A Mindset For Success (17 Personal Growth Hacks)

How do you create a mindset for success? The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what you mean by success. Your answer will hopefully get you to start making a list of things that you want to achieve.

Start with a general idea for each of these, such as, I want to make enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life, I want to be in shape, I want to be smarter, I want to be a ladies man or anything else you feel is something missing from who you are right now.

Once you have a list made, it’s time to put those in order from your most desired to your least desired (don’t worry about making changes; this will be a part of your self-reflection later on).

Since these are merely general concepts, you will want to do some searching to figure out an exact or specific amount. Finding an amount can be trickier to do for things like “ladies man.”

The best way to see the meaning of things is to find a person who has achieved what you are asking of yourself.

That means you should start to include with your list a name, a place to learn more about that person, and, if possible, a way to engage with them.

We want to follow somebody else’s lead to determine what will be necessary to do. You can refer to this as the action steps.

From here you will learn everything you can about that person so you will be able to make a new list of things to do.

Mt. Rushmore Has People You Can Admire

A Mindset Focused On Success Needs To Be Doable

You will want to have a real set of reasons behind this to convince yourself why it’s worth your time, effort, costs, and sacrifices.

There will likely be a learning curve involved because I know that research can be a tight area to sit through. You may start to feel restless; I know I have been since I began doing it.

You will probably struggle to stay interested in this activity, which means you should start slowly and add more time when you become used to it.

Work on a list of reasons that you have to stay the course. These will help you see what you’re doing the hard work to obtain. So, put some time into creating a vision board or, at the very least, add a few images that will help to inspire you.

Anyway, the reasons will be useful as reminders throughout which you can build motivation. At first, you might want to keep those listed in a place where you can see them often.

As you move forward, there are ways to make these stronger based on how you focus on them (more on these methods later on, for now, we need to cover something else).

At this stage, you need to be capable of staying organized because it will make things go smoothly as opposed to overwhelming.

Disorganization happens in several places that you interact with throughout your daily routines. The idea is to keep your living area, work area, vehicle area, and any possible other areas maintained.

Since the human mind works best when there is no new chaos around you, we are trying to prepare your account so that you will have all the chances to succeed.

Get into the habit of dealing with things as soon as they come up. Handling your problems as they come up will also help you to remove any indecision or hesitation since both of those are bad habits.

A Young Boy Victorious Over Adversity

What is the difference between an attitude, a mindset, a value, and a belief?

Hopefully, by now, you understand that everything has a place, and there is a place for everything. Make it your belief because a well-organized life is a tip passed on by all successful and influential people.

Once you have that accomplished, you must be able to decide on which other beliefs you will adapt and which false beliefs you will eliminate.

Now is the time where you will need to learn that an attitude is a personal stance you take on an issue. These can be either positive or negative and will come from your thoughts and beliefs.

A value is an almost permanent stance on what something is worth and how much effort you should be willing to put forth to keep it, protect it, obtain it, trade for it, work for it, discover it, and secure at all costs.

When I talk about a mindset, I mean a philosophy that you will adapt so you can utilize any principles that are proven to work by the experts.

The difference between attitude and mindset is this. Your position can change in a matter of moments, but your beliefs and values take far more work to replace.

That means you have to study what your motives are to figure out the type of mindset that you have. Changing which beliefs you have in place will influence your thoughts.

Your thoughts determine your actions and behaviors but will be squeezed and restricted with a negative attitude. To create the right kind of mindset, you must adjust your approach to be open-minded.

Open-mindedness is the first step to take in building a focused mindset that is moving in the direction toward success. Instead of being stubborn or difficult to influence, you will want to be teachable and capable of becoming coachable.

A Woman Being Coached To Be At Her Best

An Open Mind Is The Only Way To Understand The Law Of Success

Here is where you need to understand everything you can about yourself because it’s at this stage that you will write down your core values and core beliefs.

Each list can be short or long, but the minimum to know about will be five of each. As a part of your daily routine, you will want to remind yourself each morning what your reasons are, what your cores are, and what your goals are precise.

Your mindset will slowly begin to strengthen as you turn to those lists more often. But, here is where you also will need to understand what your weaknesses are so you can improve those to strengthen yourself.

