Are You Controlling Your Life? Or Is Your Life Out Of Control?

Are You Controlling Your Life?Everyone has a past and it’s their responsibility to understand that it has happened.

But what isn’t your responsibility is to hold onto that past like it’s the reason you are trapped.

Ask yourself are you controlling your life? Or is your past controlling you right now?

Believing that you are in control of your journey is a top priority today and it has to happen in order for you to gain an idea of where to go next.

You can’t allow what has happened to equal what you feel about yourself, that only leads to fear, worry, and doubts. What you need to do now is to change your story.

One where you state that you have learned to be exceptional! I am unique because I am stronger, more talented, and more determined because of my past.

Instead of being a victim or being trapped and helpless, use these as your motivation and rewrite them to empower you going forward.

All of this is only possible if you are willing to train your mind to be open to life. This means you look at everything and everyone as having importance and value.

By allowing each person to tell you why you will be more open to how things happen in your own life. It’s only by knowing the many different angles that you can learn the whole truth.

Since you are not meant to be perfect this means you will not know what perfection is either. Simply put, you are not in charge of this world and because of that, you understand judgments are never needed.

The universe sees all and knows all when you understand that as well you no longer have to try and be everywhere to solve everything.A belief that you control your life is a priority

What things can you control in your life?

The only part you have to play is yourself, this means you don’t have to try very hard to achieve that. All that is necessary is that you continue to learn as much as you can about everything and observe.

Observing means you take notes, both mentally and physically. You will come up with questions that you can ask other people or search for answers on your own.

It also means that you are willing to see things the way somebody else describes it. You don’t focus on predicting the parts you or anyone else can play.You are responsible only for yourself, this means learning all you can

Decisions are based on your intuition and common sense and will only go out on a limb if you understand the risk that is involved. Never gamble because that is only meant to lead to losses, but that is for you to decide on as well.

Temptations are things that you make the call about, they generally consist of a tradeoff that will impact your values. If something goes against a value then you should not choose to accept it.

By acknowledging your choices and using your intuition you will never go in the wrong direction, why? Because you understand the value of making mistakes and that lessons are often learned based on those mistakes.

When you see an obstacle in your way, you don’t give up, instead, you start looking for a way either to go through it, around it, over it, or under it.

To gain the focus and the clarity you need there will be a time to start meditation and self-hypnosis. By gaining these skills your dreams, desires, and wishes in life will become obvious.Limit your distractions but find things that will challenge you

That means you can actually control when you achieve them instead of praying that somehow it will find a way to come true.

In a nutshell, you control yourself, your emotions, your feelings, your body, your mind, and you need to be capable of training each and every function of your own self before you should ever worry about somebody else.

And since you know that training your own body, mind, and soul is an ongoing process it means you will never be done until you have gotten exactly what you desired the most.

Are You Controlling Your Life?

How does somebody control themselves?

There are ways to gain information that will get you pointed in the right direction. The first and the most important is right there inside of you.

Ask yourself what you believe in, what you value, and what you would trade your life for if it meant it would become possible.

Challenge yourself every chance you get, why? Because a boring lazy mind is a destructive one. My own mind would rather have me sitting around all day playing video games.

When you have identified what will challenge you the most, you will also figure out what will be your distractions. This will mean you can decide to eliminate them, or how you will keep them a part of your life but with limitations.

Once you know your highs and lows, you can train your mind to do the best things. I personally highly recommend starting with meditation because you can journal about it and also learn many different ways to do it.

Are You Controlling Your Life?

I have yet to find a way to meditate that is wrong because it’s a personal part of you that does it. Therefore you will hear and find many different ways to do it the “right way” and most are just different ways to do the same thing.

As for your body, physical exercise is the best way to maintain control. You constantly look for different challenges that will test your bodies capabilities.

Eventually, you will find out what you like best and what you will actually get yourself pumped up enough to do. Afterward, there is only spiritual control.

That might be a bit misleading because how do you even identify your spirit let alone control it? This is a question that I can’t answer right now, I haven’t come close to understanding my spirit as of yet.Learn to slow down, observe and be in the present moment

All I can advise you is that when your mind is happy, your body is working well and healthy, then your spirit will start to do well at the same time.

Asking all the questions I can find is one way to control how much it grows. Reading, watching, learning, listening all seem to be great methods to get your spirit to do as you like.

There are rumors or truths out there about other senses besides the 5, (six with intuition) that we as human beings can learn to control.

Only time will tell whether these are in fact truths, that is another reason an open mind is important.

Control your senses to observe your life

Are You Controlling Your Life?This little part will be about what you can actually learn from your senses. Did you know that using just one sense creates an entirely different perspective?

That same information can be applied to each of the five and by the many combinations as well. Imagine you are only allowed to smell things for a day.

What would that mean to you in life, and what would your experiences be like? There are lots of people who take their everyday lives for granted and remain stunned as to why they are unhappy.

How can you have a mind that is so functional and capable but forget how important the small things in life truly are? I have said it before I spent way too many days or nights drunk because I didn’t understand myself.

When I actually started to use my mind, body and allow for my spirit to grow I changed everything around to incredible levels that I didn’t think existed.

Simply ask yourself what are you doing right now that is going to waste? Do you know everything that is located inside your home? Can you close your eyes and imagine down to the last detail of your favorite room?

Slowing down to observe things and enjoy what you already have is a fantastic way to gain control of your situation. What happens when you begin to see things differently?

Only then can you answer the question are you controlling your life now?


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2 thoughts on “Are You Controlling Your Life? Or Is Your Life Out Of Control?”

  1. I am like that too, leave me alone and please don’t look over my shoulder until I have a chance to figure it out. Then I will be more than happy to fill you in. For the first 10 minutes when I don’t know something, I have a bit of a short fuse about dealing with others.

  2. So very true! I try to stay in control of my life and of my actions. When I find myself out of control with regards to something, for me it is best to step back and do something different, gain perspective on the situation. This generally helps get myself back on track. Sometimes people say I am too quiet. Oh my mind is generally working then, in overtime, resolving something. I’d rather be quiet….get control…and then talk about it.

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