9 Ways To Find Motivation In Life – A Selfish Journey

9 ways to find motivation in life will give you a great idea of what you can do if you poke around your own mind and figure 9 Ways To Find Motivation In Life

out what you really want.

Most of you probably already assume you know what motivates people to take actions.

After all, you see others get up and get going in their lives each day and night.

But have you ever wondered just how many motivations there are and is it possible to come up with a decent answer?

I have, and let me tell you it’s not a number, it’s more of a philosophy.

Going over everything you know about motivations in order to find the most important ones, will allow you to acquire a list and come up with examples.

This is the very thing I was searching to find on the net, and couldn’t come up with anything close.

A more useful way to find motivation in life is to look at your experiences and decide on what has motivated you before.

This is also a great challenge to journal about since you will want to keep an updated list.

One way to find motivation is to not look for it

Here is a story about a monkey who doesn’t understand motivation:

Little George was his name, and he was a very active monkey always bouncing from tree to tree looking for things.

What kind of things did not matter because he didn’t understand what anything was? When he would discover something he would immediately bounce off of the tree he was on and down to the ground.

After doing so, he would place his new discovery in a pile and go back to work looking for more interesting things. Once again bouncing from tree to tree he eventually would discover another object.

And once again it would go into the pile and he was off again. Now if you are like me you are probably wondering what these objects where, and why he was collecting them.image saying "You are taught to be motivated"

So, I came over one day to ask these questions to George and do you know what his answer to me was?

Neither do I because he couldn’t speak English, but he did happen to have in his tail an object that he was willing to show me. To my surprise, the object that George was holding was a banana.

I couldn’t help but laugh at George and soon he became angry. Jumping up on top of a stone, George began throwing all kinds of worthless things in my direction.

One item that hit me was a dead bird, another was a crumpled up leaf, and then came the most wonderful object which I caught.9 Ways To Find Motivation In Life

Somehow up in those trees, George had discovered …

It didn’t matter because I ran off with the unknown object.

The point of that story was George didn’t have any real motivation, he was just being a monkey. Why? Because he had no idea what he was looking for or why he was even looking for things.

To you, that just doesn’t happen all that often, because you are always taught to be looking for something.

1.) You are taught to be motivated – Whether it’s from a parent, teacher or friend you are taught to focus on something regardless of whether you like it or not.image saying "Curiosity motivates you"

In your life, if you have no motivation what does that do to you?

It changes you from being an action taker into a lazy tv watcher. This should tell you more about what motivation is. Simply put it’s your reasons for doing anything that you do.

And because it’s this way I could come up with 9 motivations, or 1000 as long as I am looking for something. Let’s go back to the tv watcher.

Even that person has some type of motivation, they are looking to watch tv to eliminate the need to think. Their motivation for doing that is still something.

George may not have stated his because he didn’t know, but I figured it out easily by looking at that last object he threw at me which I caught.9 Ways To Find Motivation In Life

Want to know what it was?

2.) Curiosity motivates you – When something you don’t understand gets brought to your attention, you are likely curious to find out what it is.

Another way to find motivation is to think

Too bad, I am not gonna tell you since it’s more fun to make you create your own ideas.

Telling people what to do is not a good way to motivate them.

Showing people that it’s fun to do something is an easy way to create motivation.

The same thing is true when you show them how to make money.

Or how to create a wonderful website. The possibilities are endless and it’s why nobody can simply just list what they are.

Now don’t worry this is also why you can find your own and make a list specific to yourself.

You have to feel emotions to get motivated and you have to know why you want to keep doing something before you are likely to stay focused on it.image saying "Focus on personal goals to be motivated"

3.) Focus on personal goals to be motivated – You are most likely curious, and this will lead you to desire doing something. Creating a goal that you can focus on achieving will be a great motivator.

For those of you who have been following along, you will already have a list that motivates you and don’t need to think long and hard what those are.

Let me ask you what is your top 5 and is it something that is important or is it something that comes and goes and is hard to keep?

Going back a blog post or two you will see that I just recently wrote about values and beliefs again. Why? Because those are what motivate us and if you recall values can be anything.image saying "Values and Beliefs will motivate you"

4.) Values and Beliefs will motivate you – Knowing that you have core values and core beliefs to guide you into making the best decisions, should be one of your easiest ways to find motivation.

So motivations can also be anything. Boom, that is how you make a connection from one thing to another. When you are unable to think and your mind is full of junk.

You will likely experience crap inside your head and this will lead to depression or sadness. Both of those are just temporary moods you can change once you notice them.

