Building Self-Esteem With Activities – 19 Ways To Improve Your Life

What would it be worth to one day wake up and feel like you’re on top of the world? Everything is wonderful and Building Self-Esteem With Activities

everyone looks up to you because you’ve learned what it means to value yourself.

As you walk by a mirror it doesn’t cause you any anxiety to see your own image.

When you start building self-esteem with activities you start to find solutions to all your problems.

This goes on to shape everything else which matters in our world, society looks to you for answers due to the struggle of others wishing they had what you have.

This post will show you how you can gain this type of mindset and become full of energy for others to emulate.

The 19 activities I am giving you will bring you much joy and will lead you to everything and more I have mentioned.

Setting realistic goals to achieve in short bursts

Have you ever considered writing down goals for yourself but just don’t get around to actually do it?

A simple and quick way to start a dialogue within our minds is to set a short-term goal.

Goals are invaluable because they come from us and act as motivation that only we see.

When you can find short realistic goals to set and achieve you will give yourself a positive boost whenever you want.

These are simple things you probably overlook and can bring many of your interests to the surface. Ever wanted to spend a few minutes each day and figure out where you are going?

One possible goal is to make a new friend each week. Something which may be difficult in person tends to be much easier to do online.

Nothing complicated so when you have done it you can set a new goal which allows growth from the old one. The point here is to figure out a starting place, this will allow you to make positive progress and achieve your desired result.

Other goals you write down can be anything you really want to improve about yourself, the point is to always be working toward a desirable outcome that helps you build confidence in yourself.

Since happiness comes from improving ourselves, we want to benefit from our actions as much as possible. Sitting around doing nothing will only keep us feeling like nothing.

You may be wondering just how this helps you overcome your shyness?

When you are able to become proud of the little things, you will start to have immediate ways to talk about yourself. Just remember that even a tiny accomplishment can make a huge difference.

By working on 100 little things over the course of a month or less, we begin to gain more self-worth. This leads to confidence and will likely make us want to brag about ourselves.

Just be careful with how much you brag, because nobody likes a self-centered person. (belief) Ask yourself if this is true for your own beliefs as well? Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Doing something kind for somebody else

This can be anything that helps another person, and by doing this little action each and every day we start to look forward to making somebody else’s day a little better.

Our point of view changes from seeing people as triggers to seeing people as equals in this ever-changing world.

The impact may even grow to a pay it forward type of engagement.

One person you help may decide to do something for another and perhaps you will even get some needed help yourself because of it.

Who knows but it’s never a bad thing to help somebody else and it’s another daily task that will build up your self-worth over time.

When you stop obsessing about judgments you start moving away from the awkwardness that it creates. Names do matter but helping anonymously over time people will start to appear in your life and make it much easier to put faces to names.

Often the very thought of strangers make us so anxious we forget that nothing should be more than an obstacle, and what happens to obstacles when we free our minds to think?

We figure out ways to go by them in order to finish our tasks. Strangers are not mere obstacles but when you start creating things in your mind to replace being afraid of them, you will be amazed at your progress.

Self-love journal where we compliment ourselves a few times a day

What makes more sense than to work on eliminating the negative way we see ourselves? I understand that somethings really do sound silly at first and this is probably one that you just have to do for a while to get used to.

Nobody who keeps themselves going strong takes themselves for granted, so try not to skip doing anything that will lead you to a healthy view of yourself.

Even taking this one step further you can make a short video journal and read the compliments out loud to yourself. Pretend you have an audience that wants to know your every trick to being this amazing.

Once this becomes a habit it will allow us to start realizing just how wonderful it is to learn so many positive things and we can also be ready to hand out the very same compliments to others.

Get the hang of these compliments and self-love and then you are ready to really start getting out there to show other people what works.

There is something called unconditional love and that will be the love we need to figure out. Before we can understand what brings joy to people we must experience this love ourselves.

