Best Online Jobs – Wealthy Affiliate Work At Home Program Review

Wealthy Affiliate


Ease Of Use




Skills Learned



  • 10 websites all with hosting under one price.
  • A premium keyword tool inclded.
  • 5 types of training: Live webinars, Certification course, Bootcamp, Classrooms, and Member created ones.
  • Site Content writing platform with access to over one million free images.
  • A Fantastic Affiliate Program.


  • Updates for training need to be requested.
  • No self-promotion inside of platform.
  • No discussion of religion, politics, or adult themes.
  • Negative opinions can lead to consequences.
  • A live-chat that goes too quickly.

Wealthy Affiliate work at home program review…

The first thing I need to reveal is yes I am a member and I will gain a commission if you join as a result of clicking on my links here.

I don’t want anyone to read this and have any doubt about that fact.

This is also why I believe that it works very well to be a member because you can run your entire business and the expenses that are involved pay themselves.

Teaching people to run a blog that makes money, increases confidence and self-esteem all while showing other people just how easy it is to do the exact same things.

You will have to spend time not only to improve yourself as you go but also to learn and apply the skills you learn to a business site.

There are lots of help that will give you a competitive edge over everyone else online and it’s also why I feel you will get the very best value from being a member here.

Because I am a member and know other people who are members I can tell you that this program is for everyone. No matter the experience level you start at.

What makes it the best online job?

The process is simple and straightforward, everyone who joins gets a free website to explore any interest or passion they may have.

You will want to brainstorm and figure out ways to best take advantage of the free site. People are around 24/7 to help so there is never any reason to worry about what you are doing.

You can delete the free site anytime you want and leave, you can also keep trying different ideas out for as long as you like without a commitment.

There is also no need to be social and chat with anyone even if you don’t feel comfortable. The training is designed the same as self-help where communicating is encouraged but isn’t required.

The community consists of thousands of members online at any time. But the reality is you can just observe there chat with the live chat feature.

Things do take time to learn so you will need to have an open mind and be patient while you learn. Don’t expect to get rich quick results because that isn’t likely to be the case for anyone.

Speaking of results, these should be looked at the same way you would in making progress with yourself. Sometimes the small steps are the best way to build your own confidence.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

You might have seen or heard this word somewhere before here. But what exactly does it mean to be an affiliate marketer?

We build our websites with a couple of goals in mind.

  • To help as many people as possible
  • Provide value for every piece of information we share
  • Be aware of everything including problems that may come up
  • Make things as simple as possible to understand
  • To be self-supporting and run a business that can make a profit in the long-term
  • To be the best person online at our jobs

To do these things we need a way of getting the bills paid which is where being an affiliate actually comes into play. An affiliate’s job is to solve someone’s problem by sharing the solution.

This is often a product or service from a major company but can be any other business online. In order to promote other companies’ products, we need to join their affiliate program which gives us permission to do so.

Because we are promoting one of their products or services we can earn a commission for every sale of the product or service.

This also happens with various free trials, sign-ups, and invitations to get people engaged. The training in wealthy affiliate will cover this in much greater detail and show you the exact steps you will need to take.

There is no need to buy and sell anything

You do all of this without paying to hold any products or ship anything to a buyer. This is all behind the scenes work and the only real times you will need to interact is when you are promoting.

When you decide how to promote you can make videos, images, banners, and anything else creative you would like. Because we don’t have to pay any extra costs the potential to earn high incomes is very possible.

One main reason I wanted to do this was the fact I could work as hard as I wanted and not have to actually go out and talk people into buying something.

Getting comfortable with all the training makes this a no-brainer if you are unable to go out in public and put on your best show.

Everything you would have needed in the past to be a great salesperson is no longer influenced by your image. This frees us up to actually learn and experience growth as we go.

Why does affiliate marketing work?

As the internet expands and grows to include every possible person and country, our reach as business owners increase. People will always love to get a great deal and because we research and find out the best ones we create ways to deliver.

