Can You Imagine What Happens When You Create A Belief For Making Money?

How To Create The Belief System For Making Money!

As they say, money comes when you believe it’s possible to obtain it. Well, if you have spent any time trying to earn said money, you will have noticed it takes a lot of hard work to make.

This is why you need to get help so when you are creating the belief system for making money, you don’t forget and leave anything out.

I have previously written about priorities, the law of success, affiliate marketing, and how to convince yourself to do things. All of these posts are steps that go into building the belief system that will best serve what you desire.

How many different beliefs about money do you think there are at any given time floating around inside your mind? It may surprise you but it’s likely to be thousands since you have been picking those up since birth.

You may consciously think that you obsess about money but is that what your mind is really seeing?

In order to set up your system of beliefs, you need to spend a decent amount of time (30 days minimum) to write down your strategies, your step by step plans, and then focus on those two things a minimum of twice daily.

Morning and night all the while you will be needing a way to put your plans into action.

What is a conflicting belief and why is it a problem?

It’s when you have a positive and a negative occupying the same area of your mind which throws your actions off track.

On the one hand, you believe that money is the source of all Evil. Then, on the other hand, you believe money creates happiness.

Only one of them is going to be the dominant belief which is always going to be negative. For some reason, your mind likes things that are simple and easy, and negative things tend to be just that.

It’s why it’s easier to complain then it is to do something, or it’s why you avoid taking the initiative instead of jumping in feet first.

Now, imagine thousands of these things all crashing and colliding with one another because of your old experiences, memories, and ideas.

That is where you get on the right track again by removing the bad and supporting the good ones. 

You have likely heard of auto-suggestion before or otherwise known as hypnosis, meditation, and repetition. What this is in the simplest form is a habit.

Let’s say you wake up every day at the same time. You have done it this way for the past several years. You automatically wake up without setting your alarm and it’s typically within a few minutes if it’s not right at the exact same time.

That is learned behavior and it’s possible to do for everything that you can think about, obsess about, and eventually teach yourself to have a burning desire for.

It’s no more complicated than writing down your reasons for wanting to do what it takes to achieve.

If It's That Easy Why Don't More People Do It?

Great question, and it’s due to the fact that people have gotten so used to things already that they really just convince themselves that it will never work for them. (negative self-sabotage)

One area that makes it look foolish is when you see it shown in the movies.

A watch dangling in front of some guy or girl and boom they are hypnotized.

That’s when you often see them doing stupid things on command. But that is just one tiny part and it’s what stage hypnosis is used for.

People who do it work behind the scenes to get the trusting relationship built before they go onto the stage. Once you trust the hypnotist, you will generally experience no fear, no anxiety, be fully relaxed, and feel safe and secure the entire time.

In reality, anyone who wants to retrain their minds can do it without having to jump through a lot of hoops to learn how. Maybe you have heard of Napoleon Hill before and his formula for success gained from Andrew Carnegie.

What hill introduced to the masses was a way to start this process with a six-step list. The only real prerequisite is that you must be open-minded, you must be willing to study others, and you must not give up before you get what you desire.

I Suggest You Do A Few Things Before You Give Hills List A Try.

Your desire has to be specific, you have to have a personal service to offer (or some skill to change time into money), and you need to have 

  • patience, 
  • persistence,
  • become self-reliant,
  • become efficient,
  • organized,
  • self-motivated,
  • practice time management.

So, there is a great deal of work to get into the right shape to truly transform your life into a pursuit of wealth. Also, you should be completely aware of what your thoughts are throughout the day.

Becoming capable of observing your thoughts, emotions, feelings, wants, desires, and cravings will go a long way in removing any obstacles you face while pursuing the money you need.

What I started out doing is learning how to operate a website, what elements I needed to have for a web hosting service, what template to use for the design of the site, and countless other things to help me offer personal services.

Take The Time To Explore The Website To Gain New Beliefs.

Throughout this post, I have been using internal links to direct you to other useful posts that I have written. But there is a tremendous amount of value found here since I am currently following this advice.

My goal is to make enough money to live off of after learning first how to make it happen. I have joined a membership community that has millions of experienced entrepreneurs to learn from, 

I have spent the last couple of years training to establish the right website knowledge and I continue to train to learn new ways to improve myself and this site.

My day is broken up with three main parts

  • Morning routine
  • To-do list
  • Research and training at night

This has me experimenting with many different products, services, and all sorts of ebooks, videos, and courses.

What I Am Currently Interested In Trying Is The MasterMind!

What that is, it’s a leadership role that I will take on to recruit people for a very specific goal.

With the help of a mastermind, you add qualified people (like a network) who have specialized knowledge in all sorts of different areas and industries.

The concept of the mastermind is to cover any weaknesses that you currently have so that you have a quick and easy line of communication between yourself and the other members.

Of course, once it’s started it’s available for anyone who becomes a member to use to assist with the main goal.

In this case, it’s to make money with the fastest, best, and most beneficial resources.

A few things to keep in mind are it’s got to be legal, it’s got to be private, and it should be kept relatively small early on.

Coincidently it can also be formed within the same community that I pay for membership.

You can simply get to interact with people and see if they are interested in doing this with you.

I Hope You Have Noticed The Way This Post Is Structured.

Each heading has a purpose, that is to help you see where different beliefs can come from. 

Whether your beliefs come from opinions, conversations, the media including movies, news, and television shows or any other website on the internet you must pick trustworthy places to focus your attention.

That is a fundamental rule of creating the belief system for making money.

You must become strategic with everything that you do and it will take time and practice to follow.

What I would really like for you to do is to take time right now to come to look around the community of entrepreneurs that I belong to.

Once inside it’s got all the essential things that you will want to learn about when starting out online.

So, with that being said, I will let you do that and hopefully, we can work together on creating things in the future.

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How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

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