For this kind of love to happen, we have to look at what it really consists of. Unconditional love is where we don’t say I love myself except when…

There cannot be any conditions after all. So the words you use need to be consistent. Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Start or join groups with people that have similar beliefs and values

By the time you have improved your own self-image the very next step is to take action again. You will be amazed by how many other people are doing the very same activities as you.

People from all over the planet that has made it a goal of theirs to be kind, to be helpful and show how wonderful people truly can be. They most likely have your own beliefs and that is where we must look first to find them.

A simple search for your favorite things + groups will point you in the right direction. Then it’s just a matter of reading through what you find to see if it sounds like it’s for you or not.

There is no reason at all for you to join another group if you’re not finding things easy. Create one and set the rules yourself. This may take longer but as you build the group up you will hopefully have the exact type of people you desire.

After that you can work with a few to be accountable, the point here is to keep making progress and not fall into a slump. Continue working with them and make even more friends.

For some strange reason people who are shy, generally are told to find other shy people. What I have experienced is that it may be counterproductive to do.

Forums for of shy people have always made me feel more depressed. I have wanted to help everyone but all the stories I read have a tendency to draw me back down when I am trying to escape.

Just be sure the people you find are like-minded because we want to make progress together. That will help us to love them and ourselves even more.Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Working on your self-image – Body, Mind, and Soul

You may be wondering what does body mind and soul do for us? For anyone with self-esteem issues, this is at the very core of things to work on.

When I talk about the body I mean things that make it work better. Every action we take depends on how well our bodies react to the instructions we give it.

Because of this, we need to develop a strategy to increase its functionalities. The more we are capable of doing the faster we can actually get results.

It will also give us more energy, more motivation, and more confidence going forward with the rest of these activities. A neglected body is slow and inefficient but over time it will be possible to bring it back an amazing status.

This requires us to place more effort into its development. Be sure that you make goals that will improve this area and not just let it suffer.

The Mind is our most powerful asset and will be the main focus of overcoming any shyness or anxiety we suffer from. The pain that we experience is done so through our minds and it’s by far the most necessary change we make.

Our minds consist of lots of miniscule parts which go all the way back to how it functions. Making the mind strong eliminates negative thoughts, we understand our weaknesses and know how to make them strengths.

We gain a full functioning support chain inside of us that for years has been sabotaging our enjoyment of the world. It consists of everything from skills, goals, attitudes, emotions, empathy for others, dedication to improving ourselves and keeps on going to fully define us.

We will talk about ways to improve our minds later on, for now, let’s figure out what is meant by soul. This will include the things that inspire us such as our beliefs, values, morals, principles and fundamental relationships.

The soul is how we just know something is right without any proof of why it is. How does one work on this part? This was and is my most difficult feature to understand.

What exactly is consciousness and what is subconsciousness? Unlike body or mind, this one goes into a deeper understanding of what our purpose is and what we value.

Inside our souls, we can figure out the really deep questions that we face. This is also where people build all kinds of meanings.

Meanings that shape and influence us just because or something we can learn like a six sense called intuition. That extra gut feeling that something is right just because our souls tell us it is. Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Meditation and working on your inner self

For anyone who doesn’t understand how meditation works, it really is just finding a quiet place to let all your other preoccupations go.

Whether you want to do it for an hour or just 5 mins, you will need to place yourself in complete relaxation.

Don’t confuse meditation with yoga, because they are completely different things.

When somebody does meditation they are going outside of the limits of the body.

They are only focused on what the soul is telling them about themselves.

People meditate for many reasons and by doing this consistently you will unlock way more creativity in yourself.

It’s just a matter of trying and finding out how best you can relax.

Yoga, on the other hand, is about the body and mind, which will give us a lot more energy not only physical but emotional and spiritual.

The point is to relax and gain a full understanding of exactly who you are when this is accomplished all those self-doubts get removed over time and you will feel amazing.

These next few are the treats we allow ourselves to have. There is a broad and a specific way to go about working on self- esteem. The broad we have just covered and the specific are actions to take

Eat healthily and maintain your body

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone because when our self-esteem goes up and down constantly we often ignore what we are putting in our mouths. For me, I struggled in between weighing 150lbs – 220lbs for way too long.

