Best Personal Development Blogging Tips

What are the problems which people have that they are actually aware of?

These are the best personal development blogging tips and they are brought to you by Eric.

Do you realize how much time it took me to be willing to own my own name out in public? I was a coward who was also an ignorant and lost individual for the longest time.

But I knew I had problems, I just didn’t know what I could do to solve those problems. Some of them are listed below so be sure you look at the list and see if you can relate to any of them.

I was aware of these things and I know others have them too:

  • Lack Money To Live The Life They Want
  • Lack Time Because They Have A Job They Hate – They hate their job but believe it’s their only option
  • Lack of People Skills To Meet The Person They Are Attracted Too.
  • Lack Education So They Believe They Are Stuck In Life
  • Ignorance In Where To Start, What Will Make Them Better, What They Can Learn, What They Even Truly Want outta life.
  • Don’t understand their own strengths – To them, everything is a weakness.
  • Don’t know about the solutions to the most common problems
  • They are aware they are underachieving but believe they are bad students/learners
  • They aren’t confident in all situations so they avoid things that are uncomfortable.
  • They are full of self-doubts because they remember all their own mistakes, failures, rejections, criticisms and listen to ignorant people.
  • They Think they must do everything perfectly.
  • They feel inferior to other people who have achieved more.
  • They don’t like the way they look
  • They don’t like the way the world works.
  • They don’t understand what emotions are.
  • They don’t understand why they can’t make any progress when they start a new project.
  • They are not brave enough to do something new.
  • They are cowards because they never try to learn new things
  • They listen to idiots because they see them more than they should
  • They have friends with negative people.
  • They are ungrateful for what things they have done or gotten.
  • They settle for things because they feel undeserving.
  • They aren’t getting support and don’t understand why
  • They have false beliefs about many things.
  • They want somebody to do everything for them.
  • They are waiting for some pure luck.
  • They believe they are the result of poor genetics.
  • They are afraid of too many things but don’t try to overcome those things.

Awareness isn’t the same thing as knowledge, you must develop a curiosity once you are aware of your obstacles so that you can actually learn how to handle them.

Tip Number One – Face Your Fears People!

Sooner or Later, you will get sick of your life, sick of your self, sick of the people you spend time with, sick of the world, sick of not having things you desire, sick of people who give you advice, sick of your family, sick of me, sick of your pets, and sick of being ignorant.

You already know what the solutions are to your problems and they won’t be solved anytime soon if you spend more time watching television then you spend learning something new about yourself.

Step one – Is to dare yourself to face a fear.  Step two – Observe what happens when you do it.  Step three – Figure out if that went well or went poorly. Step four – Decide to do it again and again until you get the right results.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

I get it, you are unsure about what will happen and you start to think about all the possible ways things could get worse. The difference between you and somebody who is happy is that they know what happens because they have done it.

They didn’t just sit back and watch other people doing the very things they wished that they could be doing, nope. They started to dare themselves because they believed in themselves because they knew that if they didn’t believe in themselves there wouldn’t be anyone who did.

That means they had to convince themselves it’s now or never and that the best time is right now to do it.

Tip Number Two – Stop Doing Things That Don’t Help You Improve In Some Way

I used to drink myself sick every possible chance that I got. Guess what happened to me as I got older and older. Nothing good that is certain because I eventually started to hate what my day was like even more then I thought I ever could.

For fifteen years I thought there would be somebody else who would swoop in and offer me some type of way out. That if I got bad enough somebody else would say “hey, I see you suffering, here is some money that I don’t need, enjoy it”.

That didn’t happen for 365 days each year for a long time. But guess what actually helped me. I took a risk that I could stay sober. I went to the hospital and detoxed so I didn’t die trying to stay sober.

I talked to a psychologist who agreed to prescribe some anti-depressive medications and to meet with me on a regular basis. Guess what that did for me? It gave me one reason to go home and start to think about other things that I could do to improve my life.

How long have I stayed sober? More than ten years but it didn’t just happen to me, I went through rough times for years because I was still afraid of things.