The more people you impress with your site the bigger a following you will develop. With a lot of initial effort to begin after a year or a couple of years of doing this, it will become automatic for income to be made.

Because there will be competition it is important for you to learn the best way to do this and which things to actually target and promote.

Wealthy affiliate provides the easiest step by step lessons for everything you will ever need to have a career. To build a business that grows year after year, and the freedom to work as much or as little as you would like.

There are also new tech, new companies, and new affiliate programs popping up all the time. This is a never-ending way to generate income from the comfort of anywhere you choose.

Unlimited potential if you are willing to do the work

For me, this was simply a no-brainer because I spent hours of time on the internet just searching and wasting time. Because of this program, I am able to create content that helps people at the same time as making a living.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you a free site to start with and up to 18 more as you grow. But the real power belongs to us in creating the very best content to get in front of people.

Since I can work behind the scenes I don’t have to worry about making any mistakes. These are just a part of learning and can easily be forgotten as we go.

The internet is massive so I gain all kinds of valuable experience everywhere I go and everything I do. Instead of sitting back and wishing for things, I take action now and go after them.

You will develop these abilities as well, as long as you don’t let yourself ever give up. There are good and bad days for everyone and this is noticeable as you learn and gain experience.

Nobody is wanting to stop you, nobody cares if you’re not perfect and the sooner you create and build the sooner you will achieve the same results and experiences that I am gaining.

All of this sounds great but what else should I know?

I want to share with you how expectations will factor in. I came to the program with my hopes set far too high. The fact that I actually learned about affiliate marketing the hard way made this a real hassle and struggle.

When I signed up for one particular program and it wasn’t WA, I was lead to believe I only needed to put in a few hours per week.

This mindset simply won’t work if you really want to experience any kind of positive results. The more you practice anything the better you become at it.

I didn’t really think I could write and my first effort didn’t meet my expectations. I took a bit of time off from the site I was working on and decided I needed to focus on making myself a better person.

Some of the things I did was work on my emotions, my beliefs, and my understanding of people. It was because of this that I came back feeling great and ready to give it a go again.

There will be struggles, which is one reason I decided to build this site meant to help people with all the problems I have faced and provide every tip or solution I can to help you avoid the wasted time.

Get to know yourself better and find your passions and interests

I recommend people start with the free sites to really figure out who they are before they build up any hopes of helping other people.

There is a huge difference in understanding the person next to you then there is understanding yourself. We often forget to evaluate what we are actually learning and to be grateful for every achievement we make.

This entire process is unlikely the same for anyone, there is just no great way to compare our results to another person, another website, or another situation.

Questions like:

How long does it take?

How much money can I make?

These questions are impossible to answer because they are terrible at giving us a real goal to accomplish. Focus on each step one at a time and take small victories every chance you get.

Be grateful and be proud when you do something new, the same thing should be true for learning more about yourself.

Don’t ever expect to be perfect because there are many positive things that matter more than how well you compare to others.

When you develop yourself enough you can then understand more about what excites you to write about and tell other people about.

For many, this part can take time and be hard to narrow down. This is great because you really won’t know what your passion is until you start writing and eliminate things that are not it.

Wealthy Affiliate work at home program benefits

When you get started you will want to have an idea, an interest, or passion in mind to build your site. This can be something you have experience with or something you’re just curious and want to learn.

There is no need to understand anything about websites before you join, the steps inside wealthy affiliate take you through all of which matters.

People of all ages build these websites every day and the process is continually made better with each and every upgrade.

#1 Benefit – Learn and understand what goes into building a website and how you set one up.

#2 Benefit – Learn about yourself and understand what you really are passionate about doing.

#3 Benefit – Training is step by step so you learn at your own pace and progress when you want to.

#4 Benefit – The community has experienced and successful members to teach you or answer your questions.

#5 Benefit – You don’t need to be a great writer there are tools that will help you practice and get better.

Five wonderful benefits that everyone who tries the program will get. FREE!

Ask yourself:

Can I really do this?

