Courage Is About Your Willingness To Act Intelligently

Have you noticed that people will do all sorts of things because they are after something specific. Let’s say you are trying to prove to yourself that you are better now than when you were a child.

You start off by reading stories written in an attempt to demonstrate courageous acts. Inside of one particular story is a great quote which says “Courage is about your willingness to act intelligently in the face of danger”.

Once you have read it you start to think to yourself about what it means. Willingness is an ability which says you will do something because you know it’s valuable.

Intelligence is a skill that you improve when you learn the truth versus accepting the lies. Combining both of those says you are going to take action to discover the truth because it’s valuable.

In the face of danger is where you begin to get puzzled, since this isn’t obvious you must decide what danger means. 

Scratching your head you start to think back to a time where you thought your life was in danger and this gives you an example that you can visualize.

In order for you to understand how to act bravely, you must learn from your own fears. That doesn’t give you much to go with but it’s how you can start to look for the best solution.

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Understanding your behavior is an essential step for increasing the amount of courage you gain

Learn exactly what you want to accomplish, this will help you to become confident enough to think on your feet. Before you gain the right information you may be thinking that your best option is to copy what everyone else is doing.

Clearly you won’t be unique if you are trying to do the same steps that others have done before you. It will be pointless to try to face the same fears anyway because you aren’t likely to suffer from it the same degree or because of the same visual.

Not only that but the value of facing each danger will change depending on which outcome you expect or desire. So it’s only possible to gain courage when you are the creator of that desire.

Observing yourself during each attempt 

Before you learn how to act quickly you will need to be capable of observing the way that you behave whenever a fear gets triggered. That means you need to either record yourself trying to face your fear, or you will need to be able to recreate it again and again.

That will let you see what you do and how you do it so that you can laugh at yourself and understand if there is truly any danger or if it’s an overreaction.

First times will lead to unknown outcomes

Whenever you are attempting to do something for the very first time, what are the thoughts going on inside your head? Knowing ahead of time what you will be thinking about is a solid way to understand what will happen.

Try to think back to all the feelings you had anytime a fear was triggered for the first time. Learn what was going on with you, what information you knew, and what information you had not learned yet that can help you now.

Knowledge is your best friend

You can only learn to get better when you have developed the right attitude about learning. That means you need to know how to conduct research and find out what will be the most helpful versus the nonsense.

Often what happens when you are around other people is that you will get convinced that something is scary and that is what you begin to think about before any real experience is gained.

It’s the same thing when you choose to believe what somebody else is saying to you, do you know you can trust them, and how much credit should you be willing to give them before you need to conduct your own experiments?

Reality versus exaggerations

There are obvious reasons you start to believe you need to avoid certain situations, but can you believe everything that you hear from a book, a story, a website, a video or any other source that isn’t yourself?

Courage can only exist when you learn for yourself and eliminate the imagination as much as possible. Unfortuanetly your imagination is one thing you will not be able to avoid.

That happens because it’s on all the time and around the clock. Did you know that your subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between something that is made up and something you have been through?

What if a dream has caused you to become fearful, all a dream is about is your thoughts being turned into visuals. Whatever you go to bed thinking about or whatever you have thought previously may become a dream and occur randomly.

Journaling will develop your courage

When you write about the truth, or explore new ideas and map out your plans, you will be searching for answers. That means you won’t need to use your imagination that much in order to understand what the best action is.

Rather than believing in something continuously that is wrong, isn’t it much better to be able to be convinced that your pursuing something real.

When it’s clearly real you can do something different to change the outcome until you become pleased about what it has revealed.

That brings you back to the willingness, because are you ready to try something one hundred or more times in order to know what’s best?

Patience will be an asset as well

When you want to become courageous and give up any cowardice that may be holding you back, there is a need to be patient. You have to allow yourself to take tiny steps which can reveal new evidence you must understand.

Trial and error will put your emotions through a real test since you may not discover what’s best before you run out of other options. Are you willing to stick with something until you can show yourself that it’s been conquered?

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Maybe you think you aren’t capable of becoming brave on your own

This goes back to the beginning where you need to determine a meaning and purpose so that each of your actions will be important. When it’s somethng you aren’t sure about it will become impossible to understand where to move.

The thing is, there isn’t a real guide about these things which is going to be effective entirely. You will make a few mistakes, you will find others who are making mistakes and that alone suggests you can even collaborate to understand more.

An example about what you can try – Imagine you’re afraid of making friends, but deep down you know that people are typically not trying to harm you. 

That suggests you have a a false idea about friendships or that something else is causing you to refuse to move forward. There is plenty of information on how to discover the roots of your problems and I have written about them as well as others.

It’s entirely possible that you are twisted up inside with a few other deeply seeded beliefs which need to be dispelled before anything else is accomplished.

You see all roads eventually will lead back to what happened during those early years of your life.

What you must find is the straight path to self-love. Only then can you respect yourself enough to trust and have faith in your decision making ability.

Solidfy yourself with praise, with gratitude, make certain you keep each promise you make yourself, start believing that you are in fact worth as much or more than anyone else, and above all else, don’t allow yourself start and become a victim to self-doubts.

When you find that fear is merely excitement in disguise you will know confidently how to handle each new challenge. And that is why courage is about your willingness to act intelligently.

Anyone who is willing enough can work on how much courage they have. Simply use this button to learn more about a fantastic community full of brave and successful people.

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