Do You Believe In You? Or Just Trying Not To Fail

Do You Believe In You?

There are many ways to prove that you aren’t good enough, that you are incapable, and that you don’t deserve anything remotely close to happiness.

Do you believe in you? I ask you this question because you are here. That must mean you are after something, and if it isn’t you looking for a way to believe that must mean you are trying not to fail.

Regardless I already know the answer to the problem. You are not that much different than I was not that long ago either.

Realise that I was asking myself the same questions you probably are now.

That means you have most likely seen a couple of articles prior to this one saying you must believe in yourself no matter what if you are ever gonna succeed.

After each article, it’s more than likely that they want something from you in order to let you in on a system that you can learn.

Because it’s only available from them and not something you would be capable of doing by asking more questions.

The thing is just by searching for answers you have already learned the truth.

You believe in yourself and right now it’s likely you just need a push in the right direction to start to really take off with this.

Because when you think about what self-belief really is, you should quickly realize that it’s just another name for confidence.

But it’s also everything you have ever wanted to know because you thought it looked exciting to try. It’s that voice of your childhood which says one day I will become the best.

The important thing to understand is it’s your desire, and even without a clear path to that thing, it’s the belief that you alone can figure it out.self-belief is just another name for confidence

It’s free to believe in you

Sure, it’s nice when other people also get behind the things you are wanting to do, but it’s certainly not required. The fact that you can gain this ability in a split second should indicate that you don’t need money to learn.

You don’t need to do anything but decide that today is the day I put my faith in me. I will accept that I am not a perfect person and that things will not always be easy.

But today I am willing to take this challenge and put everything I value into a single belief about how wonderful and amazing I truly am.

I used to spend a lot of unnecessary time looking for motivation because I hadn’t come to the realization that I only needed to do one thing to be inspired.Self-belief is that childhood voice saying one day I will be the best

That one necessary focus was already with me, and it was just waiting to be utilized. The trickiest part about taking the initial step is to get out into the open and proclaim you can do what you want.

Your mind won’t agree with you until you prove to it that you are serious. Otherwise, it’s only used to showing you how you can get outta doing things.

Imagine that drug dealer on the corner who shouts to you “I got something really nice that will change your life” and for a split second you believe them.

Your mind does this to you every so often, and it’s because this was what you taught it to do.Do You Believe In You?

It’s only a belief and I can make up several of those

The scary thing about you is that it’s not easy to understand what all you have learned. You can pick something up and immediately learn whether it’s dangerous, or if it’s useful.

Somebody could come by and take it while you are attempting to rationalize what the heck it is and this will trigger a desire to go after it.

A belief means that you either understand that something is worth going after, or that it’s something to ignore and avoid.

Just by this definition do you think it’s worth it to keep trying to avoid yourself.

What good would come from that? You would always be lost, stuck and miserable believing that you cannot do anything and that everything you tried to do would fail.

I often think about how much easier things would be to coach someone that isn’t myself. Why do you think that is? What benefit would there be to observe somebody else in action?

Everything that comes to mind when these thoughts come up is what happens when you do it for yourself instead. The part that helps you get to know yourself and coach yourself is in your mind.

By observing the things you try to do, you gain more insight into where you could be improving.

If you can coach or teach things to others, why on earth would you not believe in coaching those things to yourself? This is what will happen when you open up your mind to knowing that you can do what you is the day I put my faith in me

Changing attitudes will help to retrain your mind

This part is where it gets really fun, or really terrifying depending on how you look at it. What has to happen after you start to believe in you to start making changes that will benefit you?

Thinking about your mind, and thinking about the things you often hear your mind say. Do you gain from what it’s telling you or do you just want it to shut up and go away?

Because if you experience the second one, you will need to do some work. This could be simple, why make something hard when it doesn’t need to be right?

First, you will need or want to convince yourself that you can get your inner voice to quiet down. To actually do this will mean you need to learn how to focus on things you desire.your mind won't agree with you until you prove to it that you are serious

One great way to gain the focus is to learn about meditation. That one thing which weird people do that you don’t understand.

Believing that you are capable means that you have to look at everything with an open mind. It can be scary because most of the time you have probably been taught that there is only the right and the wrong ways to do something.

When you begin to look at this world through an open and not closed mind you gain a chance to see things for what they truly are. That means you learn without making any judgments so that your mind can decide for it’self.

Another way of saying this is to become an optimist rather than a pessimist.

Do You Believe In You?