What kind of fears did I have? Fear of people, a fear of places, and fear things. All of them are general but at the time I had no answers to any of the questions that I needed to search for.

I was so far behind in my life that I felt no hope, no passion, no other emotions but self-hate, I didn’t believe in myself, I didn’t have faith in myself, and I didn’t expect to stay sober if I got a job because each payday I would cash the check and use it to by alcohol.

For fifteen years that was, in fact, the truth because I had always planned to do it that way.

Tip Number Three – Stop Planning For Things To Fail

I always had other options but did I even allow myself to think about anything other then what I knew? Of course not, because I was ignorant. Not stupid but I didn’t even know what would happen if I used the money a different way.

Guess what happened once I started to plan for a life that I saw other people enjoying? I started to take the appropriate actions, those things helped me tremendously to stop doing the things that harmed me.

It wasn’t an overnight success because nothing is as simple as just making a wish. It takes time to convince yourself that you can do more than you previously thought you could.

Take this blog as an example, do you think I had a whole lot of faith that I could put together enough words to demonstrate a point I was wanting to make?

My first website was terrible, it was a gaming website where I basically developed a better way to put my thoughts down and tried to make it so other people could understand.

Do you know why it was difficult at first? I thought I was a terrible writer because what did I have to show myself previously? A high school diploma, 3 years of college courses completed, the dean’s list for several semesters, and that was it.

I didn’t give myself any credit what so ever for achieving anything because I only saw the failures. My college experience was summed up with the admission to my first rehab.

That told me I had failed to complete something challenging, that I didn’t do it as well as anyone else, and that I was going to fail no matter what else I tried.

Tip Number Four – Stop Spending Time Trying To Make Up For The Past

Guess what happens when you feel sorry for yourself? You relive the worst times that you can remember. It’s only purpose is to make you feel even worse and it won’t benefit you to do that.

So, guess what happens when you start to believe that you are much better because of your past? You see that those things had to happen to make you change so that you notice the good experiences.

If everything you do isn’t wrong, then you already have enough evidence that you will succeed as soon as you learn what it is that you want to succeed at.

I used to go to AA meetings and sit there feeling sorry for myself. I developed a hatred for going to those meetings because I all kept seeing and hearing were others doing that same thing.

So, I used to use them as an excuse to relapse because it was what I did well. Drinking was my strength and it took a while to convince myself otherwise.

The longer I spent stuck in the past, the more excuses I found to drink again. But, the day that I stopped going, I still drank. So, that showed me I just made up excuses to continue to live in the past.

Tip Number Five – The Only Person That Can Help You Is You!

Take ten minutes and ask yourself how you can accomplish something that will change your life forever. Take another ten minutes to search for a way to put that idea to good use.

What do you find out about yourself when you become a person determined to do one thing well? You adapt, you crave to know more, and you start to understand where motivation comes from.

It’s a little bit of a change in you that is like an ember to a fire. You must start with just a simple clue before you go on to understand the entire investigation.

What did I need to have to get to a point where I could find more answers? A desire.

What did I want to have happen with that desire? A new way to live my life which made me happier.

What would I find out from other people who did this same thing for themselves? That it takes a bit of hard work to find something to be passionate about.

Where did my passion to improve my life come from? My past experiences, my background, my life story, and the knowledge I had obtained from searching myself for answers.

Who was I and what else could I become so my life was full of purpose, meaning, passion, love, and joy? The answer to this is still happening because I am still searching for the right solutions to all of my problems.

So, the answer to what I wanted was to start to work on becoming a person who could do more things than before. I still had no idea which skills I needed to learn but I knew that a few things seemed to feel good when I did them.

Overcome Life Obstacles is my website that offers help to others who have any of the same problems that I face(d). The five blogging tips that I know will help you are here.

The reason for everyone to blog is quite simple. You will be able to explore who you are and what you are after. I hope that these personal development blogging tips help you and please comment below about anything related to this post.

To Be Continued …

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