What Is Fear And What Causes It To Interfere?

What is fear and what causes it to interfere in our lives?

  • We know that it’s an emotion. 
  • It’s caused by different situations. 
  • There may or may not be memories of those situations.
  • Our thoughts can play a vital part in how intense this fear feels.
  • We have beliefs that determine those thoughts because of previous experiences.
  • Those experiences started to accumulate in our childhoods and were influenced by our role models.
  • Our role models have their own belief systems and irrational thoughts that we pick up on by observing them.
  • Whenever we observe someone else doing unfamiliar behavior… we have a tendency to ask them questions about it or we make assumptions

All of those come from us because we attempt to organize and categorize whatever stimulus that comes into contact with us.

A stimulus is just a fancy way to say interaction with a person, object, or environment. So, based on all of this information we can clearly say that fear is an emotion that equals a message from the subconscious mind.

What that means is that all fears are warnings communicated by our subconscious mind to keep us alert.

Fears Aren’t Good Or Bad Until We React To Them!

Knowing that nothing actually causes us to be scared, what does that suggest we have done to ourselves when we are anxious, worrisome, or panicky?

Overly cautious people have a tendency to categorize every interaction as a threat… This may be the most useful piece of information we can learn about our fears.

Since it comes from a habit of pessimism to assume that everything is dangerous even when we know its safe.

It’s impossible to blame anyone or anything for us having those issues. They come automatically and we allow them to stay dangerous despite the truth or the facts. (We Accept Them!).

That means it is quite helpful to practice every single interaction that we value or want to achieve with an open mind. 

We will also miss opportunities by throwing caution to the wind since it’s likely a part of who we are.

However, it’s possible to start believing that every situation is safe before learning from experiences. 

In order to do this, we must start to track every interaction we have.

We can create reminders to do this, we can learn to practice self-reflection about each day, and we can focus on our inner dialogue to have better conversations with ourselves.

Oh, and one more thing is we can start to track the stuff we have already done with a gratitude journal.

How To Keep Track Of Our Lives…

First, we should create the narrative that clearly defines what we want, don’t want, and combine those two lists. 

This will give us a plan to put into use and a way to figure out what is first, second, and goes until we finish.

Then we want to make it a priority to do those same things until we are convinced of the outcome. 

That will give us guidance by linking evidence and experience together to prove something is safe or dangerous.

After that is complete we will want to suggest how to handle each of those situations from now on. 

Some kind of rating system for the safe ones, the risky ones, and the dangerous ones will be best.

By using a reward-based system we can continue to push and pull ourselves forward by making the attempts. 

So, the incentives will need to have more value to force us to do the work rather than to avoid it.

Now, notice that we haven’t even mentioned what sort of fears we will investigate yet?

Do you think the type or the classification of them matters? Why or why not?

Of Course, We Need To Learn How To Do This First…

The best way to start is to write about what your life has already been like… This way we can observe all types of situations that have already gone well and poorly.

How did those events help and harm us? Did we learn from them or attempt to forget that they happened? Shoot, it always goes back to the questions and thoughts.

Which of course goes back to the beliefs and the values. That seems to come up when we sense things or feel things.

This now means we need to look back into our memories once again to see what is there and how likely those are real or imagined.

What Are The Feelings That Create The Memories That We Need To Examine?

Any bad feeling that we have could cause fear. 

Wait a minute how do we know it has to come from a bad feeling? 

That seems like it would be an opinion of ours that it’s bad instead of good right?

Who taught us the difference between something being bad and good?

What sort of connection is there to what we were taught and what we have experienced?

Somewhere deep inside we have this rule book about everything… Why does it exist and how can we access it to see what is there?

The Need To Perform A New Task Has Just Revealed Itself…

Ask yourself what you do when you want to know the truth about something… What sources do we use to gain that information?

After all, couldn’t I just start to label everything as good and not listen to any other sources to find happiness? What would happen if I just started to do whatever I felt like doing and disregarded everything else…?

Something is there that stops me and that goes back to the subconscious mind. Hmm, so that would mean that whatever this rule book is would have to be there prior to anything else.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have to listen to a damn thing because I certainly didn’t agree with a set of rules. I may have obeyed others and that was merely to avoid punishments.

Guess what it is that we are actually referring to? Those are the archetypes.

You can think of them as words that represent everything whether it’s manmade, comes from nature, or just exists because we live in a vast universe.

 A Long Time Ago People Realized That They Could Dream…

Nobody is certain about when or where but some of the earliest humans began to figure out this truth. At first, they were frightened because what could be causing this new world to exist?

As time went on those early humans began to assume things about their dreams… There must exist some magical world of the Gods because there were people from the present, past, and strangers around.

This must be the world of the dead they thought… but new issues quickly sprung to their minds… If the world of the dead is showing itself to us this cannot be a good thing.

Now imagine what you would do if one day your dreams stopped… You could no longer fantasize, visualize, or experience a peaceful night’s rest.

Wouldn’t that freak you out and make you start to assume that something bad had happened? Or would you exclaim that a miracle has brought you a blessing?

It’s human nature to see change as being harmful… So most people assume the worst… it’s from those naturally occurring ideas that signal that humans have innate knowledge.

Most of us think of this as the spiritual world but that actually isn’t the truth. It’s genetics and written code within our DNA that causes it.

Evolution Of The Human Race Dictates Certain Innate Knowledge…

No humans knew anything about DNA or Genetics until darwin came along with the theory of evolution. Even to this very day people avoid learning about that in order to continue to believe in religion.

But religion only began as a way to explain those strange dreams where the dead could still exist.

Anyone who fails to learn from history… Is doomed to repeat the past mistakes for eternity… Listen to what that suggests.

Most of the fears we learn about, come as a result of what other people attempt to influence us with. 

They share stories about what will happen after you die so that they can control your behaviors.

These are facts that are well-known around the world. But too many people choose to stay in the past with their own fears, beliefs and do harm to others.

There is no other explanation anymore for why people hold onto nonsense fears but to connect it to their religious false beliefs.

The truth about humanity is found by studying psychology, human nature, and learning about archetypes. Long story short, religion is one main cause of fear because it spreads ignorance around wherever it goes.

Anyway, if you ever seek therapy… Make sure you learn about that person’s religious beliefs or you will struggle indefinitely. 

Ignorance is the true cause of all fears with only two exceptions… 

Innately we only fear loud noises and falling. Learn the truth. 

What is fear and what causes it to interfere? 


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