I don’t want anyone to join who has any doubts about whether the program works or not. In order to prove that this is gonna be for you, I want you to be honest.

Can you work to improve your life and can you be willing to put in the effort it will take to learn the skills necessary?

Honestly, if you don’t have a strong desire to make the most out of your life this won’t be for you. The best thing you will be able to accomplish is just another experience that you let get wasted.

The starter membership in wealthy affiliate gives you two free sites for as long as you want to use them. This is a major factor in building a blog and getting that experience you need to feel comfortable.

Even if you don’t follow up take the time to give it a try and talk to me inside. The decision about whether this is your true calling is entirely up to you.

I am still gonna provide the best information that I can to help everyone overcome any obstacles in life that they need help with.

That is my passion in this life. It took me lots of time to understand that part of myself but when I listened it started revealing to me how it was gonna be possible to keep working on it.

If you are ready, keep reading, and I will show you.

How to get started

Anyone can say to themselves it’s time to try working from home and then go out and buy a domain with hosting. The real work starts figuring out what will go on the website and how it will earn money.

Deciding on whether you will focus on a difficult problem or try to help with several minor issues is a challenge that will come up many times.

It’s important that you understand as much as possible what building and running a business online is all about. There are lots of different ways to do it and lots of things that happen which teaches us what not to do.

Wealthy affiliate is one of the programs out there that will show you everything you need to know but it’s certainly not the only option.

You are encouraged to make a decision about whether it’s for you or not by taking advantage of the free trial and the starter membership.

Seven full days of time to experience many of the premium membership features during the free trial. After the 7 days are up you will then still have the starter membership.

It’s free to keep and use without any costs involved what so ever. The drawback is that it is limited.

Join here and take a look around with the free trial now

Here is what will be possible if you stay a starter member

Two free websites that will get indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are limited features with those sites because they are hosted on the servers inside of WA for free.

Even with the limited features, you can create all the pages or posts you need to keep people interested in your site. You can build and maintain an email list, you can do product reviews, build guides, build graphics, host PDF files.

You will also be able to promote wealthy affiliate and gain commissions on your own referrals, this way if you understand how to promote you can actually get paid without any expenses.

Some affiliate programs will take you on even without a website you own. But you will not be able to take these free sites and sell them to anyone or add something like Google AdSense ads.

The main use of the free sites for our current premium members is to take an idea and see where it leads. Since there are no costs involved it’s a great way to work on different ideas before you make any commitment.

A closer look inside of Wealthy affiliate: Starter membership program

  • 6 months time to build without it costing you any money
  • Ability to see what other members think of your articles
  • The experience that you will have no matter what you decide in the long-term
  • Be given the chance to engage with the owner’s Kyle and Carson
  • Gain ideas and help with those ideas in order to develop them.
  • The community of like-minded professionals who have already found out how to be successful.
  • Full understanding that its work that gets results
  • Learn how to build a website with WordPress.
  • Gain confidence in yourself while you weigh your options
  • Learn, Apply, and grow from the very start.
  • Freedom to work as much or as little as you want.

Provided are some screenshots I took inside the WA platform to share with you how wonderful it is.

There are step by step instructions which are easy to follow

Starter members can go through the certification course level one or Bootcamp phase one. These will be useful in understanding what it will take to make the website.

You will also learn important terms which help to explain things down to every detail. You will not have to learn any coding because the program uses WordPress.

There are open classrooms that consist of questions and answers, training videos, guides, and a search feature. These have been improved and worked on since 2005.

You get to use the site builder feature to create your own unique websites.

Security within the wealthy affiliate program

With so many professional websites it’s important and essential for the WA servers to be fully protected every minute of every day.

Because of this importance, you will only find the very best in security features. WA offers and takes immediate action to not only prevent incoming DDOS attacks but also has the right techs to keep the system from ever going down.

This is a fact that no other site-building platform can offer to its members. That is included for all sites on WA including the free trial and starter sites.

With 25+ behind the scenes professionals working around the clock to make sure you will not experience any issues, or to be able to help when anything does come up.