It isn’t the number that is important and as we gain more experience we will begin to know that there are far better things to worry about the diet.

Healthy eating isn’t a diet or doing something for a short period of time. Food should serve a purpose and not be used to make us feel better about ourselves.

We need to really understand it’s value and the benefits we gain by choosing the right mix of things. You don’t want to drastically change the foods you enjoy just because a few pounds might come off.

This you have probably heard called a lifestyle change and for good reason, whether it’s learning to set portion control or make a few cheat days to splurge.

A plan will start to make things easier to adjust to. Which we can then cut out entirely after discovering the right combinations.

By working your healthy eating into a routine you will gain more control over yourself then you have ever had. This will give you a cheat day perhaps that you no longer feel guilty about taking.

Remember we are trying to remove guilt and shame from our eating habits. This will increase our desire to continue improving ourselves but not make us worry so much when we want a treat.

Treats will still be a part of our lives when we plan to reward ourselves with them. No guilt because there is a purpose, the purpose will be as a reward for doing something we need which will improve ourselves.Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Taking care of our bodies to ensure proper hygiene

I am including this as an activity only because it will benefit with our routines. Most of us have rituals where we take showers and remove body hair.

For those that don’t do this consistently, you should really start. Improving our self-image, self-esteem and self-love are all reasons to make the effort here.Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Self-love requires us to look our best because we likely believe this is a value that others should have as well. Try not to obsess with this part because there are always gonna be imperfections.

We need to learn that since everyone has them as well that it isn’t really such a bad thing. Embrace the uniqueness and move on because there are far more important things to work on than to worry about these tiny things.

The other part here is to utilize the sense of smell. We take it for granted sometimes but it’s a wonderful boost to you when you know there isn’t anything stinky.

After all, we actually want to be confident but not that extreme where we think a bad smell doesn’t matter. Just be sure to keep up with the bodies maintenance and to remove anything that isn’t complimenting for people to see, smell, feel, and taste.

Caring about the little things will free our minds from worry and lead to a better output of ourselves to the world. After all, if you find this lacking in another person doesn’t it make you wonder?

Dressing comfortably for every occasion

Fashion isn’t what I am talking about here because I don’t put a lot of money into clothes. For me, it’s simply for status and those who want to waste money.

That being said, if you know a piece of clothing, shoes, accessories or anything else will increase how you feel and value yourself then, by all means, buy it to feel great.Building Self-Esteem With Activities

These feeling are generally temporary and lead to us feeling a false sense of joy. When the newness wears off we are still stuck with the money we spent.

Anytime we can remove the possibility of regret can and will be useful in our journey of improvement. I find that there are better places that clothes help people. i.e Salvation Army Thrift Stores.

There is also a point where we start to dress to impress others, and then to impress ourselves. But the extreme is to buy expensive clothes to rub it in other peoples faces.

Just be aware of that when making your own choices because we want to become somebody who leads by example and not somebody who sets bad examples.

The more bad habits we can remove the better we are likely to feel about our choices.

If you are like me then you will understand the difference here.

Doing things that make yourself feel wonderful

This one goes right along with the last one, we are wanting to make an effort to treat ourselves when we need a pick me up. But we also want to keep it real and not to just spend hoping that happiness follows.

In other words, only spend on yourself if you can afford to, and don’t just buy because you think you want something. The point of these activities is to gain a better understanding of bringing long-term self-worth and not immediate gratifications.Building Self-Esteem With Activities

It’s not about doing something that will undoubtedly bring us more problems. Examples of things that will benefit us would be an upgrade to a new computer. One that will help us be creative and feel motivated to pursue our interests.

Investing in ourselves builds up more long-term love than anything else we buy. Making sure to know exactly where you are falling a bit short to reach your goals will help determine the purchases you truly need to make.

A fantastic way to express yourself and open up is to blog

There is really no better way that I have found to increase my self-esteem than to work towards a better future. I started to blog as an interest and by learning more and more about it I became hooked.