The law of success states that you need to believe in yourself no matter what anyone else says or does. The cause of every single outcome is by a choice or a lack of opportunity from you.

It goes on to state that since you are the one who is in control over yourself, you can also control your thoughts, actions, behaviors, which determine whether you succeed or fail.

What that is saying is whether or not you know what the best choices are to make, the result of what you spend your time doing will either cause you to achieve or mess up.

All of that is telling us that we must learn to develop ourselves into an optimal human being who not only knows how to do things well but also is sure of what the outcome will be (Faith).

I think of the actions I take as my putting together a difficult and challenging puzzle, One where the pieces are all upside down to make it as hard as possible without it becoming impossible.

Because I know that I need to learn directly from the experiences of other people, I also know that I have to be open to try out any suggestion that they offer me, which will lead to an experiment that I perform to know the truth.

Lots Of Puzzle Pieces

Now The Fun Part Can Begin Because Our Minds Communicate With Us By The Emotions We Feel

After you spend time following the leaders/experts who have already taken the steps which prove things work, it’s time for you to do them to the best of your ability.

You need a way to tell whether you are putting in the effort or slacking off and missing the point of the steps. Well, this is one of the main reasons we have emotions.

They are sent to us to communicate, which tells us whether we are doing useful things or harmful things. It’s high time we start to develop this line of communication so that it will be our biggest asset.

Maybe you have noticed how you can start out feeling tired for a few hours because you are stuck doing something you don’t like.

It’s a signal for you to adjust your behaviors because your mind understands that it is a dead-end to continue. The message could be at a job you dislike, spending time with a family that isn’t on your side, going to events that serve no value to you, or any list of other possibilities.

Then, as soon as you get done and start doing something different, all of a sudden, you have a new source of energy that feels incredible.

It’s no coincidence that this happens because your subconscious mind truly does understand you. But it only recognizes that you do things for pleasure.

So, if you have a list of chores that need making your mind is going to make it feel like a negative thing unless you take the right steps to change how it’s programmed.

The whole idea here is to train yourself so that your mind has a reason to signal you with positive emotions. A signal can show up while you work at a job you hate just by taking breaks that give you rewards.

Perhaps you have a bit of a pick me up at lunchtime, or you might go off and sneak a little something away from a co-worker’s judgment.

It’s all connected with your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors, which you can reprogram to work with you instead of against you.

What you need to do ultimately is to brainstorm and come up with your yearly plan. But before you can make that plan, you need to fully understand what you want, what you desire, and how you can make your plan based on a burning desire. (we will get to the burning desire in a couple of minutes, for now, it’s strategy time).

A Reward For Sticking To Your Plan

Where do I find a strategy for personal growth?

Remember what I had you do in the beginning? Identify what you consider to be a success. That gave you a list of things to work on, which now is going to transform into your strategy.

Taking one person at a time who you admire, you found out why it’s necessary to study their experiences. Each role model will give you ideas to experiment with to grow.

So, now for each item on your list of wants, you have a way to come up with different experiments to do to check and see if they will work for you.

However, you still don’t have all the likely resources in place that will make those experiments simple to do. Before you can jump right into those trials, you must identify how much of each support is necessary to get started.

What is a resource anyways? It’s a factor that will be a part of the experiments, things like money, time, advice, secrets, books, case studies, courses, youtube videos, and so on.

You can search for those on your own but find out there are too many possible choices to know what will be the best option.

Facing too many choices is the part that will typically make or break your spirit because, to gain all of those things, you must learn to become resourceful.

In Lue Of One Resource, You Have Skills To Offer In Exchange For Those Things

In case you lack the money, you can start a business where you offer personal service that will take you to work for somebody else.

Online business is the easiest way to start because it gives you a solid home base to start on. However, if you don’t have the skills to make your website, things may take on even more resources to get to that point.

Aside from creating a business, you have a lot of other options as well. Let’s say you have plenty of money but still lack skills to find the additional resources necessary.

You could hire a coach for almost any possible area in which you want to accomplish a goal. This idea works well but takes a lot of work to make full use out of

Not to mention the costs involved, which is money you could spend on more unique things like cementing your belief in yourself. You want to learn to be self-reliant so that you will have full knowledge about every step that it takes.

