An Introduction To Systems Thinking

An introduction to systems thinking.

There are four main things to understand before you start to dive into the 12 methodologies.

(1) First, we have to be capable of stepping back so we can see the entire system that is in the works. Now you have a visual of one giant circle (earth) with two smaller circles inside of the big one.

One of the two remaining circles is smaller than the other which fits inside the other. 

What the result is showing is that there is one big circle, one medium circle inside the big one, and one small circle inside the medium one that is inside of the big one.

By looking at the structures which make up the systems, we will begin to see how everything is interconnected. That just means that one part impacts all the parts, regardless of what you believe the value of each piece should be.

When you think about the significance of a person, it can impact the entire system and influence a change no matter what value the person believes they have.

The same thing is true for what value that others have placed on the role of that one individual.

(2) Mining is where you take a look at the individual problem or what has been caused by the system, not working as a whole. 

You can mine down to the person in our case with self-improvement. However, to be the most effective, we must find several; of those individuals and what they share in common to create a group.

Then we can look at how the group impacts the whole and see why things are performing the way that they are. 

Think of the iceberg model for a moment because we ignore the surface issues once they are known to us and continue looking for everything that exists under the surface.

That is how we will start to see where the issues are coming from that show up with the various symptoms on the surface. A common mistake in our world is where people create solutions for signs, and that just masks things instead of solving them.

We need to understand that this happens so we can uncover the masks, remove those from people’s minds, and then give them the real best solution to solve the problems at the roots.

(3) Landscaping is where we build the map, which will show us everything that we have mined. That way, our brains not only can see where each little interference exists but also to see what is happening before and after it.

(4) Building the solution is the trial and error phase, where we work with groups of people to monitor how it’s working, so we can also see how it’s impacting the more significant systems.

One of the main problems in the world is…

That people believe they are powerless because each of them is holding onto a false belief about themselves. It’s why we must educate everyone and create a less ignorant mass.

Ignorance is the biggest issue that is causing the most damage to our existence as a race of humans who need to keep the planet alive to survive.

Help others to make progress in their lives because it’s going to continue the spiral to help everyone develop into the best humans who serve the planet.

Another Way To Go Is To Make Sure You Understand It…

Why are you working; (Your reasons)

What are you waking up to get done; (Your causes)

Who are you helping to make progress in their lives? (Your Segment of the market)

Learn about Simon Simek.

It’s not about change… It’s about making progress.

Also, learn about the JTBD theory.

By Alan Klement.

Stop trying to figure out what tasks you will do and look for what the job to be done means.

When you know the job, it will reduce the amount of work involved and cause innovation instead of new problems.

Finally, learn what it means to follow systems thinking so you can disrupt the flow that causes the problem at the root issue.

Fix Each Person To Fix Each Group…

It’s much more challenging to gain a following when you start with nobody in your social circle. That is why I have been struggling so much in my life to get people to side with me.

Now, here’s another important concept, and it’s known as having zero blame since every human being is born ignorant. You can call it the zero-blame game because you need to remove your biases.

Ignorance causes us to develop a fixed mindset where we only see one perspective (we are biased when we are unable to see other people’s views).

Every leader needs a top follower because somebody has to agree with the cause. It is also how one new perspective comes in and helps to see another angle. That is how you discover that a change is necessary.

Whenever you miss an area where progress is obstructed, your teammate can assist you.

An example of this is with a rock inside of a stream. You will see no issue, but someone else knows that a river goes through a change during the fall and winter.

When you see it from the other persons’ perspective, you learn a new way to observe what is happening over time.

Your new perspective allows you to see that the object will eventually impact the flow of the stream.

Since a rock inside of a stream won’t cause a problem yet because the flow of water doesn’t cut off until it freezes.

So, if you understand what happens when a stream freezes and unfreezes, you will likely be able to picture how that object interferes when blocks of ice start to become impeded.

It will ultimately obstruct the entire stream and thus we have a big problem.

Each System Is A Piece Of A Bigger System…

It’s why one little problem will eventually become a bigger problem, and the main reason you have to stop looking to reduce the symptoms.

Those are helping us know about a problem and those are not the part to eliminate.

When we start to think about the part that we play as an individual, it may always seem like our actions do nothing. That is because you were trained only to see what is on the surface.

For instance, you are a system yourself, and the parts of you matter to everyone else. Your role is to play the zero-sum game so that you don’t cause more problems than you solve.

