8 Tips On Making The Right Choices In Life

What could be more frustrating than to experience a situation where the outcome isn’t easy to predict? Life is all about 8 Tips On Making The Right Choices In Life

these and it will help you greatly when you understand this.

8 tips on making the right choices in life will go over what we need to expect when dealing with decisions.

Obviously, this will be a bigger undertaking than just a couple tips, so I wanted to start off by showing what kinds of decisions are the most urgent and important and which ones are just not practical to worry about.

One of the biggest problems I intend to solve is teaching you how to figure out which decisions are essential and which ones are garbage.

Decision Making, What Makes A Choice The Right One?

What is the most important way to start looking at the decisions we face?

Should we be focusing on the long or the short term? What are the outcomes or results that matter the most?

What activity are we doing and how much of a benefit will it be to delay any decisions to the next session?

When you consider all the choices which may come up,  you know you need to figure out a simple and easy strategy that has been proven effective by others. Right?

There are several great modules that we can look at, one of them is my personal favorite and makes me believe it will fit our needs the best for this post.Image saying " make certain it's rational to you and what you are trying to accomplish"

Eisenhower Module: This makes all decisions in the long and short term simple as can be.

  • Urgent and Important – Do this first and make sure you do them well.
  • Urgent but not Important – Let someone else do them.
  • Important but not Urgent – Plan to do these sometime later
  • Neither Urgent or Important – These are the ones that actually don’t help us at all. Don’t need to be done.

You will want to spend your time doing what you are great at. This is why you should look at your strengths, what can you do better than everyone else?Image saying "Going with your gut or instinct means we should understand intuition"

This is essential to figure out because this will be how we gain the advantage. This means that you do the important things and leave urgent things for others as long as they aren’t important and urgent.

Otherwise, you will want to do those first before you decide to work on anything else. Go here if you haven’t figured out what your strengths are yet.

We also need to start prioritizing things by possibilities. That means considering a few factors like the time it will take, the cost involved, and the demand for it.

To get this part accomplished you can create an entry into your journal or write your goals somewhere that you will be able to rank them 1-100 if needed.image saying "We all have a close knit group that we trust"

Before this starts to sound too complicated remember, it’s just the way things are worded and if you have read my post about routines, then you know we can easily create the space we want to best understand things ourselves.

Grab a notebook or something to write in and let’s get started looking at the process I want to teach you.

Five Essential Things About Making The Right Choices In Life

First, it’s gonna be important that you recognize what actually is involved in each major decision that we will face. 8 Tips On Making The Right Choices In Life

These are defining the issue, brainstorm possible solutions, discuss or weigh our options, narrow down our choices, pick one and create an action plan, evaluate the result.

Assuming that you are familiar with each of them we want to simplify this to the easiest 5 steps or possibilities we can imagine. You already know this is an important decision and your gut is going to lead you to one choice.

Recognizing this where do we go next? Do we challenge our gut or do we just go for it?

Here are the 5 things that are required to make a good decision:

  1. Trust your instincts – Because it feels right to do so.
  2. Never base your decision on emotions, these can and will change.
  3. Use your creativity and imagination when listing any pros or cons
  4. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Some decisions will leave others guessing.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up for making less than favorable ones.

Once you have this set of requirements in your mind decisions will become so much less stressful. Don’t second guess any of your choices because it’s necessary to make mistakes to actually learn to make the best decisions.

image saying "Hopefully you have taken the time to understand yourself"8 powerful tips for making a decision you trust

Now, that we have the 5 requirements we can go even further and learn how to trust ourselves about making the best decisions. These will be areas to brush up on prior to starting any long-term planning.

Here are the 8 tips for making a decision you can trust:

#1 Tip – Make certain it’s rational to you and what you are trying to accomplish. In other words, don’t just do eany meany miney moe. Figure out enough information so that it makes sense to you.