It will not only lead to a platform where you get more comfortable talking to strangers, but it’s very likely by doing so you can make money.

Working on ways to improve my life makes me look forward to each day. The only thing to worry about is time because getting each post out takes practice and often I run low on time with all kinds of ideas on what to write.

When you figure out yourself and what drives you to be productive, you can turn all those things into a blog and let it all go there.

Slow and steady allows your voice to get heard a few people at a time, trust me when I say it gets easier and easier the more you do it.

I won’t lie to you and say it was an easy decision to make. But I am certainly glad now that I took that first step and found a great community to learn from.

My first few months were spent gathering up information and getting used to the live chat feature which was how I got comfortable asking questions.

Afterwards, I just practiced writing and becoming more willing to share with people.

This eventually loosened me up to trying other parts of internet marketing like videos, social media promotions, writing ebooks and currently thinking about setting up a training course.

For anyone that is interested in trying this as an approach leaves me a comment at the end and I will get you the information to get two free sites.

That should be a good start and let you decide if you want to become a member as well. Baby steps for me to get used to things and it eventually pays for itself.Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Positive self-talk or ways to brainstorm how valuable you are

This goes right up there with the compliments you give yourself each day. The difference will be doing this for a longer period of time.

When you have worked on your journal and are doing the video journal, take it a step above and just start describing yourself.

Pretend that you’re are talking about the person you admire most, look into your eyes in the mirror and really feel that you have made a clone of yourself.

This will be the chance to express everything wonderful and amazing that you are accomplishing in just a short matter of time.

The mind is something that can be turned into whatever we really want, so when you are building up self-esteem you can strive to become whatever vision you have ever dreamed of being.

By seeing it happen right in front of you and allowing it to sink in your dreams will start to become who you truly are. Don’t forget to strive for anything along the way, then go after it until you get it.

This is really useful for when you start creating affirmations about yourself. Recording things that you will plan on watching over and over until it becomes your belief.

Having a webcam or app that you can practice will also benefit you when learning about body language. Facial expressions and hand gestures are all important to be able to communicate effectively.

Confidence can come when you learn how to read other peoples expressions, as well as what their body is wanting you to know about them.

We can even use the video to become aware of how we sound when talking. The importance of using our voice tones to influence what people take away from our messages.

There are really endless things to learn about ourselves and others. These increase the confidence and the overall way you carry yourself when around people.Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Creating what you see around you or making a vision board

This is a trick that a lot of other people do when they truly know where they want to be on their journey. Creating a board or any area that you go to frequently with images that you wish you had.

These could be anything you feel that will create positive vibes in your life and they are gonna be motivators for you to focus on while moving toward.

Anything and everything is available, so don’t think it needs to be small things if you see yourself living in your dream home, search and find an image that represents it.

For the perfect romance or relationship, an image of the person or people who may fit your type will work wonders. You could even have different versions as long as it’s something that will improve your self-esteem by seeing.

There are exercises that can be done by visualizing things in our minds which will guide us to actually achieving it. This will take practice and proper meditation to do.

But really understanding what we consider important to us makes so many things possible. Hopefully, this information is starting to excite you like it did for me.

Excitement will lead us away from fear and that will be the beginning of our purpose to make such a commitment to ourselves.Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Affirmations or quotes that inspire you

These are nice because they fit in well in the same areas as your vision boards. Search around and find messages that you can read and memorize which really makes you think.

Everyone’s vision boards and affirmations will be unique to what they are all about, and there is a ton of them all over the internet. Books, website, blogs all about these positive messages which people use to inspire and motivate themselves.

Don’t be afraid to create your own if you feel that you can say it best. I have even changed quotes that didn’t quite have the perfect message I was looking for.

Soak as many of these in every day while you’re enjoying the vision board, this is also a perfect place to place any values you have or beliefs you want and read to remind yourself of.

Like I mention above when you truly get to know yourself and where your weaknesses are, you will gain much more value in the creation of your own affirmations.

Sometime later I will post about how you can actually create these. In the beginning, it’s more important to ask the questions required to understand yourself.