When you get sick, you may miss work. You may also need to see a doctor. That removes you from the organization you work for, which will cause an issue for them.

You also seek help from a doctor who is part of the medical system. When you receive service, you take away time that another person could be using to save their life.

The point is that with a zero-sum game in play, everything that gets added is going to remove something somewhere.

As For Problem Solving…

When you purchase a product, it’s highly likely that you have a specific reason for each purchase. You pay money, which removes cash from you and adds it to the business.

One product bought impacts all other products that didn’t get purchased even when it’s an unknown. A business can only predict that amount of sales but will never notice a plus or minus of a one.

You cause a change of one, which is also why most people see their part as insignificant because if nobody notices (false belief), they have no power. But it’s not really what is happening under the surface.

Let’s look closer at what is happening with every system that you impact. The obvious one is with yourself because of the methods you utilize to stay alive.

Next up will be your family, friends, acquaintances, social circles, and community or groups.

Because a straightforward statement from you can influence many other people, it starts to cause a ripple effect inside each person’s system.

Let’s say you were to track the power of what you recommend throughout its lifetime, and you notice that it winds up going global.

Individuals Systems

Routines, rituals, and habits make things simpler, but if you were to ask why they work so well, you might not quite see it. 

When thinking about an individual’s systems, the best approach to becoming aware is to track every movement over time.

From birth, you fit the role of a child in a system known as your family. Because of that, you trained to learn about family systems’ beliefs, traditions, and values.

A value, a belief, and a tradition are all pieces of different systems.

The environment that surrounds us and even the stuff that we don’t see is a part of the one primary system. Life operates within a set of rules, which is an arrangement you learn about to survive.

Why is it important to start to look at everything based on how it’s set up?

To remove the number of unknowns in life, you must learn new things. But not just any new stuff, these must be truths which are correct beliefs.

Your belief system has everything to do with how you make decisions, and then that impacts your actions.

Today I want you to see things as they work so that you will start to notice how each decision that one person makes impacts everyone else.

Systems thinking is an essential piece to the puzzle that is who you are and will help you to learn how to become who you want to be.

Debuff The Belief That You Have Zero Power…

Think about an automatic decision that you make with no effort—something like what you eat for breakfast.

When you trace things from your system and expand it outwards, you begin to notice how significant it is. 

Think about the choices you have in deciding on something to eat. Perhaps you decide to make eggs. So, eggs are obtained from a chicken because they must come from somewhere.

Unless you raise chickens, you likely depend on something outside of your system to make it available. Following that egg from where it came from, you will start to learn just how many steps it takes for the egg to get to you.

Maybe it’s from the lady down the street or maybe it’s from the supermarket. 

Either way, it was the result of another source that you probably didn’t acknowledge.

Instead, you may have simply purchased it from a store whose job it was to arrange for it to come from the lady down the street.

Now, put yourself in the shoes of both the store employee and the lady down the street.

Each of those people played a pivotal role in your life and they know about it.

They may not be thinking about it like you are right now but regardless of that fact it happens.

Where Does Power And Influence Happen First?

It’s from a person who can make things happen because they decide on what else becomes impacted. They make lots of decisions for you since you don’t need to know about those things.

But that is why we have so many issues in our own lives. We are unable to think in a way that looks at the big picture.

Imagine all the people and all the choices that were made throughout history because people looked the other way.

Essentially that is what happens with an individual because they fail to see how much power is available to everyone. Instead, you learned to do what?

Go to school, obey your parents, don’t stick your nose in other people’s business, and behave. That is how you lose power and influence because you allow other people to control your decisions for you.

They do it because they know if they don’t do it for themselves, other people will take over those same roles. It’s also why it’s crucial not to blame anyone for any problems that you experience.

Everyone starts with the same amount of knowledge, the same amount of choices to make, and the same level of brainpower.

Power in life is all about the decisions you choose to make versus the decisions you choose not to even see (avoidance).

By Learning About Systems Thinking…

You educate yourself so that you can become aware of your abilities, which empowers you to make the decisions yourself. 

Awareness is a time-sensitive realization that must take place as soon as possible if you are somebody who wants happiness and success.

When you are working on a goal, your objective is to start to expand what you can do. But that is just a piece of the system that you will have to identify to come up with a plan to pursue something important.

Thanks for reading an introduction to systems thinking. Follow this link to understand the origin of a system.

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