you need to know about two things.

How many searches does each keyword get per month and what is the competition for that word or phrase.

As a beginner, you will want to find lower competition ones with as many searches as possible.

So, a decent number combination would be above 30 searches a month and competition lower than 50 sites.

What Should You Understand About Competition?

That is the number of competing pages you will be up against when the search engines determine whose content best fits the query.

The search engines use their own algorithms to determine which page is the best followed by the 2nd best and on and on.

What you want to avoid are the big-name companies that have a lot of authority.

Such as Amazon, Wikipedia, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and any big name brand.

The reason for this is because you will find it very difficult to rank your content up against them. 

So, if they are in the first spot that will be one place that will be nearly impossible to take away from them.

You still can rank below them but if there are ten authorities you will want to move on to the next keyword that you have.

Ideally, you want your posts to rank in the top ten so that they will be on the first page of the search results.

Otherwise, it’s unlikely that people will click the next button to move to the second page of results or even the third and lower ones.

What you want to see when you look at the results are other sites that are new.

That means you can actually rank above them, hopefully, this will all make sense to you soon.

You Don't Have To Use The Search Engines

However, it’s going to take more effort on your part because using any of the social media platforms comes with its own set of unique rules.

The search engines are the cheapest way to get traffic but it’s not always going to be the best way.

For instance, if you choose a visual niche where there are a lot of images, you will likely want to use Instagram or Pinterest. 

This is because people will not necessarily be searching for problems, they may be looking for inspiring images or be more of the impulsive buyers.

So, it’s definitely important to find out which your niche is using so that you can aim for the bullseye instead of shooting blindly with your fingers crossed.

There are lots of ways you can learn to advertise, but if you are new to the internet those can be very expensive and may not convert as well as you would like.

I recommend you at least start with the free types of traffic, Facebook and Twitter are both platforms where you can gain followers.

Use a personal profile to build trust with others and to get to know who you are interested in and who is not going to be useful.

Another Thing You Will Want To Have

So far, we have mentioned:

  • A website (Buying a domain or using a sub-domain)
  • A niche (a Targeted segment of an industry-specific to a set of problems or an interest)
  • A Keyword (Use of a keyword tool to learn what words or phrases are being searched for)
  • Competition (How profitable a keyword may be depending on how many competing pages there are)
  • Traffic (People who may be coming to visit your site if you have what they are searching for)
  • Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, and Bing for examples with Google being the biggest)

Now we need to mention Images and videos because these also are forms of content that you can use to help yourself be ranked well in the search engines.

But, YouTube is actually a search engine itself, the same as Pinterest, and Facebook. All three of these make use of videos and images big time.

How do you turn them into useful platforms to get people aware of your business? That all comes down to studying what each of them is.

YouTube is the second largest of the search engines and people will be using it just like they use Google.

That is also why Google purchased it so that they have two of the largest assets online.

That means to really make yourself easy to find, you definitely want to be using a paid keyword tool so that you can find the best keywords to target. 

This is why it’s important to take advantage of a platform such as Wealthy Affiliate where you can get a paid keyword tool for use with the paid membership.

A Bundle Of Many Great Tools And Services

The number one reason that I joined was that they offered training, hosting, a community knowledge bank, and came with a keyword tool that alone can cost the premium costs.

It was simply the best-packaged deal that I could find anywhere online and I have kept my membership going for the last couple of years.

Just recently I started to pursue making money with their commission program because I saw how much everyone else was making and it blew my mind.

Originally, I had planned to offer courses with this website, but when I saw that within a couple of years time people were making upwards of ten thousand and more per month, I decided I should try it out myself.

So, that is where I am at right now. Promoting WA but making sure that people know that it’s an investment of learning.

Not a get rich quick system where you can start with no money and become rich overnight.

There are lots of ways to make money as a free member, but there is a 2x commission earned for premium members that makes it pointless to start lower.

I just had to learn to budget and to take advantage of specials so that I had the money available to invest in other things like WA.

There you go, an introduction to starting an online business.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I have other editions coming out soon where I will show you how to go from an idea to a plan.

That way all you have to do is the grunt work of observing your target audience and then finding relevant keywords.

Hopefully, you have gained some pretty impressive information and are convinced to give this a try.

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