After doing that you can start building a plan to overcome things and make your own beliefs to replace the old and unuseful ones we all have.Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Keep an open mind about everything and even make light of yourself

With an open mind, we can do anything because we are not immediately gonna say to ourselves this is stupid or impossible.

We take on any task thinking that we can do it to the best of our abilities and even if we are weak with something there is an understanding of learning.

Everything feels better when you are able to make fun of yourself and when you have practiced not letting things get to you it allows for it to be done around other people.

Usually, friends are the ones that will say things in jest and we have to learn to make sure to understand just what it is for. Getting used to this isn’t gonna happen until you actually fully understand who you are.

That is why I am taking the time to list as many of these activities as I can. I want to save you all the trouble I have had to figure this stuff out myself.

When you fully understand why you are you it will make this life something wonderful and you’ll never have to doubt anything.

Self-Esteem Worksheets and workbooks

There are many ways to go about doing customized exercises and activities. Search the internet for free worksheets that build self-esteem, I have seen many good ones that will give you different challenges to open up your mind and lead to more creative ways that you will find to keep improving yourself.

Eventually, I will get around to building my own that will make it easy for everyone to start working on right here. There is a lot of questions involved in this process.

Because of that, it’s important to know where our time is best spent. Not only will we learn how to be awesome and comfortable with strangers.

But we will create this feeling in everything we do or think about doing. I have also seen something about adult coloring books that will allow us to practice mindfulness as a part of being in the present.

These are just fascinating the more fun things that can be done to really feel all of our senses and how they can shape our minds.Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Search for hobbies or interests that express yourself

This is pretty straightforward and will fit in well while exploring groups to join. By having a hobby you will open many more doors that involve reasons to communicate with other people.

Pick something that you really enjoy doing or think you will like. Then place emphasis on finding out as much as you can about it.

By becoming more than a novice you will even be able to create opportunities to start your own business. From each interest, you will be able to engage with somebody else who is also interested in it.

This will allow for more topics of conversations and will shape the value you have in yourself and your overall knowledge of this world.

Building a business from an interest or hobby your good at

For any of the interests or hobbies you find out about, you will see opportunities increase. When that is done people will likely find you and be part of your following.

This is similar to enjoying a hobby because you will want to learn everything possible and provide services, products or information for other people about it.

There are many ways to get started and they don’t cost a lot of money to do so. Why not create something that you want to do that also pays for itself along the way?

When you see that life is unlimited despite what you have been taught to believe, it will likely lead to many more adventures and things that make it fun.

If you would like more information about a program leave me a message in the comments like I have said above. Building Self-Esteem With Activities

Learn to show gratitude for everything about yourself

I have saved this one for last specifically because when you take into account everything which is possible by following these activities. You should understand yourself much better than you ever have.

While removing negatives and replacing them with positives one great way to retain that feeling is to take time each night before bed and list a few reasons you are glad that you are you.

This is similar to being thankful except there is no need to show or tell anyone else about these things.

The importance is to express to yourself how wonderful and amazing you are.

This way you will fully understand all the great skills you have and know which ones you will need to learn as you move forward.

For more information on anything I have mentioned here, you can ask me any questions you would like down below. If you have read my other posts you will notice I want people to connect with me and to let me know how you are doing in your own process.

Building self-esteem with activities isn’t just a random post I decided to throw together. My goal is to figure out ways that work to improve our lives for the long haul.

In order for any of us to make an impact in this world, we really need to find the answers to our own problems before we attempt to change anything about anyone else.

I don’t aim to scare anyone away from taking the time to do this themselves if anything I want to give you all the information that will make it possible.

By figuring all of this out myself I understand the feelings and the emotions, I also know that change is a scary thing that may take several attempts to get over.

Just keep in mind I had 1000’s of questions to ask myself early on. So this isn’t gonna happen unless you really do have a strong desire to be something better then you are right now.

Thanks for reading this I know it’s quite a lot of information.


Let me know what you think of this post. Every comment you share makes it easier for others(including me) to know what you need help on. Leave those comments below or any questions you have.



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