Examples That Will Utilize A System Of Self-Improvement (Part Two)

Welcome back, we have already identified the parts of a self-improvement system in the first part. Today I want to show you how to track your actitivities with actual goals.

This part is going to show you examples that will utilize a system of self-improvement. I hope to take the general ideas and increase the power that they have here.

In my example from before, I mentioned having made a statement about what I desired most. That is to achieve one million dollars by December 31, 2022.

For this to become a strategy that will be tested, I now need to understand what options I have to make progress. Notice how often I mention making progress?

That is because as a main idea for the success mindset, you must be working toward personal growth, business growth, and all types of behaviors that concentrate on increasing your value.

First Example: A Community Of Entrepreneurs.

I was reading a book by Alan Klement and one of the case studies was about a community of entrepreneurs. That particular example has a waiting list which I don’t like because it’s a form of interference for me personally.

Instead of getting behind a company that makes people wait, I would much rather show you about ones that are more open to the general public.

That is because nobody should have to wait in order to make progress. It was more for developers then what I have in mind which is for beginners or novices.

People who need more direction in their lives rather then a cure for lonliness. The community which I belong to is still a subscription membership community just to be clear.

It’s a great place to start for anyone who wants to get to work right away on building their skills including communication. The program has it’s own website buider where you can get training on how that part will work.

I am more focused on the personal development then the website development aspect. That is where everyone must start because without the right system in place to make progress, getting side-tracked is too easy.

For more information of this community you can find that out here.

What You Gain With A Community Of Like Minded Entrepreneurs?

I was first introduced to a system named affiliate marketing which is a way to put to use a self-improvement system. In the beginning I was overwhelmed by most of it because I had little grasp on what I wanted to do.

Over the first couple of years I spent my time writing, learning about how to use affiliate programs, and how to create blog posts, product reviews, utilize links and numerous other things.

For the most part I was around people who were in the midst of taking action. A lot of people doing the same thing includes coming to each other for help as often as needed.

So, I developed my communication skills rapidly which has given me the necessary confidence to build self-esteem and self-belief.

Working side by side with others is really the most exceptional way to learn how things grow. I have seen success first hand and it’s given me the right types of examples which have awoken up the passion I have to do it as well.

Why You Should Find A Community Like The One I Found!

You will need to know what direction you wish to follow in order to improve yourself. It can be for anything which also means it helps you to figure out what you can actually do versus what you could do but despise having to do.

Want to talk to somebody who is in the same industry? Do it in the matter of minutes because its going to happen for you the same as it has for me.

Do you want to work with people at the same level or higher?

That is all a part of the community because new people join each day, older members earn commissions from referrals so they look to help all members each day, and it’s entirely free to get started.

The free level consists of training about setting up a WordPress website, you can use two free siterubix sites to test things out, and you can decide as you go if it’s the place you have been searching for all your life.

That is one of the statements that stands out because new members express it quite often.

A System Is A Set Of Products

They are produced and developed to help you get more things done with less work. You hire products the same way a company hires it’s staff because it’s all about eliminating the chores involved with having to do everything yourself.

Affiliate marketing teaches you how to identify products that will move along the scale to gaining progress. Most people who get started in affiliate marketing have a general desire to start taking action on living a better life.

They will also believe that it’s only possible to develop yourself properly when you are right where the action takes place. It’s the same way you work to devise your own strategies because unless you do the tests yourself you will only have curiosity.

This eliminates all the guess work because every idea you come up with is immediately able to be tested. Simply write it up as a question and get hundreds of different perspectives.

Find out whether it’s profitable or whether it’s going to be a waste of time just as easily.

Here Is The Second Example: An Audience You Want To Help!

By following a system that you create to write product reviews, you will have a way to ask for feedback. When you already know who it is you want to help (besides yourself), that will make it quite simple and easy to do.

How To Start This System: The Audience Study Template

  1. Identify the audience you are most comfortable communicating with.
  2. Get to know them as best you can so you feel capable of discussing struggles.
  3. Write down anything that people complain about, and make special notes when things repeat.
  4. Do follow up questions that will figure out what the motivation was behind any products tried, purchased, or used.
  5. Know how to ask them about their routines, behaviors, and preferences for things like color, fonts, archetypes, and images.
  6. Be capable of directing them to give you feedback on the work you do. Take notes about the things they would do differently, the way they talk, and the slang they use.
  7. Use their own language and learn how to search for those Keywords and Phrases because that will equip you better to write things that speak to what they desire most.

Why do you want to be capable of doing those seven steps? Because it will help you to dig down into that specific audiences obstacles that are preventing them from making progress.

Remember how important that word is “Progress” because that is the real reason you do anything.

Hopefully you have found this part equally as valuable as the first one. Be certain to come back again for part three where we will cover additional must haves.

Follow this link to continue on to the third part, Why Systems Help You With Strategies!

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