Consistency Helps To Boost Your Confidence Level

Consistency helps to boost your confidence level by allowing you to become better at something.

A strong desire will

keep you focused on sticking to the activity, while a schedule will make it much more likely you follow through.

Practice and you will become better at the things you really desire to do. Nice theory but what does practice mean?

Knowing that not everyone will put the same amount of effort into how they practice, how do you prove it works?

It’s relatively easy to show up and do the same action or to attempt to do the same action. But what makes you actually start to succeed and gain an edge over somebody else?

Developing a plan of action can change an average practice into something you get excited to do. How? Perhaps you can become a master of self-talk, giving yourself a motivational pep talk.

Maybe you can try to visualize yourself being the best at whatever you’re practicing. Better yet, how different would it be for you if you could already know that you would become the best in the world?image saying "a strong desire will keep you focused"

The catch is you have to start. I know right, its too obvious that you must start if you are ever gonna become the best.

Consistency means you will boost your confidence

Starting is where most people lose their confidence and lose focus. Why does it happen?Consistency Helps To Boost Your Confidence Level

Because there are a few ways to get started and there are a few ways to fail.

The confusion begins when somebody thinks they have started but haven’t gotten past the motion.

The motion is the act of preparing to start something, and it feels very similar to the action to be performed.

Except it’s not an actual step, it’s only when you plan how to do it that you arrive at the time and place where it happens.

Confused yet? Good, because the next part should clear that up.

Let’s use an example of getting prepared to do something where you might feel like you have already started.

Looking at how I get myself prepared to write a blog post. I first spend a few hours searching for ideas that compel me enough to write a few notes.

From my notes, I can assemble a plan to have next to me when I am going to write. But as far as taking any action, all I have done so far is to gather things and come up with a rough idea.

My research as much as its useful to me, only gets things ready, it isn’t something that is going to benefit me as far as my goal is concerned for writing the blog post.

In fact, I could hire somebody to gather all of that information for me and have it automatically done ahead of time for all my blog posts. (would be nice)image saying "motion means you gather, action means you do it"

My action doesn’t start until I am actually writing the blog post and it ends when I hit publish. That is the only way that I can practice doing that specific action.

No matter how good I get at being prepared, it’s not gonna change the fact that my writing hasn’t happened yet. This is the same thing I want you to realize when you get started on something yourself.

There can be a lot of motion that feels like you’re performing, but the reality is it’s only when you do the specific thing that will benefit you, do you actually get started.

Become self-confident by knowing what you want

Consistency Helps To Boost Your Confidence Level

Prior to getting started, there also needs to be a reason that you even want to take action. This will be known as the meaning a purpose.

Don’t confuse this with a long-term meaning and purpose because that will be how you decide on what you really want out of your life.

The meaning and purpose of consistency and gaining confidence is one part of that overall scheme of things.

To try to make it a little less confusing, picture a ladder. Each rung is one day of practice.

At the very top of the ladder, you will accomplish your short-term goal, and that will obviously have some type of special meaning for you to start up that ladder.

Rather, than skip steps up the ladder, each rung is a necessary part of your practice.

I can already hear the moans and groans because this is how it has to happen.

It doesn’t matter how many rungs there are, what matters is that you find out how much its worth for you to make that climb to the top.

Testing yourself along the way

Consistency Helps To Boost Your Confidence Level

Because you don’t know for certain how stable the ladder is or how many rungs there are the best thing you can do is to start small and develop the skills that will help you move up the ladder slow and steady.

Fortunately, there are tricks that will help you determine those things.

To test out the rungs, you need to be capable of diagnosing how much weight it can hold.

You start by working out a plan to add just a tiny amount to the rung, this allows you to observe what happens each time you add the additional weight.

When one of the rungs is weak, you will need to put in more effort to reinforce it in order to make any progress.

This becomes your motion, and you will start out identifying each rung’s capacity to hold weight.

Because you’re doing this in timed sessions, you will need to stop after the time is about to run out.

Start slow, practice hard and don’t get confused between motions and actions.

For every rung you climb up the ladder you will level up in confidence and become much more motivated to get to the next rung.

You continue to practice and ultimately identify that each rung can hold your weight.

Once you have moved up the ladder, you will then achieve your goal.

At the same time for every practice you miss you take a step down the ladder, and when you incorrectly diagnose the weight you will break the rung and have to spend more time fixing it.

This is why a schedule is needed, you know what you will need to do each time. And you will be able to track your progress by how far up the ladder you go.

Start working on each rung and as you get closer you become more confident that your consistency will pay off.

One other thing, you gain an advantage by reading my blogs.

That means if you follow along and your competitor doesn’t you will easily achieve things much faster than they will.

But there is still a catch you need to know exactly what you want, and that can make things stop right in their tracks. Now that you have gained a bit of confidence and believe in yourself no matter what.

Where are you going next? If you are like me you are probably trying to think and a voice in your mind is giving you tips. Are they good tips?image saying "start slow, practice hard, and don't confuse actions and motions"

No idea, but there is a good way to test it. Does the voice suggest you do something you know will make you uncomfortable but support you regardless of whether you are nervous or anxious?

Confidence paves the way for more

Or does it laugh at you and point out any insecurity making you second guess yourself?

Mine was the second way, and it decided for me that things were gonna be too hard because I believed I was a failure and didn’t create a plan to live up to anything else.

That is a major problem for people, they simply never learned how to get their mind on their side to encourage rather than to persuade them to fail.

Two things you should do, one is drowned that voice and the second is to figure out what you already do well. By understanding your best skills you automatically should realize that you have an edge over most people.image saying "major problem for people is retraining their mind to help"

To continue growing where you are the weakest, will only help to boost your confidence and self-worth. Here is an example of using a strength to assist with developing a weakness.

Imagine you’re already able to talk better than everyone you know. This will easily allow you the time to practice your writing skill so that you can let people know ahead of time that your writing is a work in progress.

Talking directly with somebody instead of creating post after post with words that make no sense. You could even use a program that translates your voice into typing.

That way you can see a comparison between the way you talk, and the way you write. Or maybe you decide that you no longer need to be a better writer because the dictation software solved a problem you didn’t know you had.

This allows you even more time to do something else which is holding you back.

Consistency Helps To Boost Your Confidence Level

When you become more consistent how will it affect your confidence level?

When you develop a skill and start to increase how well you use it. You will notice that you have gotten better because you followed a schedule exactly how it was meant to be followed.

This creates more self-confidence because you increase your self-esteem and your self-image. Why? Because not only can you now do it better, but you can prove to your mind that you have done it.

Wanna shut up a nagging inner voice, follow a schedule and even it will have to learn that you’re far more capable than you thought.image saying "consistency pays off with a boost in confidence levels"

This will continue to drive you to strive to achieve even more and eventually you will plan to do more difficult things which will increase the amount of risk involved.

Before you know it, you have become an amazingly confident and capable person who isn’t afraid of trying anything. And that is how consistency helps to boost your confidence level.


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2 thoughts on “Consistency Helps To Boost Your Confidence Level”

  1. Once you gain these small victories, you will also start to teach your mind that it’s not the boss of you. Showing it that you can consistently follow a schedule even when you know there are other choices. The more often you defeat what your mind is telling you, the easier it becomes to jump out of bed each day and get to it.

    I appreciate you taking the time to share and hope you keep coming back and doing so.

  2. Great article, Eric! I sometimes struggle with getting started and staying consistent. This guide is a big help for me. And if anything, my self-confidence does boost whenever I succeed in staying on track with about anything. I just have to shut that complaining brain of mine and do it.
    This was very informative and helpful. Thanks again!

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