Assistance within minutes not hours or days from actual server pro’s who don’t need to relay your message or concern to somebody else.

Just in case anything were ever to go wrong, the system double backs up every site daily. That means if your site ever crashes or gets damaged regardless of how it happened you will have a backup.

This service alone usually costs upward of one hundred dollars per site. With wealthy affiliate, you will never have to worry as long as you keep your site hosted inside the program.

What else might you be wondering?

When I started out even after learning about affiliate marketing previously I wondered about things like success stories or websites that originated from WA.

I can tell you that people blog about their success stories every day and they range in how long it took them for any money to be earned.

When you join there is a live chat feature that is there just for members to ask questions. Often people get so excited that they start sharing success stories in the live chat.

As wonderful as it is to hear about other people it does get old after a bit, so you will want to keep the live chat consumption under control at times.

It really can become a distraction for many people who aren’t’ focusing on their own results. With that being said it’s also a great way to learn about who you may like to follow or ask questions.

Private messaging allows you to talk to members without the rest of the community seeing your conversation. That is a feature in which premium members get, but not starter members.

Speaking of the community and live chat 

I mentioned how having such a wonderful and experienced community can be both good and distracting. But that is really why it works so well.

With many different ways for people to ask their questions, find answers, and learn, the community is what makes WA so special.

It has taken a decade to build it up so that it is everything and more we all come to love. Occasionally people will get into arguments but it’s easy to get your focus aimed elsewhere.

Everyone in Wealthy affiliate gets to make their own profile, host their own blog (which ranks) and after 3 months time can even create training. (premium members)

Kyle himself creates the courses and phases for the in-depth step by step. But the community is always creating and making new training to keep us all up to date on what is working and what isn’t.

Live webinars every Friday

Just when you think that it can’t get any better WA comes with live webinars that feature Jay(Magistudios). He is a long-term member that started shortly after Kyle and Carson created WA.

Like Kyle and Carson, Jay is from the same town so they are get together every so often to make sure everyone is gaining exactly the right skills.

Jay is the webinar man and he is an expert experienced internet marketing genius. You will get to meet him if you sign up for the premium membership.

He also comes in live chat the same as Kyle to answer questions all the time. You will want to make sure you introduce yourself and become friends with Jay since he is one of a kind awesome.

By now you might be wondering how does the premium membership compare to the starter membership,

Membership options within Wealthy Affiliate work at home program

Here is a comparison chart for you to look at:

As you can see there are clearly quite a few benefits to becoming a premium member.

There are many new things that just don’t fit into that chart above. For that reason, I want to show you all the pros and cons of becoming a premium member.


#1 Benefit – You get to host 20 sites with Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member. That means you will be able to have hosting included for all 20 sites without any increases.

#2 Benefit – You gain access to all features of WA this means you have access to every single piece of training that goes in-depth and step by step over the entire process of building a website down to making it profitable. There is no limit to what you will be able to create because of this great guide.

#3 Benefit – You get jaaxy a keyword research tool that will help you to find the very best topics to write or create your content around. You will also have complete training on how to utilize it to make sure you rank as high as possible in the search engine ranking positions(SERPS).

#4 Benefit – You have access to a complete writing platform that WA created for its members. It’s called site content feature and with it, you can easily create articles. There are over one million free stock images available and compressed to make your site run with optimal speed. (I will go over this feature more in-depth later.)

#5 Benefit – Mentor groups and coaching will be available for all premium members who want to join in. There are even a few for starter members that don’t quite feel ready to commit. With these mentor groups, you will have people working on similar niches(targeted audiences of people). There is really no limit on how powerful these groups can be.

#6 Benefit – You can get paid for any training you create that benefits the community. whether you promote it on your website or blog is up to you but when you make original training within WA it pays you over its lifetime. It’s a great option for people who figure out there own unique ways to promote which works and they can help the community by sharing it.