Emotions will lead us to motivations

9 Ways To Find Motivation In Life

Because you know that emotions trigger your moods which are just ways your body and mind feel at a certain period of time. You learn that your emotions are something that you can use to motivate yourself to take action.

And an action that is controlled can become a powerful tool to get yourself to do anything that you want. Boom another point why it’s important to understand yourself as much as you possibly can.

5.) Understanding your feelings will motivate you – Did you know it’s possible to decide which feelings you accept and which ones you dismiss? When you learn to interpret these you will automatically be able to motivate yourself whenever you need to.

Did you also know that emotions are contagious? Yup, when you go into a crowd and just start proclaiming what a wonderful and joyous thing it is to be here.

People are likely to notice you and react, some will think you are a nut while others will crack a smile and agree with you.image saying "Understanding your feelings will motivate you"

Go up to everyone, grab and hug them, and see what happens. Most people will respond in a positive but unexpected way.

Sometimes you may get the jack azz who shoves you but most people will see your intentions as just funny, fun, or be having a good time.

Here is an example of somebody who has high energy. Ever watched tony robbins at a seminar? He has an amazing energy that will eventually infect the entire room.

And as long as people don’t see him as a crazy person, they will continue to allow for that to spread to themselves. This then motivates people to do whatever he asks them to do.image saying "Other people will be able to motivate you"

6.) Other people will be able to motivate you – Not sure of what you should be doing? Ask somebody who has the same thing you’re looking for. This can make it super easy to find motivation when you’re stuck.

Another example is with a hypnotist, they show up and get people in the audience to volunteer. Why? To have some fun with them and to make the audience laugh.

Now some people only need to believe that they are whatever gets suggested. That will determine how successful each suggestion will be on them.

7.) Suggestions motivate you – Have you ever heard about something and had no plans to acquire it? People can either intentionally or unintentionally motivate us by telling a story or by just suggesting something is worthwhile to do.

So if you allow for somebody else’s emotions to be spread to yourself, you will also realize that motivations are spread the same way.image saying "Suggestion motivate you"

This is one reason people started buying cryptocurrency they started to become influenced by the people who proclaimed it was easy money.

The more people who bought into it, the more it spread to others in those same circles. This is how most things get hyped or go viral.

8.) Internet motivates you – This one doesn’t require any thinking at all, just by browsing anywhere about anything can lead you to discover a reason to be motivated.

And of course, with hype comes other people who just follow the crowd.

Monkey See Monkey Do for another way of motivation

9 Ways To Find Motivation In Life

When something gets popular enough, it’s like your mind can’t resist trying it yourself.

We have all heard of the sick kind of cringe videos that are posted online.

People know that it’s gonna be gross but this only makes them want to see it even more.

This motivates them in ways that a normal brain would just say no to doing.

Why? Because why not, after all, you can always just pretend you have seen it and fake your reactions, this way you don’t actually have to be disgusted.

But, you will still know that you have missed out on this terrible experience and it could lead you to feel bad.

9.) A desire to not miss out on something motivates you – You want to do something just because it could be awkward if you haven’t. Also, think of it as a kind of peer pressure to fit in.

Anyways, this tells me a lot about the human brain and how you crave things. When you can become motivated enough, you will do stupid and foolish things to get it.

You also will avoid things that would otherwise make complete sense to your logical brain. The lesson is you should understand why you are motivated, or why you are not motivated to do something.image saying "Internet motivates you"

This way you will always be able to do the best things first and have plenty of reasons to stay motivated to do them.

What did we learn about motivation?

That monkeys collect things without needing a reason to do it. They are motivated to grab shit that other people want or just happen to have on them. If it’s up in a tree it’s probably not worth a lot of value.

We also know that our thoughts motivate us to do things. When we aren’t feeling well or have enough energy we get lazy and don’t look for positive actions to take.

This still motivates us but it’s not the best motivation since it makes us lazy and hurts our emotions. People motivate us and make us feel in ways that we didn’t expect to feel out of anywhere.

Imagination makes us curious and curiosity motivates us to find out more about whatever it is. Then there is just one more thing that we know.image saying 'A desire to not miss out on something motivates you"

That is there is no a source of motivation because everything or anything can be a factor. Some motivations are also learned and copied from other people.

We just do things because somebody is doing it or has done it and we want what they have.

There you have it, 9 ways to find motivation in life. Learn more about yourself so you know what is most important, use that to make youirself a plan of action, just practice following that plan of action and you will be a better person.


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