Looking for the benefits and not the faults

Life becomes super simple when you stop trying to find the worst things about everything. Instead of living with your head up somebody else’s azz.

You begin to experience stuff for yourself. Because you have a strong reason now to do so, your mind doesn’t know the difference between what you hear somebody else describing and what you have actually experienced.

Going back over the different things which you have learned. You can figure out what things you have done, and what are just stories from somebody else.without self-belief you will always be lost and feel like you have failed

This becomes a process that you undergo so that you will know which is relevant and which is irrelevant. With a belief that you are capable of everything, you quickly decipher the beneficial from the pointless.

That leads you to develop a whole new belief system which will help to cancel out the negative and limiting beliefs you have held onto before.

Now, of course, there is more to it than just that, why else would I be working on a website that is aimed at teaching you how to become a better person and overcome life obstacles?

There is always a catch and that is one more reason people complain and stop believing things are possible. They take the word of somebody else over there own gut or intuition about things.would it just be better to coach somebody else rather then myself?

I am not asking you to give me anything, I am asking you to take this stuff seriously because it can and will change your life for the better when you do listen to me.

But, you need to put in quite a bit of work before you can become free of that inner voice who tells you terrible things. Learning the tricks that I mention all over this website is that very work that is needed.

Consider all the choices you have, and get back to this assignment. You will have the answers you need right here.

Do You Believe In You?

Self-belief is by far the better choice

Looking at the alternative it’s clear to me why I believe, but have you accepted this for yourself yet? To close the deal here let me show you the most beneficial choices and then you can decide for yourself.

A) You have a choice about what you will do for the rest of your life. The problem is you must pick something and do it until you become an expert before you will be given the next assignment.

B) You have a choice about where you live and who is there with you. The problem is they are free thinkers like yourself and can abandon you at any moment.when you know you can coach or teach others, it opens up your mind

C) You have a choice about when you will experience happiness. The problem is that you are randomly experiencing every emotion and feeling. When you pick happiness it’s only after you learn how to overcome the others.

D) You have a choice where you can learn quickly. The problem is that you are not in full control of what you will focus on. This means you may like something one minute but not the next.

E) You can have it all, but you will have to understand what all means to you. This can take as little as a year to as long as the rest of your life. During this pursuit, you will be able to experience many more highs than lows.

Ask yourself right now which you prefer and then ask why? None of them are wrong, and all of them are right so it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. Right?get your inner voice to quiet down by learning how to focus on your desires

Perception means way more to your mind then everything else because when there aren’t any rights or wrongs what do you pick?

This is why you really do have to learn what you want out of your life. And it’s also the reason you need to experience many different things from different points of views.

Do You Believe In You?

Your mind never stops thinking but it can be trained to focus

Take this last bit with you and you will be ready to go on that amazing journey yourself. Knowing that you will not pick a wrong thing to pursue as long as you believe that it’s possible.

The bigger the risk the more chances you have of letting yourself down, but the solution is a mind that knows you can learn from being let down.

The beauty of being fully accepting of yourself is that you will never get bored of trying. You may find things a little frustrating but that only means you will be much more grateful afterward.

When you get down on yourself you may want to quit, there is no reason to do so. There are people doing this very same thing as you that can and will encourage you along the way.once you're capable you can then teach others to believe in themselves

Find them and be open and honest, and you will always know where you can turn. Because your mind never stops thinking even when you are certain you know it all.

The best way to keep things focused is to keep asking why?  Followed by what else? This will make sure that you have the answers you need to keep the desire burning strong.

And once you are a very capable person, be sure to return the favor and teach other people how you did it. This will keep society growing stronger and it will be a lot more fun for everyone.

Do you believe in you now? Or Do I need to keep my eye on you and make sure that you figure it out? Let me know what you think and if there is anything I can help you figure out.

P.S You can learn how to blog right now if you follow this link to a page I created that shows you everything you need to get started for free. 



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How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

2 thoughts on “Do You Believe In You? Or Just Trying Not To Fail”

  1. Thanks, John, I agree with you that it’s an absolute must to change thoughts. When you want something you alone control that aspect if you need to compare your skills to other people it will start to feel like an uphill climb. There is one way to learn and that is the way you have found. Do it for yourself and stop thinking about just doing enough to get by.

  2. Eric,
    Having self doubt will keep you from your dreams. When I was trying to get promoted to supervisor, it took me four attempts to make it. Each time I was passed over, I asked why the other person was a better choice. I went back to school and changed my life by believing in myself that an older person could learn. Failure should not be an option when looking at your future. Change your thinking, change your life.

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