Well, to know where you are, it’s time now to do some self-reflection.

A Red Hair Woman Working On Creating A Business

How Does Working On My Situation Improve All My Skills At Once?

You have already done some of this from the very beginning because you figured out what you wanted. Now is the time to start to practice what you are learning because you must be able to observe yourself for each little piece we have mentioned.

What you do is take your feelings and trace those back to the emotion. From that emotion, you can start to record what task or activity you were doing when you felt that way.

Over a few weeks or months, you will learn about any patterns that you have. It’s from those patterns you will be able to figure out your most painful mistakes and weaknesses.

Anytime you think you have noticed something important, you will want to explore it as far as you can. This investigation will lead you to discover the problems that keep you from achieving your best capabilities.

Why just work on your problems and not work on your entire self while you are at it. So, moving forward a bit, you will want to keep a list of all the questions you have at any time throughout your day or night.

That way, you will be able to explore things until you learn what you meant to do. Inside your mind, you can pinpoint the entire reason for you to get excited, and its actually from that place that you will be capable of succeeding.

It’s at this point now that you can build your strategy, which will include a daily routine of one genuine desire. Everything else was helping you get to this place because all motivation stems from having access to find solutions to your root problems.

An Open Door With Roots Covering Everything Else

From Here You Will Be Empowered To Perform On A Mission

Success will always be possible but won’t be easy to fulfill until you have gotten here. You will be able to finally understand the one root problem which stands in your way to becoming a success.

Do you know why a person can seem to have everything achieved in their lives but still suffer and be miserable? I am betting you can guess because it’ relates to what they do with their personal experiences from as early in life as childhood.

There is always one or more things that you didn’t get to do, and it is hidden far and deep in your subconscious mind. It could even be the silliest thing, but unless you kept notes from your childhood, it’s going to take a lot of soul-searching to figure out.

The thing is, if you follow this post from the very beginning, you will be at the threshold to discover what that is or what those things are.

Once you learn the actual specifics, it will come to you in a timely fashion. Maybe you have heard the expression; I can’t believe I didn’t learn this stuff earlier in life.

That is the primary reaction that almost everyone who discovers a vital piece to their puzzle says. But, unless you have been practicing, you will miss that information when it appears.

You have also likely heard about a mission statement. A mission statement is just a belief that you have, which is backed by your emotions and evidence that directs you toward a primary life goal.

Once you have learned enough about yourself and put into practice what will boost your feelings, you can quickly determine these types of things by doing them.

People make connections all the time because it’s like a light bulb moment. Ah-ha, that explains a lot because I noticed I wanted to do more of that.

There is a little need for caution here because these could be negative. While I aim to show you just the positives, you could convince yourself that harming others is your life mission.

Ever hear about people who get pleasure from pain? They seem to develop a real desire to experience that and wouldn’t call it suffering.

A Woman Having A Light Bulb Moment

You Can Focus On The Positive Or The Negative And Achieve Success

Greed, Corruption, Poverty, Rejection, Criticisms, Terror, Humiliation, Embarrassment, and Torture. What do all of these have in common?

They share similarities that are: false beliefs, ideas, negative thoughts, selfishness, and taking advantage of others.

Yeah, you must be able to distinguish the good from the bad because one wrong idea and you could go in a direction you hadn’t wanted.

Many people who are stuck in poverty don’t understand that they have that choice to remain that way or not. You may encounter these sorts of people and regret having done so.

They are the ones who typically feel entitled to everything and more, which others achieve through hard work. They fail to understand that capitalism is a good thing because it’s what created our freedoms.

A level playing field comes from having the same information readily available at a low or no-cost option. Look at every community, and you will see that each has its public library.

Even if you can’t afford to have the internet at home, you can get to the free resources inside of the libraries. Guess what typically stops people from taking those actions?

The laziness that is caused by negative thoughts which are backed by false beliefs, and they are part of a group of people who continuously complain, make excuses, blame others, and take no responsibility in their own lives.

Do you know what kind of success is brought about by this philosophy? People are joining at a high rate because they like what they hear.

So, you succeed by recruiting others to join you in living a miserable life.

A Home That Is Full Of Garbage

One-Step, Each Day Will, Do A Lot For You

One simple thing will get you started because it’s from that action that you can build momentum. Just make a point of doing it every day at the same time for the same reason, then track your results over ten days, 20 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.