#7 Benefit – I mentioned earlier that you will be able to create blogs within the WA Community that are yours to earn with. There are certain rules that must be followed but keep in mind Wealthy Affiliate ranks high, fast, and well in Google search so it’s up to you to create blogs that people click on. These can be easy ways to gain referral commission inside of the WA program.

#8 Benefit – 300 referrals during the course of a year will gain you a trip to the Wealthy affiliate conference in Las Vegas. All expenses paid and a great opportunity to meet the best of the best in the world of affiliate marketing. Make connections that would be impossible if you didn’t get the chance to go.

#9 Benefit – I mentioned personal messaging earlier but it’s important to include it here because you can directly communicate with anyone in WA this way. Be sure to follow the rules in regards to showing people respect that way everyone can use this valuable feature when they need to. It will give you one-on-one chances to talk to Kyle, Carson, Jay or any other expert in the community.

#10 Benefit – Even without including this last benefit I have already shown you how valuable it is to join and try out Wealthy Affiliate for yourself. But for those who join with my links in this article, I will be available to guide you throughout your time in WA. Because WA offers recurring commissions I get paid every time somebody does a few things:

  • Become a starter member through my link. I earn $1 if you set up your profile and add an image. The same option will be available to all members who are premium.
  • When somebody who joined uses my link to take advantage of the free trial offer of $19 first month of premium. I earn $8 commission each time. This is available to all premium members who gain referrals that do the same.
  • For every month of paid membership. The monthly cost is 49 dollars and yes all currency is US dollars. I will earn 23 50 each month for each member who does this. That means I make money just by spreading the word of how great a place it is to be in Wealthy Affiliate.
  • When somebody goes yearly 495 dollars. I will earn 235 dollars for each one of these as well.

As you can see it’s in my best interest to provide as much help as I can to keep my referrals happy and learning so that they start making money as well.

Gain a friend right away when you join because you should get an auto-message from me within an hour of joining in the case that I am not online when you join.

You will also get a message from Kyle that will follow up the longer you are a member. Use these messages to follow us and start communicating to build your network.

Now that I have covered a lot of the benefits for Wealthy Affiliate. Let’s go over some things we consider


#1 Restriction – Self-promotion is considered spam inside of WA. That means you won’t be able to post links or messages about yourself and what you want people to go anywhere you want anytime you want.

#2 Restriction – Religion, politics, and pornography are not allowed inside of Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone that is caught breaking one of these rules will be banned right away for the offense. When creating a website or blog ask yourself if it’s appropriate and follow the rules.

#3 Restriction – No bullying or harassment of anyone no matter how much you disagree with what they are saying. There is an action button you should use when someone disobeys or violates this rule.

#4 Limitation – There are times when the servers do go down for maintenance and other issues will come up the same with any hosting company. WA takes a lot of pride being the best at what it does and will always try to keep these at the very minimum. If it happens with your site promptly report the issue to site support it’s why they are there around the clock 24/7 to help out.

#5 Limitation – Because Wealthy Affiliate is a big community it may be difficult at times to talk directly to Kyle or any other member. Everyone is busy working on there websites and businesses at the same times so you will be encouraged to have patience. This is especially true when trying to get a response from Kyle who get thousands of messages each week.

#6 Limitation – The training you find in some classrooms or videos may need to be updated. You will see a button that shows you that you can request that an update is done on it. Wealthy affiliate works very hard to give everyone the best and most up to date training available so be sure to ask if you need any specific help with anything.

Any other issues that may come up are the same regardless of where you are at. People are not perfect so keep this in mind.

One major factor in why I stayed a member of WA is because almost everyone there understands the value of being a positive helpful person.

Show that same respect to anyone regardless of their experience level. Whenever possible!

Who is this program meant for?

I firmly believe that Wealthy affiliate is meant for everyone with a strong desire to become a well rounded helpful individual.

From the very first day I started, the members I interacted with made me feel welcomed and encouraged me to speak up and ask questions.

I can tell you that not many places I have ever joined have made me feel I fit in. It’s one major reason I decided to stay and keep focused on becoming the best version of myself that I can possibly achieve.

