Better Hurry! – Starting March 16th Hosting 25 Websites Will Go Down To 10

A major announcement has officially been made for hosting inside of the number one platform to start your own online business.

So, you had better hurry if you are going to get the deal for 25 domains you own plus hosting included. 

For those who are not yet premium members… Your time is running out to take advantage of a huge opportunity.

Let me quickly fill you in for those unfamiliar with Wealthy Affiliate. They have up until now offered free hosting with every premium membership plan.

But today a major announcement was made that beginning on March 16th anyone who isn’t a member yet will miss out on a few great perks.

To start with there starter membership is being reduced from 2 free websites down to just one. That means it is going to be a little more annoying to get started.

Also, for those members who have upgraded to premium already. You are guaranteed the 25 site rubix domains and 25 domains you pay for which will have hosting included.

For those that are still on the fence… Don’t take any longer to decide because you will be kicking yourself soon.

Instead of getting 50 websites hosted per premium membership… That number goes down unless you join before March 16th, 2020.

For those who get in before the change happens, you will still be able to host 25 domains that you own. Those who don’t have an active premium membership will not be able to get that deal.

Now To Make Sure You Understand What Wealthy Affiliate Does...

It’s a training platform where people who are interested in making money online go to receive their education. 

It comes with two-levels of membership… The starter (which is free up-to 6-months) and the premium (which you can pay for in 3 different ways).

Each of the different options of paid membership gives you a unique way to manage your account. There is a monthly membership of $49 that can be reduced down to $29 per month with an annual membership paid with one lump sum of $359.

There is also a six-month option where the price becomes $39 per month with a lump sum payment of $234. So, if you are going to want to try to start your very first business…

The monthly option gives you the best chance to test things out… But each plan starts with a $19 first month offer in order to get all the premium features.

You just won’t be able to go back to a starter membership if you accept that offer. The reason for it has to do with WA’s business model…

Once you learn the secrets to making money online… You won’t be able to unlearn them.

What Is Available For People Who Become Premium Members?

Originally members would start with two free websites since everyone begins in the starter membership. Then after you had completed the first course you would receive the discount offer for a premium upgrade.

It came with 25 free subdomains plus hosting for them and the option to pay for 25 domains you would own and have hosting for them, all in one package deal.

But instead of it working like that now (as of March 16th, 2020) you lose out on a starter membership with 2 sites which changed into one site.

The premium membership still allows you to host 25 subdomains but the domains you pay to own are being reduced down to 10. 

Everything else is staying the same but for those who sign up to premium before the deadline, you get the deal with 25 domains you own and hosting. 

No big thing for those of you who have no future plans but it could cost you quite a bit long term for those who miss out.

I am promoting this change because I don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to get the deal that I have.

For Anyone Just Learning About This Platform...

It started back in 2003 as a keyword list service… Things have updated and evolved each year because of WA’s popularity and successes.

No other platform offers the package deals that WA does and it’s the number one reason that they have continued to grow ever since.

There is so much value gained by being a member there it’s much easier to have you come take a look around than it is to explain everything.

One of the most compelling reasons to join is that you have the option to pick your path so that you become successful in the right area for you.

Those areas are named niches which are segments of the market where people need help finding things and solving problems.

So, if you love to help other people, want to make money while doing it, and like to write or look for the best deals… WA is right for you.

Now if you hate writing, don’t like to search for deals, or have no interest in transforming your life for the better… Then WA is not right for you.

There Are No Upsells Involved And The Program Is Easy To Use...

The most challenging thing you will find here is that there is quite a bit to learn. So, if you hate learning or don’t know if you can find time to study… It may not be a good fit for you either.

But for those who are self-reliant, can pick things up fairly easily, and don’t mind asking others for assistance… It might just be the opportunity of a lifetime for those of you.

Anyway, I suggest you sign up for the starter membership, take the full tour of what WA has to offer you, and talk to the fantastic community just to see what you think.

Then, if you don’t think it’s a good fit or right for you… Just ask the live chat community how to unsubscribe and they will instruct you on exactly how to remove yourself from the email list.

I Am Not Just Someone Who Promotes WA...

I have been a paid member there for the last three years and I have learned exactly how to make money online with relative ease. It all starts when you understand that helping others is your ticket to a better life.

The more people you can help… the more people that are likely to return the favor.

Also, if you join the community using my affiliate link… I promise that I will be there as your personal coach to help you get started and answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

Don’t miss out on this very limited one time offer… The clock is already ticking down and you have just 12 days remaining to take advantage of things before they change permanently.

Anyway, I wanna thank you for your time and hope to see you inside very soon.

One more time… Better Hurry! Starting March 16th, 2020 Hosting 25 Websites Goes Down To 10 unless you get yourself grandfathered in before that change happens.

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