Extreme Behavior And Overcoming A Superiority Complex

Extreme Behavior And Overcoming A Superiority Complex

It is absolutely true that many of you will feel inferior to other people. This is because it’s a necessary feeling which occurs when you become aware of your weaknesses.

But sometimes when you are in a desperate way to feel better you develop extreme behavior which is just as bad. Overcoming a superiority complex takes the same amount of effort that any bad habit takes to remove.

In order to understand how bad it’s gotten, there are a few things you can watch out for with your behavior. These include many things you can probably guess.

Gossiping or talking about other people when they aren’t present, this stems from your search to feel good. You seek out and look for anyone else whose problems seem to be worse than yours and that is all you become obsessed with.

You can do this automatically if your not careful and spend way too much time in somebody else’s business. The sad thing is that most people who gossip already understand that it’s not a good behavior.

They still choose to do it because they haven’t taught themselves how to feel better without being involved in everything else but what their real issues are. This can easily be changed when a person realizes just how harmful it is to their own life.

Another way to say this is that a person who doesn’t like who they are, doesn’t understand how to fix what is going on within them. It leads to wanting to put others in the spotlight and to sit back and act like you are so much better all the while you really know what a mess you are like inside.

That’s just one way that you may not be living the way that will help you gain everything you desire. There is so much more you may not have been taught, it’s a wonder that anyone survives.

How to understand your superiority complex

Extreme Behavior And Overcoming A Superiority Complex

I am sure that many of you will not like the truth because it’s hard to face the reality where you are self-destructive and toxic. This means that unless you become tired of acting so poorly you will not admit that you are this way.

I am not just talking about gossiping anymore, this extreme behavior will continue to get worse as you start moaning and groaning about everyone. Sarcasm, criticism and hoping that others suffer because you feel that way about yourself.

It continues to become worse even as you no longer function as a part of society you still try to show up where other people hang out. They loathe the sight of you but hold their tongue for now because often they may be just as bad.

But eventually, somebody will have enough because they stumble across an article and it’s pointed out that they don’t have to remain hopeless. They can remove the negative people in their lives and then it’s just a matter of working on understanding how they need to change.

When you learn that something inside of you is not functioning at it’s best doesn’t that mean something to you? Like if you had a virus and felt sick to your stomach would you just ignore it and continue your life letting it destroy your insides?

Talking about people and the problems that they are experiencing is much like a virus. When you understand this truth, you can learn to make better choices with what you discuss.

How to bring hope into the lives of others

Extreme Behavior And Overcoming A Superiority Complex

Did you know that it’s better to bring people hope and that it’s much easier to learn how to do it?

That you can keep feeling great about yourself once you get the hang of doing it enough times. This way others don’t get to a point where they avoid you or if they already do will stop when they know you have changed.

Everything that’s negative at some point will be solved when you become informed about courage. That the main reason you tear other people down instead of rooting for them is that you simply lack the skills to face the obstacles in your own life.

When you start to overcome just one of those big challenges you will start to feel like spreading around how you did it. That is the way you build hope for other people and of course, they may actually get tired of you feeling so perky and happy all the time.

Anyone that feels spiteful is going to hate you anyway, and it’s better that they dislike you because you don’t need them anymore then it is to be ditched because you bring them down.

What I hope you are learning is that you can change a few beliefs about the way you look at your problems. That when you learn to be brave it becomes easier to continue doing it in all other areas of life because you will become way more confident once you solve a big problem.

When you can also build a reputation to become fearless you won’t need or want to hear about the problems of others unless you are giving them hope that you can teach them how to solve it for their own needs.

Judging others is harmful

Extreme Behavior And Overcoming A Superiority Complex

Then there are the judgemental people who feel that their lives mean something greater because it’s all they have to cling onto or they believe they will snap in half and go nuts.

These are the ones who clean obsessively or point out all the little grammar mistakes that another person has made.

They often don’t value the real-life experiences because they are afraid to experience anything else but what’s comfortable.

You know a few I am sure or maybe even be one yourself because it’s very easy to hold onto false beliefs about other people and fail to see the faults in yourself.

Like I mentioned above that when you figure out what kind of superiority issues you have, it’s not very difficult to start working them out of your life for good.

Main Problems of superiority – Religious and closed-mindedness

Extreme Behavior And Overcoming A Superiority Complex

The main problem is stubbornness and trying to get yourself to stretch your comfort zone past where it’s been for a while. Everything like I mentioned comes back to not being brave enough to admit the truth about your flawed thinking.

