Examples Of Weaknesses – Limiting Beliefs

Before we do anything else, we must be willing to identify our irrational thoughts and limiting beliefs.

These are two Examples of weaknesses

obstacles that keep people from understanding themselves and will be vital in choosing which path to move ahead on.

Often we hear these words and stumble to understand what exactly we should be looking for.

For this article, my goal is to show you examples of weaknesses which are really limiting beliefs.

This will lead us to change and from this change, we can understand what will be needed to gain strengths to attain what we desire.

What is meant by weaknesses or limiting beliefs?

To do this you will need to take a look at what an irrational thought consists of. That is a thought which makes it harder to reach our potential.image saying "blaming others and making excuses prevents progress"

Potential being the sum of our abilities, which means how awesome we are when doing anything.

Irrational thoughts are thoughts that suggest we are incapable of doing a good job because we lack: Money, Education, Training, Motivation, A Mentor, A friendship, A Romantic partner and it goes on and on.

To put this a different way is to say I am not capable of doing things because I have this or that excuse. Now excuses are still not limiting beliefs because they are the result of the belief. An example is I am just not good at anything.

Not being good at anything becomes our belief. Excuses are what we use to reinforce or back up that belief. These will be used to keep us from taking any actions and so on.

Knowing that we as humans are prone to blame others and make excuses prevents us from being responsible for the skills we need to learn to make progress.image saying "weaknesses prevent actions because we make excuses"

Based on the lack of skills we can stay in a false comfort level and not even understand how we are holding ourselves back from being “happy” or being “successful”.

When we are unable to gain the skills necessary these are known as our weaknesses.

How does knowing this help us?

When we understand something about ourselves and brainstorm ideas. The weaknesses we have become obvious, they show up in all kinds of ways to sabotage our lives and because of them we often use excuses to justify our inactions.

Examples of Weaknesses

Taking a look at common weaknesses/excuses

  • No money
  • No time
  • No computer skills
  • No cell phone
  • No ideas
  • No help
  • No ideas
  • No software
  • No understanding
  • No point
  • No passion
  • No interest
  • No education
  • No tools
  • No experience

We use the word NO far too often when what we are really saying is we haven’t learned a better way of doing things yet. This is because we haven’t been taught the correct things to believe.image saying "success takes place when we move in positive directions toward a goal"

As a result, we hold on to limiting beliefs such as:

  • I will never be smart enough to learn that.
  • I can’t find a job that pays me enough money to do that.
  • I always fail so why bother trying anymore
  • I am unable to concentrate on things so I can’t brainstorm ideas
  • My family wouldn’t approve of me doing that
  • I don’t need to keep learning I know everything that is useful
  • If only I hadn’t been such a screw up I would have learned that
  • Some people are just born more capable than I am.
  • I can’t get organized because my brain doesn’t work that way
  • My job eats up all my free time
  • I have tried that before and it was just as bad as I remembered
  • Nobody likes me
  • Nobody loves me
  • Nobody will ever care about me
  • I don’t have the confidence
  • I am afraid of …
  • I am too old or not old enough
  • I don’t deserve to be…
  • too shy
  • too awkward
  • was born this way
  • My parents didn’t…
  • I can’t start now because…

I hope you get the point I am trying to show you here.Examples of Weaknesses

We let so many things be decided because we don’t understand our own beliefs and where we get them from.

In order for us to change and start to work to improve it’s essential to figure these out.

Limiting beliefs are not set in stone

We start learning things from the day we are born, perhaps even sooner. One mistake that gets made is thinking we are done learning.

Because our minds are growing and expanding it’s important to understand that when we learn we possess the ability to go back and undo anything that isn’t useful.

For success to happen you need to understand which things move you in the direction that accomplishes the desired result. A goal or a skill which enhances our capabilities.

Enhancing every part of us is the important thing to realize, when something is hurting us it’s pointless to keep doing it. Successful people already understand this and it’s why they get so far beyond what average people think is possible.

We lack the understanding that our minds need to be constantly worked on and trained to perform the way we need it. When ignored, our brains get lazy and choose things which are comfortable or easy.

This often isn’t what is best for us and will keep hurting us.image saying "our minds need constant stimulation to work in our favor"

Suffering is a result of inaction and indecision

With the right help, we learn that we can go back and undo the damage which causes us to suffer even more. There is a saying use it or lose it.

This is what happens in our minds because we get lazy or get used to something. One way to fix this is to keep a list of goals to work on.

Another way is to have a reading list or playlist if you like visual learning. What happens when we are knowledgeable about different things, we become interesting.

The word interesting means different things to people but it allows us to use a skill such as conversation to excel in talking to people and making friends, or networking for business connections.

Now you are probably gonna tell me that you can watch TV and talk about that. Which is true you can but at some point, you need to invest your time better.

Or you will continue down that road of suffering because people will find no value in what you have to say. Which is why learning is a wonderful thing.image saying "passion forms with a strong desire to achieve an outcome"

Eliminating our weaknesses is the point of life

Bold statement right? I challenge you to come up with something better, in fact, I want you to tell me I am wrong. I would love it if you can start an argument with me because that shows you care.

That also means you have something that you can feel that isn’t suffering which is a passion. From passion, we gain love which is an unconditional way of thinking.

When you change your thoughts from irrational you start to work on what you believe. From beliefs, we get morals or values and those give birth to passions.

By the time a passion is formed we now understand how to gain strengths. A strong desire to change is what will lead us to better things.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on some examples of weaknesses. And remember to take the time and learn which limiting beliefs are holding you back.


Let me know what you think of this post. Every comment you share makes it easier for others(including me) to know what you need help on. Leave those comments below or any questions you have.

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