Best Way To Make Money While You Learn 2019

Affiliate marketing is by far the best way to make money while you learn 2019, because all you need to do is recommend things that you use.

Unfortunately many of you out there do this but don’t know how to get paid for sending people to these companies. That ends today because I will show you how to take advantage of your online interactions so that you get money for services done.

The first thing I want to mention is that there is no point to just doing this on social media. You have no real control of anything that you say and you don’t get a chance to make this a permanent stream of income.

So, when you do something on Facebook, for example, you send out a message once. Then Facebook can decide who see’s it or if it’s good enough to allow.

Maybe you can figure out where this is heading? You need a way to capitalize on every activity that you do. So, it’s just a matter of time until you come across the need for your own website.

The reason that people create these places online is because you have power and control. It’s not up to each social media platform what your content will be about and it’s not for them to disagree with you.

However, for a website to gain free traffic (traffic is simply people looking for a reason to visit your site) it must solve a problem in some manner.

Think about any and all reasons that you might have to look something up. Now, multiply that times a million and you will start to see how big your site could become.

Easy Steps To Success
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What Exactly Do You Need To Know To Make Money With A Website?

It will help if you can imagine something that you like which will be visually pleasing to others. At the very least it should be simple with information that isn’t hard to look at.

The most basic sites can get a lot of traffic without having to be super fancy. So, when you look to start your own site, make sure it’s got an easy setup so you won’t waste a lot of time learning how to do each tiny detail.

WordPress is a company that has very simple websites that other businesses use to get started. Most online builders will work with wordpress so it’s a fast way to start your own.

Just find a training platform that will assist you in the basic setup. I personally like and use the training from Wealthy Affiliate because it teaches many of the things that will get you to the best version of any website you have in mind.

When you sign up there, you get to learn on a couple sub domains that use WordPress. These are beginner friendly because you can play around all that you like and delete any that you don’t want to use.

That covers the initial start to your money making opportunity. Aftter you get familiar enough with what a website makes possible the training will help you start to learn what type of content you can create.

This will explore things like article writing, top ten lists, tutorial creation, showing off what you did on your last vacation, video creation, how to construct a page or post with a product review, doing comparisons, and much more.

So, it’s in your best interest to get going on the various trainings. Don’t worry about having little time or not enough time, the program teaches you various ways to improve your skills and abilities all at the same time.

Once you gain the necessary confidence to create your content pages, you will be taught the best ways to use it to earn income. 

What that consists of is marketing strategies, problem solving techniques, headline writing, image creation, video unboxing, and lot’s more fun and exciting things which will get you from beginner to advanced in a few months time.

WordPress Website Builder

Affiliate Marketing Is About Promoting Products For Well Known Companies

There will be several things you learn during your time in training. One of these things is how to find the appropriate companies whose products are the best to promote.

Of course it will explain where to find these programs, how to apply to them, how you will be paid, and how you can best utilize each of these to earn your full potential.

Sounding good so far? Now here is the catch, the starter membership is where you will be when you sign up. This is a chance to get inside, explore things, and interact with the community.

This is the right membership for those who are simply curious but want some time to see how it all works. After that you can decide on whether or not you wish to upgrade to a premium membership.

That upgrade is optional but it’s the only upsell you will see aside from the part where you need to purchase your domain. 

Allow me to back up a few steps here, because you need to be certain that you understand what type of expenses you will face with a website.

The first one is the domain which is the address of the piece of internet property. Everything that is on the internet is there because somebody had to make a spot for the information or data to exist.

In order to have a place where people can find your work, you must eventually purchase a lease for a domain. Those leases can range in years from one to many years.

To get you started you will have access to two free subdomains. These are just spots on an existing domain that saves your place temporarily. Expect things to be kept safely for six months.

The other expense involved is hosting because this is done by an owner of a server. What a server does is it works with domains to keep your content live so that other people have a way to connect with you.

Without hosting you would still own your piece of property but you wouldn’t be able to be found. Keep these two expenses in mind for making any comparisons later on.

Make Money While You Learn Affiliate Program

There Are Essential Things To Know Before You Get Too Excited

We were previously talking about the premium membership which is your subscription to the training, the hosting, and the coaching made available at wealthy affiliate.

This can be done in three ways, pay by the month, six months, or annually. At the sign up as I mentioned you start as a free member who will have access to the first part of the training.

That will get you familiar with your website and how you can use it for whatever you have in mind. At some point you will be asked to decide if you would like to try the premium membership at a discounted price.

This comes at a discount of $30 off of the monthly fee so that you can fully explore everything for an additional thirty day period. 

But here is a problem that I often see happen, members don’t have the money to keep the premium membership and wish to go back to a starter membership.

Unfortunately this is now impossible to do because you took the discount month. So, instead of choosing this as an option I need to fill you in to all the details of the premium membership.

Paying by the month after that first discount will cost $49 each month on the same day you started. The second way to pay is to go yearly at a $359 price.

This will last a full year and give you the exact same things as to the monthly but with a massive savings.

It translates into a monthly cost of about $29 per month which is quite a nice deal considering all the enhancements you gain with it. 

Also, I mentioned a six month offer that will cost $234 which translates into a monthly cost of $39 when paid in full ahead of time.

Recurring Commission Details

Why should you decide to go with Wealthy Affiliate instead of any other hosting company? 

Here are just a few of the top reasons:

  • You can have 25 site rubix sites hosted and at the same time have 25 owned domain sites hosted with one premium account. That is more sites hosted than elsewhere for this kind of price.
  • The staff who we call site support work around the clock 24/7 to respond to any website issues. Try getting this from the leading competitor and you will wind up waiting for an email. Most responses happen within 20 mins if not sooner and the most time I’ve ever had to wait is about 40 minutes.
  • Free SSL with every site hosted inside of Wealthy Affiliate this is something that other platforms still charge for. What it is is security that is certified so that Google or other search engines know right away that your sites don’t contain any viruses, malware, spyware or other malicious coding.
  • You will have your site automatically backed up in case anything ever goes wrong. It is still recommended to learn to do manual backups so that you keep a current copy of your site for any just in case emergency changes that might or might not need to take place.
  • You have the ability to stop your membership at any time without penalty or explanation needed. Just be sure to cancel your membership manually inside your account settings and stop the email notifications while you are there.

For me it’s a true no brainer because the absolute top notch providers can barely compare to these services for almost 4x the price for some of them.

Success In Wealthy Affiliate

Just A Few More Extra Tips Before You Get Started

By now I hope you have a pretty good idea of why you need a website to increase your chances of earning a substantial income online. 

I also hope you understand the value that you can find when you consider receiving your training from the same place that I got mine.

In addition to all that I have mentioned you will be given your very first opportunity to earn commissions the day you sign up for WA. We all call it by it’s abbreviations so you might as well start doing that too.

Anyways when you join you will automatically receive a link which you can share with any of your friends and family to see if they also are interested in joining.

Since it’s your link that they will use, it’s how you get the commissions. I will provide mine so you can keep me as your coach which gets you better contact with an experienced professional than you will find with a starter members link.

Inside this community you will also have the chance to meet and network with lot’s of people. Roughly a million plus have been through the training and this number grows larger each day.

Don’t take too much time deciding because everyone who joins feels that this has been the missing link to their pursuit of happiness. Come join us and get to know all of us while learning to become the next best version of yourself.

This is my number one best way to make money while you learn in 2019. Come find me as soon as you join so I can be there to assist you with anything that you need.

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