The Struggle In Life…

What is the struggle in life? It’s the journey you go on to learn how to believe in yourself. Without an understanding of what adversity is for, you will continue to struggle indefinitely. Some people figure this out early in life while others continue to face issues after issue complaining about life being unfair to … Read more

What Qualities Make A Role Model Worthy?

What Qualities Make A Role Model Worthy | Logo

The best type of role model has a proven track record. It’s a person who has what you want and provides the information for you to access. What qualities make a role model worthy to follow?  Ask yourself the following questions and see where it takes you: Has this person overcome some significant adversity in … Read more

List Of Fears With Descriptions…

How To Figure Out What You're Afraid Of | Logo

Use this list of fears with descriptions to identify which ones you experience and follow the instructions to assist you in relieving yourself of them. 1) Is fear of failure something you believe?  What happens when you try new things, do you worry about making mistakes?  Are you concerned about doing it perfectly or do … Read more

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