My favorite is the religious nut who thinks the Bible is the all-powerful tool that clearly states right and wrong. When most of it is illegal in this day and age but that it’s acceptable because it’s what you are taught.

It’s one thing to believe that God is perfect but it’s completely different to think a book is that way as well. The entire point is that unless you are the one who witnessed it being written word for word, that you are likely full of false beliefs that will continue to be changed as the world changes.

That is because religion is based on getting people to obey the orders of humans who are in powerful positions. For centuries now the only way to continue this obedience is to preach fear and that is why you develop so many of your own personal problems and suffer in your life.

But it’s okay to stay this way since it’s against the Bible to think as your own unique mind would like you to think. Once you understand that a belief system needs to be a set of beliefs each person figures out on their own as they experience each different thing in life.

You will be free to become happy and to not worry or stress out that you are not doing anything that goes against the word of God. Challenging things becomes the only possible way to understand them and the reasons they are being taught.

It’s all trickery until you think on your own and research the truths

Extreme Behavior And Overcoming A Superiority Complex

The idea is to get you to think about what you believe so that you at least stop listening to everybody else and learn what you need. The truth is really very simple, the more you study your set of beliefs, the more strength they will have.

It’s no different whether it’s a positive one or a negative one. The only factor is the source and unless that is you, it’s unlikely to be the truth unless you can see all the evidence first hand.

This is also why you will not be free from the misinformation of others unless you learn to challenge everything. That doesn’t mean you are to be skeptical but it does mean you will look for answers on your own and not fully accept a belief until you have found evidence.

Why does this all matter to removing something like a superiority complex? It’s due to your perception that gets influenced because of the things you choose to believe.

When you have any false beliefs, there is at least one lie that you need to remove from that system. Over the course of self-discovery, you will figure out how to remove all the lies that you have picked up over the years.

That is the solution to you overcoming the life that holds you back from true happiness. But it still requires something else to actually get started making those changes.

Courage is the solution to your life problems

Extreme Behavior And Overcoming A Superiority Complex

That is what you came here for right, the solution to all your problems is that you have to develop the courage to solve them. Because your beliefs are working against you which needs to be fixed or you will continue to fail.

Knowing this doesn’t actually solve anything because I can go around telling millions of people to be brave and that will last just a few minutes, why? Because they are stuck in a vicious cycle of not knowing themselves the way that is needed to work on making the changes that matter.

All the proof you need to determine that you lack courage is to test yourself a few times. Do you have any fears that you know are irrational, meaning does it serve you to stay afraid?

Each fear that you allow remaining, will make your decisions for you and will lead you astray. Instead of allowing them to remain, courage is going to help you start to believe that you’re capable of dealing with them.

The second one is that you have tried to do things before and it’s not worked out. This means you aren’t meant to be happy or successful, or that you deserve the best.

In other words, you tell yourself lies so that you feel better and don’t have to admit you just didn’t try very hard to find the right way of doing it.

Extreme Behavior And Overcoming A Superiority Complex

The third one is that when you get close to a new discovery your mind continues to question the validity of your experiment. Because of some odd reason you leave it unfinished, thinking you will pick it back up where you left off in the future sometime.

Of course, you just tell yourself this and immediately your mind knows to stop caring about the thing you were attempting to do.

When you keep ignoring that feeling deep down, you find that it’s better if you just keep the noise down and don’t make any real changes that would set you apart from others.

In other words, you have learned to settle for something that is far lower than the truth. When you start to understand that you can become anything as long as you don’t lack the right amount of motivation, you will be free of the illusions that trap you.

When you are constantly at war on the inside because you don’t set the right goals to achieve the right momentum, you just set your claw into anything that will give you the slightest pleasure.

That is often why you need to feel superior to somebody else so that you don’t have to keep reminding yourself of what’s really happening. Which is that you are afraid of making a change which will help you accomplish your dreams.

Once that feeling is there, you may just really hate that you are weaker on the inside then what you see from other people who are getting whatever they wanted in life.

Whenever you’re ready let me know and you will find the solutions are much easier to do then you think. Extreme behavior and overcoming a superiority complex are no different than taking the steps to know your true self.

For any questions or comments let me know, and don’t feel that you are ever bugging me with a minor problem. Everything is important because it’s something that you want to know the answer to.


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