Create Positive Affirmations For Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence And Much More

The goal of this post is to teach somebody how to create positive affirmations for self-esteem, self-confidence and much Create Positive Affirmations For Self-Esteem


The purpose is to use these affirmations to start changing old and limiting beliefs into new and beneficial ones.

Why do we want to be doing this as often as possible?

Because all of us have garbage that needs to be removed from our thoughts and our subconscious minds.

By getting things reorganized we not only change from any negative behaviors we have into positive ones.

We also gain self-esteem and self-confidence by achieving these victories.

Feeling great about ourselves is the very first step which must be done before we can even think about being happy or fulfilled in life.

By going through the steps or actions provided we all will benefit in the long and short run.

What does affirmation mean

I am sure that many people have heard the term affirmation mentioned somewhere while online. This can involve motivational quotes or phrases which have positive messages or create positive thoughts.

When using affirmations we need to make them as personal as possible because generic phrases don’t have as much feeling or emotion invested into them.

Another way to think of these in terms of how they benefit is to think of them as little reminders anytime a negative thought creeps into our heads.image saying "actions that make us feel great lead to happiness and fulfillment"

Whether you have these memorized or written down isn’t that important, but practicing them will be very important. The very best way to overcome a negative belief is to go in and destroy the cause of it.

When we confront the root of the problem we become able to replace it with something that will inspire and motivate us without having to turn to anyone else for help.

Because everyone faces different thoughts we need to figure out what our own worst ones are and work on them before we can see any kind of improvements start to happen in our lives.Create Positive Affirmations For Self-Esteem

To restate what it is we are doing: 

  1. Start by finding your most destructive beliefs or thoughts.
  2. Then ask yourself why this really bothers you.
  3. Follow up and go as deep as you can by continuing to ask why until you hit the root of the problem.
  4. Look back to areas in your life where you think this could have started.
  5. Look back to areas in your life that challenge this thought or memory.
  6. Focus on the good and accept that the bad happened.
  7. Visualize yourself burning that old experience.
  8. Once this is done we are going to start working on a new belief. Using those good past experience to support it. To do this we will use the affirmation we are creating.
  9. Make the affirmation a part of your daily routine, doing it until you are comfortable with it sticking.
  10. If you ever start to think of that negative again, quickly allow yourself the time to use the affirmation and refocus your energy in the right direction.
  11. Repeat this for each and every negative that you need or wish to change.

Now that we have an idea of what it is we are doing. It’s time to start creating the positive affirmation.

The Rules For Creating positive affirmations

Rule one 

Start with an I am statement that says what you will become. You can also use I choose, I know, I have and I love as four more ways to write the affirmation.

Rule two

Avoid saying I want or I need because that will only affirm your desire of wanting or needing something.

Rule Three

I am (fill in the blank). Show yourself that you are already (blank) and this will make what you desire feel REAL.

Rule Four

To practice visualizing this (blank) close your eyes and imagine yourself doing or experiencing the action desired.

Rule Five

Practice by being grateful. Write down you’re I am so (blank) and grateful because I can now do (any experience you desire to do).image saying "make affirmations personal because generic phrases don't work well"

Rule Six

Remember to write down affirmations that focus on what you desire gaining and not about things you want to be removed. Use only positive statements that replace the negative ones.

Another way to show this is to say I am no longer shy(the wrong way) vs. I am confident and highly successful in my goal to speak to strangers and make friends(the right way).

Rule Seven

A helpful tip for understanding affirmations is to always think about yourself in the future. How will you act knowing that you will be confident in 30 days?

What will be possible and what will it feel like to no longer be held back by this irrational and limiting belief? Just be sure you remind yourself of making positive statements and not thinking about things that you will not be.image saying "when we discover the root of the problem, remove and replace it positively"

Rule Eight

Use descriptions of yourself to create a profile or update profiles anywhere you have said a negative about yourself.

Rule Nine

When you are ready to start saying these make sure they are in present tense. We don’t want to say things like in 3 days time I will be confident. This is telling us that right now we aren’t.

To be in the present we need to say something like Everyday I am gaining more and more confidence in myself and I feel so joyful and grateful because I am absolutely amazing.

Rule Ten

Make sure you write each of these for your own benefit and not try to do them for anyone else to see or read.image saying "focus on the good and accept the bad happened"

Rule Eleven

Use words that have a powerful meaning behind them. Words like Amazing, Awesome, Fantastic, Wonderful, and even Supreme.

Rule Twelve

Use more than one back to back to really experience the most of your time and energy. I am so confident and wonderful that I continue to achieve my goals every day.

I am experiencing more joy than ever before and I am becoming a genius due to my creative thinking allowing me to go so far outside of the box.

Rule Thirteen

Describe positive and powerful feelings and emotions that will send amazing sensations throughout your body while saying these affirmations.

Excitement, High Energy, Enthusiasm, Joyfulness, Intense pleasure, Warmth, feeling out of this world, skin soothing softness and more.image saying "make the affirmation part of your daily routine"

Rule Fourteen

You can even enjoy music as your saying or thinking about these statements. Be sure to pick something that will assist the affirmation and the emotions behind those sayings.

Rule Fifteen

When writing, make sure you are not describing the details of each scenario, we want a mystery behind how they actually will unfold. This way your mind has a choice to go where it wants and the universe will be there to influence you.

Rule Sixteen

You can also create some of these for abilities and skills which you are grateful to already have. Reinforcing what is already true is a wonderful way to help your mind with understanding you.

Rule Seventeen

Feel free to create affirmations about anything and everything. Experiences you will gain, people you will meet, improvements, transformations, and way of life you wish to live.image saying "positive affirmations will boost self esteem and self confidence"

Rule Eighteen

You have the freedom to create as many of these as you can. There aren’t any rules as far as a number to create or use at any time. Just use your imagination and creativity to find the best ones for yourself.

Rule Nineteen

The goal is to truly believe these are possible and have fun creating all that will benefit you. The more attainable your mind believes them to be the better they will work.

Start with your first priority and go from there with the rest of them. This way you can test several different ones out and see which ones are the most helpful.

Extra Ideas for everyone to consider

These can be done with your meditations or journaling exercises or you could practice these on their own. The best way isn’t always going to be the same for everyone.

I do hope you give them a try and also plan to practice things for longer than just a few days before thinking they will or won’t work for you.

Create positive affirmations for self-esteem, self-confidence and much more because it will give you the best chance to live a more fulfilling life.

Thanks for reading this post I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.


Let me know what you think of this post. Every comment you share makes it easier for others(including me) to know what you need help on. Leave those comments below or any questions you have.

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