Biggest Problem We All Have To Face – Undoing The Damage

Life is wonderful when you can identify and fix the problems in your life. What happens when the biggest problem we all Biggest Problem We All Have To Face

have to face is ourselves?

How can you identify each area that you are lacking in?

Does it mean you should write things down and try to guess or should you try to ask somebody else what they think?

Our experiences impact our lives to a point of taking or avoiding actions. When this happens what do we change to move past them?

How does all of this compare to problems such as money, our health, or dating?

Follow along as we answer these questions and show you how to overcome your problems.

Self-Inflicted problems and what to do about them

I like to get a full understanding of what really goes on with myself. This means always start with a search that will give an idea of strengths or skills. image that says "figure out your top priorities first"

When we know our strengths and weaknesses it lets us know a few things:

  • What you do with no hesitation
  • What you don’t try because of fears
  • What you can try but don’t really have experience with.
  • Where you should look for other’s advice/recommendations
  • When you can start doing something about weaknesses
  • How you learn so you don’t waste any time.
  • Which area to work on to improve first.

For anyone who lacks the knowledge to understand the strengths they possess, this can be done with a brainstorm. Listing everything you do on a typical day, week or month.

Then after doing this for strengths you can go back over and see if there are somethings you hesitate in doing because you lack the confidence to do them.

You can also get opinions from other people or other sources. It’s not uncommon to figure out your not alone and see what somebody has found to be their biggest weaknesses.image that says "building yourself a plan of action can improve what matters most"

The reason these are self-inflicted problems is that we haven’t taken the time to understand why we didn’t learn to do them.

We may be afraid of trying something, we may be uncomfortable trying to do it (in front of other people, or alone).

An example of a weakness is public speaking. Many people don’t bother to learn how to get comfortable doing it so it becomes a self-inflicted problem which adds to a negative perspective of ourselves.

We get taught early on that everything is possible and when we don’t do everything great, we tend to let all things in that same area become too difficult to try.image that says "self-inflicted problems come from ourselves not learning things"

Self-Taught problems and ways to retrain ourselves

Self-inflicted and Self-taught are two different sets of problems for all of us. The biggest difference is what we actually think when it comes up.

For self-taught we assume we are not any good at something because we haven’t been able to do it before. These are self-doubts and they can be next to impossible to get our mindset away from.

An example of a self-taught problem is people who try to play an instrument, they struggle to understand it and assume that they could never learn to do anything musically.

Avoidance is the biggest reason behind this kind of a problem. Try and fail and never try again is another way to look at this kind of thing.Biggest Problem We All Have To Face

Convinced because somebody made us feel we couldn’t do them

The first two areas are about what we think of ourselves because our own minds trick us into believing them. This is about what other people have burned into our brains.

You may love to play football, but anytime you go to join a group of people and play. They pick you last and say you can’t be the quarterback because you can’t throw the ball as well as others.

It never occurs to you that these people are mistaken since you haven’t had the proper training or practice to this. But you believe what they say and it ends up a problem because you will never try again at this.

How does this stay within what we are talking about when it comes to ourselves. We must learn at some point that we need to ignore other peoples opinions of us and focus on what our capabilities are.

Even if they have evaluated something as a weakness, we need to fully understand that it’s based on a standard that means absolutely nothing to anyone else but them.image that says "self taught problems are from a lack of success doing things"

Convinced because somebody made us feel we could excel at something

The opposite is true as well, maybe we really aren’t great at something but have been told the wrong thing. We waste our time doing something that isn’t a strength and it has been terribly unfortunate for us.

We may or may not ever figure out things which fall into this area, but at some point, it will likely be proven to us that it is not an area we should have been focusing on.

Prime example here is when you see people audition for singing competition shows. We have all seen a clip of a terrible singer and wondered how in the world they could have thought they were any good.

Biggest problem we all face

It is only after looking at each of these areas that we gain an understanding of who we really are. How to use this information?

Figure out your top priorities first and cross off anything you just don’t want to work on right now. By building yourself a plan of action we can improve on the things which matter the most.biggest problem we all have to face

Countless people have asked why they can’t figure out what kind of life they really want. They go in circles for a long time because they haven’t done any type of self-assessment or evaluation.

They never think that the answer to their biggest problems is found within themselves. And if they simply dig deep enough the answer will be right in front of them.