Whether you feel awkward and anxious or are just curious about building a website. There are people just like you who are members.

Just keep in mind this is the real world and people involved are not just trying to build a business and succeed. There are members inside who make millions a year doing this so take it seriously if you do decide to join.

Be sure to follow along with any tips you find in my other articles. I don’t just want people to join because I can earn a commission.

I really believe this can change a person’s life for the better or I wouldn’t waste my time creating such a long and in-depth review.

What are the costs involved compared to other ways to spend money?

With everything, there are gonna be costs or tradeoffs so it’s important to understand what these are. Obviously, the first two are time and money.

There isn’t a way to avoid either of these two because our world is made up of people who trade there time or money to make a living.

With these two things in mind, I have to let you really know what both will cost as far as one year doing this. There are many different things you can spend money on that will give you quick ways to create content.

I am somebody who chooses to spend time rather than money(which I don’t have yet) on building for a future. This is something that means I have to be patient and accept that results take time to happen.

Would I spend money if I had it? Probably but only because in the 24 months I have been a premium member I have learned more than enough to succeed.

What I would have invested money in when I began was for somebody to show me how they did their site. I took it the slow way and wanted to figure things out on my own.

Asking questions about things as soon as they come up is another great way to spend less money repeating the same steps and learning from mistakes.

I would gladly decide on a person to trust and follow their advice to gain an income much sooner so that my own motivation would stay as high as possible.

That may just be me but it’s the advice I listen to from the start of this website.

To spend one year it will cost 495 dollars and 13.99 more for a .com you need to own for the best results in Google search. Don’t waste time away from the WA program looking for advice because everything else just consumes time.

For those who listen to me and thank you in advance for doing so. Be sure to figure out what makes you passionate. Ask yourself the questions on this website and go through the building of a belief system.

The sooner you get yourself the needed confidence and self-appreciation the sooner this will lead to a full-time focus. Then it will start to pay off the more time you spend working hard to make it happen.

Get Started today

I am going to include a link to my very first guide here as well. It will help give you some great information without costing you a dime.

Take this seriously from the start and figure out what you really want to be for the rest of your life. It doesn’t have to be a scary thing when you can understand how it’s importance changes everything so much to your advantage.

At the very minimum join WA and use free websites as blogging experience to open yourself up to a few people. Each step you make in a positive direction is one more step to overcoming what has prevented you before.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

Simply because it’s the very best option in the world to give you all that you need to make a successful business. Once you gain the skills and abilities they become your priceless assets.

Use them to go out and generate money to continue building yourself up to the best version you can. That is the secret to success that so many people have followed before us.

By sticking with me and what I encourage you to do, not only will you start to overcome yourself and the obstacles you create that keep you stuck and miserable.

But also it will be valuable for you to persuade others in your situation to go out and change their lives to. Since WA is such a powerhouse in affiliate marketing no matter what you battle you can slowly gain the skill you need to go out and keep learning more.

Take this as an opportunity and don’t hesitate. The longer you hesitate the less likely you are to ever take action.

Any questions that you have send them to me and I will respond!

I want the very best to happen in all our lives but I cannot do this simply by writing things you may or may not read. You must ask somebody for help and the sooner you do the sooner it will start to happen.

Everything we do can be considered scary at first and there is only a matter of getting used to it before it becomes a skill. Wouldn’t you love to be able to break free of all that troubles you and have the freedom to make a living?

Take the time today and get your starter membership setup. After that figure out as much as you can about where you want to be in a year or two.

Taking the steps that are necessary to plan our actions makes everything we do more likely to happen. The action is up to you but I will give you all I can about the direction you should be going in.

Because I have been a member now for many months I know just how much growth can happen in such a short amount of time. Before you know it you will be doing things you used to think of as impossible.

This is by far the best program I have found and I have proven how valuable it is in this wealthy affiliate work at home program review. Don’t hesitate and begin working at one of the best online jobs today.

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How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

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