That’s all it takes to change one habit into another or create a new pattern when you follow a routine. All you need is a primary reason so that you can set a daily reminder to do it.

Don’t allow anything to stand in your way of accomplishing that task, and before you know it, you will have succeeded once at something that proves you can do it over and over again.

Take that as the one tip you will now put into action and keep coming back to this post when you need to do something else.

How do I make a plan that will help me succeed in all areas of life?

A plan is pretty much what we just did above, only it’s more organized than just one daily step. Once you have all the strategies you wish to work on, you start to include a backward plan to achieve.

Let’s say you wanted to make a million dollars in 3 years. So, you first need to establish your thoughts to obsess about that number. After you have it so precise in your mind, you will include the amount of time necessary.

From there, you will write down precisely what you will offer in exchange for the money. Be specific because every descriptive detail is needed for your mind to become convinced that it’s essential.

The hardest part is the repetition that comes once you have all the steps you must follow.

  • Step One – What are the best ways to make money, and what are the best skills to develop to be sure I can achieve it?
  • Step Two – Who makes this kind of money and would be an asset for me to study so I can learn their secrets?
  • Step Three – Write all of your research out, so it’s easy to understand and will be simple to memorize. Add excitement to your study of that research so you will think of it obsessively and so it’s easy to visualize having it.
  • Step Four – Figure out what each part of the process will require from you so that you can reward yourself with pleasurable things for each milestone you reach.
  • Step Five – Get a support group formed, which consists of people trying to achieve the same goals. Allow everything to be discussed and develop trust with everyone in your group so that each of you will be an authoritative source.
  • Step Six – Start to do the work to figure things out with experiments and gather results. At this stage, you will need to be flexible, persistent, and consistent because each piece of the puzzle is in its place.
  • Step Seven – Review and Reflect on how things are going, what have you noticed, what is and isn’t more challenging then you thought, and what else you can do to make improvements.
  • Step Eight – Once you have achieved the outcome you wanted, it’s time to go through the steps for the next one.

As a side note, you can develop your system based on the goal you have, based on the information you have, and based on your group of experienced masterminds.

Meeting Of The Master Minds

What is the difference between a burning desire and a natural desire?

The simple answer is the emotion of faith because once you know you are capable of everything you can imagine doing, you will have no problem trusting your faith in yourself.

Let’s look at the way this happens. You start with a question, an observation, an idea, or a curiosity. Those are triggers of thought, so it’s rambling around in your mind for a mila-second before a connection happens.

From there, it’s likely you take action, have a reaction, or allow it to pass by. That is the acknowledgment phase because now you will want to do something.

Your desire comes from the degree to which you want to do something. So, let’s see how you can take action to trigger. Perhaps you think about what it was, how it happened, where it went, or who was responsible for it.

It could have come from anything, so you are instructed by your mind to make a choice, investigate it, or let it go. When you chose to examine, you will likely use your senses to explore.

Investigating leads you to perform a basic search to gather information. From there, you learn why it happened. Once you are sure of what it is and why it becomes a truth, and your need to investigate it ends.

What would happen if it stays a mystery, perhaps you believe you imagined it? At this phase, it rattles around inside your brain again, searching through all your memories, experiences, and dreams.

It’s from your subconscious mind that out of nowhere, you will start to feel what it was. Only this time, you receive an answer based on what you already knew.

Now, you have a new decision to make, do you reflect whatever your mind told you it was, or do you simply accept the answer you got?

We will stop at this point because it may already be confusing.

When it becomes an obsession, that is what makes you think about it more often. But this is simply just a strong desire to figure it out.

As you make notes and make other progress, you will receive a message from your subconscious mind. Each line of communication comes in the form of an emotion.

This process is what gets your strong desire ready to have faith. Once it’s a strong desire, your choice is what determines whether it becomes a personal mission of yours to solve.

Something had to trigger this entire process because our minds simply randomly bring things to our attention. These can be good or bad based on the activity you are doing at the time.

Image With The Words Desire, Hope, Dream, Need, and Human

Using Your Emotions And Your Desires To Create Priorities

The easiest way to engage with your subconscious mind is through the line of communications it uses. Those are named the emotions because you have to feel the effects of your account telling you something.