#2 Tip – Going with your gut or instinct means we should understand what intuition does for us. One great way to increase our intuition is to practice meditation. Over time you will find it much easier to focus on the choices and just be able to pick something without doubting it.image saying "eventually you will want to hire people to advise you on decisions"

#3 Tip – We all have a close-knit group(or should work on finding one) that we trust. The more intuitions that agree the easier it is to get excited about taking a risk. You are certainly allowed to get other peoples advice but still, the decision will be up to you.

#4 Tip – Hopefully you have taken the time or are currently working hard to understand yourself. This is important because our values and beliefs have to be in alignment with what we decide to do. To prevent a decision from impacting us negatively we always must consult with our core values.

#5 Tip – At some point, you will likely want to pay people to advise you before you make a decision. This will be another powerful way to get expert advice and to trust that you will be able to make a great decision.image saying " Beware of any emotions that could hinder your decision making ability"

#6 Tip – Be aware of any emotions that could impact your decision-making ability. Fears or negative thoughts need to be acknowledged and dismissed before you decide what to do. Not only does fear hurt with understanding the information it can lead us to make the poorest choices. Be sure to remove these kinds of things from your mind to be certain you will choose what is best.

#7 Tip – Factor in the cost of everything involved so that it meets all the other requirements. Some of these decisions will not make any sense because of the price or another tradeoff that hurts.

#8 Tip – Along the same lines as the last one know the tradeoffs and the risks involved. Does it make sense to risk our lives in order to achieve? Does the cost or the time that is involved add up to some outcome we are willing to take. Sacrifices that are to be made won’t create other more damaging results?

Knowing and considering all of these, on top of the five requirements will be a fantastic way to understand and become confident in every choice that is made.

8 Tips On Making The Right Choices In LifeSharpen your thinking to start understanding

Know what it means to be involved in critical thinking, setting goals, problem-solving, and logical thinking. Once these become easy for you to gain from you will be able to ask yourself the best possible questions.

Let us go over what each one of these actually is:

Critical Thinking – An ability to understand and think about certain topics any given time they may arise or come up. Another way to say this is how well do you understand what a reader would understand. Or an ability to find a reason behind somebody else’s is written work.image saying "factor in the cost of everything involved to make the right choice"

Logical Thinking – By using two things, inductive and deductive reasoning to find a solution to a problem. In simple words, this is where we either base the solution of a problem on facts and evidence(inductive) or we base them on assumptions. This is where we take a generalization such as all men are strong, accepting that as truth means that Jim is strong because he is both a man and all men are strong.

Problem Solving – To solve any type of problem we will need to understand the two parts which make up most problems. The first is a goal, we must desire an outcome before we can even start to try and find a solution. The second is a barrier, what are the difficulties that come into play while trying to reach the goal. Could be things such as money, lack of information, lack of time to search, lack of understanding, and so forth. When both of these are present we have a problem that becomes possible to solve. Our focus is to know how to recognize what a problem is and how we can figure it out for each of the solutions we are looking for.image saying "know the trade offs and risks before making the right choice"

Setting Goals – We all know essentially what a goal is or we wouldn’t be reading this post. Perhaps you came here with the intended goal of this article and that is to learn about decision making made simple. To state this another way it’s simply the result or the outcome of taking action and doing something for a purpose. For this to make sense to us it’s necessary to chase positive goals, so that we are gaining from the actions or behaviors we are taking.

Don’t worry if any of these are confusing at this point, the reason I brought them all up is to show you there is actually quite a lot to understand when you are involved decision making.

Let’s review all we have learned about decision making

The further we dive in, the more complex things start to get. If you are not sure about how to make a decision, the best advice is to learn about yourself as much as possible and trust your gut.

For those who need a bit more understanding, we should also be ready to listen to others up to a point to see what they may be able to add.

After doing both of those things we can either keep searching for a better choice or make one and hope for the best because it’s easy to learn from a mistake.

To go even further we can start to get creative and weigh the pros and cons. This may help show us that one is clearly an obvious choice.

The important thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but ourselves. And to get a better understanding of yourself I have given you more advanced things to consider.

Hopefully these 8 tips on making the right choices in life make sense and will create the best possible results for you.


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