It is only through this type of understanding that we can figure out what skills we lack in order to do something we love.

Time to recap a few things

To understand the biggest problem in your life, you must know what you are good at.(Strengths). After that, you can identify your problem areas(Weaknesses) which you should make a priority to work on.image that says "write a plan about learning what you haven't succeeded learning before"

When both of these are known we can figure why we haven’t got these skills previously and if they are worth gaining. By looking at the main things we want we figure out all the possibilities that will lead to a better more enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Only after doing all of this we can then write down a plan and figure out what the best and most convenient way to learn things and then do them. The biggest problem we all have to face becomes a simple path we all want to follow.

I hope you have found this helpful and if you have any questions please let me know.

The sooner you can understand yourself the sooner you will be able to enjoy yourself and how you should live your life.


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How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

6 thoughts on “Biggest Problem We All Have To Face – Undoing The Damage”

  1. Figure out what scares you so that you can get them out of your head and out of your way. Then figure out what you want so that you can make a plan to go and get it. When you live a life compared to another person, you have set things up to be unsuccessful.

    Instead, you will want to create a map. Figure out a destination, plan obstacles and plan out delays. When you get to each obstacle you need to diagnose why it’s in your way. Then you can make an informed decision and proceed toward the goal.

    For something like public speaking, you need to know why you dislike it and improve your thoughts and abilities to get past it. Example make an effort to get in front of the mirror, record yourself, watch other great speakers and mimic what they do.

    This will increase your confidence but more importantly, your mindset will change and you will already know you have this ability. The people sitting there waiting to hear you know that they hate to do it, so you break the ice and take control.

    When you remove the thoughts about it being scary, you can easily replace fear with excitement. You just have to train your mind first that you know what to do and then get to do it. One thing you can do with that fear is take acting lessons or learn to take the stage and own it. What was terrifying is now your home and you know exactly what has to be done.

    I appreciate you for taking the time to comment and welcome you back to do so anytime you want. Thanks, Micheal.

  2. Hi. I like the very start of the article. It makes sense to begin with our strengths and weaknesses. Like you highlighted on, fear, it is if not the biggest indicator why people fail early. Public speaking is something a lot of people do not like. I used to be one of them. In high school, and a little bit in college I did not like to publicly speak up. I can say it formed a little bit of a negativity on my own perspective. It is true that we do not look internally, rather so we look to our external influences…and we fall as a prey and think we are a victim of someone elses perceived actions and how they think of us. A to do list is definitely the essential step.

  3. Inferiority complexes are the result of being taught you have to live up to everyone else’s standards. Those same standards which result from other people’s lack of abilities. When it comes to our own lives it’s essential that we only try to compare ourselves based on a starting point and a point we hope to attain by working hard and practicing.

    As a result of the shift in my mindset, I have learned that you can’t hope to measure up to other people. The smart ones will figure out what they are great at and then go beyond what they envision for themselves. So that means for me an average person trying to match strengths with a one of a kind person is ridiculous. I need to realize what my strengths are and then obliterate everyone else in that area.

    That will help to improve lives for everyone who does it the same way. Example why waste your time trying to be Michael Jordan, you need to be you and figure out what that means before you ever look outside of yourself. When you don’t know what that is, you have to start asking yourself every question that comes up and you will find the answers as you go.

    I appreciate your comment Brian and hope that you continue to come back often and let me know what you think.

  4. Hi Eric, thanks for sharing part of your story. I also read some of your other posts. I’ve had similar struggles, particularly with inferiority complexes. What I did find very interesting was what you had to say about self-inflicted and self-taught problems. The difference is quite subtle.

    All the best,


  5. Sometimes people are too quick to think they can’t succeed and they don’t understand that they can overcome any limitations they have set for themselves. By gaining a better understanding of what you do well, what you do just okay, and what you really want to do but haven’t taken the chance to do it yet. You will start to understand yourself better and that will lead you to better decisions, more happiness, and create more time to accomplish other things.

    I appreciate you taking the time to comment and hope to hear from you again.

  6. Hi Eric,
    I really enjoyed reading your article. I agree that we should focus more on what our capabilities are. Because Knowing what our capabilities are, will definitely help me figure out what I should be focusing on going forward.

    There are some things in my life that I avoid doing and this article lets me know that it can be changed. Thanks for the advice and I will be back soon to read more.

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