Emotions are a challenge to understand if you haven’t spent the time to study yourself ( A journal is your study of your behavior, thoughts, observations, problems, experiences, and relationships).

Whenever you want to make a list of changes with yourself or life, you should prepare yourself to utilize a journal, an online app, or some other way to record your thoughts, ideas, questions, and answers.

Let’s now go back to the beginning of this post. A mindset for success happens when you study yourself and your wants, needs, desires, emotions, and resources.

Success is achievable with or without this study, but you will forget it shortly after you learn how to create it. So, to make this a long term focus of yours, you need to continue with your practice of studying yourself.

You are creating a specific consciousness for your desire. You simply put whichever desire you have in place of the word concrete.

Now that you are aware of the mindset you must have, you can perform the experiments to obtain that object of your desire. However, know what each emotion means because it will help you learn to tolerate the negative ones while you train your mind to work better.

That is where the priorities come into existence. Don’t just say you want a lot of money. Get specific, so you can start to draw from your emotions.

Whatever excites, you will be the most natural thing to pursue. Whatever annoys, you will be the hardest. Also, be ready to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, and angry.

Be concerned when and if you feel sad, hopeless, depressed, stressed out, anxious, or worried for longer than an hour.

A Set Of Hands With Various Emotions Listed

Get Educated About Your Emotions In This Order

One emotion that causes all of this, and it needs no introduction. It’s FEAR, and it’s the most dangerous of any possible combination or combined state of being.

Because when you fear things, you experience all the negative emotions at once. Tame your fears, and you will solve a lot of the issues that restrain you from doing the things that you desire.

The big versions of fear are:

  • Fear Of Poverty – Indifference, Indecision, Doubt, Worry, Overcaution, Procrastination.
  • Fear Of Criticism – Self-Consciousness, Lack of Poise, Personality flaws, Inferiority complex, Extravagance, Lack of initiative, and Lack Of Ambition
  • Fear Of Ill Health – Easily Influenced by any sources, Hypochondria, Lack of exercise, increased susceptibility, self-pity, addiction

The smaller but still significant versions of fear are:

  • Fear Of Losing A Loved One – Jealousy, Fault Finding, Superstition, Unlucky
  • Fear Of Old Age – Making excuses, blaming, complaining, inferiority
  • Fear Of DEATH – Obsessing about death rather than being alive.

It doesn’t matter what each one brings about because they are what leads to the negatives that can destroy your mind. These are the same things mentioned in Napoleon Hills Think And Grow Rich Book.

Image Of An Open Book

How do I overcome my fears, so I have enough courage to take risks?

One negative thought is all it takes to cause indecision. From that, a lack of desire brings about because you won’t take any actions when you simply feel like you don’t know what to do.

The solution is to take advantage of what other people have done so you can follow their lead. Why do you want to be courageous? Why should you be willing to take risks?

Why do you need to learn about being a leader? Because the alternative to all of those things is to be a coward, who fears the unknown, and who is afraid of achieving stuff because it would make you stand out as unique.

The solution is to practice doing those things which you don’t want to do because they are not comfortable.

Who is an expert that I can follow that has done these steps?

I am somebody who follows many others who follow many others, and of those people, they have also supported others. When you want to do things that you currently aren’t able to do, you must be willing to see how others did them first.

What about first-time experiences that don’t have anyone going first to follow? When no one goes first, it is when you can take the leadership position and have an idea that nobody else can copy until you prove that it works.

So, it’s an ideal situation for those who are after riches or making money.

An Image Of Money

What products or services should I become aware of so It will be easier to do?

Anyone who considers themselves to be an expert will share which products they like, create, or have used to learn to improve themselves.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a product or service that is recommended by a person you follow. That is where you can also start to take a few risks by being willing to try things that others haven’t had success with, have no idea about, or just for fun on your own.

By now, you should understand that self-improvement is an essential part of life. When you don’t have the goals to do things to make yourself better, you will not be able to achieve a mind for success.

All victories that you experience will be short-lived, and you will merely have those fading memories as you watch your life passing by you.

Thanks for reading this and let me know what you learned, think, and if you will work on a mindset for success now.

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