3 Ways To Get Control Of Your Life – Routines, Rituals and Habits

Feeling stuck with no way to figure out how to fit any more into your already hectic life? Why not consider trying out these 3 ways to get control of your life?

Not only will you be able to find more time, but you will also be able to pick and choose what to do with it. 

That is the point of this article to get everyone involved by using routines, rituals, and habits more.

Unfortunately, many of us do not know how to use our time wisely. We waste minute after minute just waiting to think of something to do next. 

Think for a moment about your life now, do you wish you had more free time to pursue a hobby? Would you like to be able to start working on an online business?

By freeing up one additional hour here and there you will start to see the benefits right away from getting yourself organized.

Let us begin by looking at what each one means and how it will be useful.

What are Routines and how do they benefit us?

Most information about routines will tell you that it’s everything you have to do before going to work. When in reality it’s the quickest way to get you from bed to the car without making a mess of things which would delay your arrival by even a second.

An example of a morning routine is waking up, brushing your teeth, having coffee and a quick breakfast. At some point, we still need to get dressed and grab any projects that were take-home jobs.

These are often things we put off and create a lot of unnecessary stress because things can go horribly wrong any time after we wake up. That is if we do actually wake up when we want to.

When building routines we simply look at every possibility that would prevent us from our goal of getting to work on time. This is just one example because different people have different objectives first thing in the morning.

Perhaps you work at home and have much more time to get ready. Certainly, you will be able to slow things down more and enjoy the process that is associated with waking up.

For example, maybe you are able to work out for 30 minutes and then jump into the shower before breakfast. After that, you jump online, have a coffee and check on your whatever. 

You sip your coffee and when your done it’s time to brush your teeth and give yourself a pep talk before starting to work. 

More and more people are choosing a much less hectic life because technology makes it possible to slow down and not rush anymore.

This also means we can create rituals that will give us an edge over other people.

What is a ritual and how is it different from a routine?

Good question so let’s look at what is meant by a ritual. Similar to a routine where we do exactly the same thing in the same steps every day. 

Rituals are much more creative and tend to mean we care about doing them with more desire to achieve a direct outcome.

In other words, we do a ritual because it will have a positive result that we really want to happen. Sometimes we do them because we need it to happen.

An example of a ritual is taking steps in the preparation of your breakfast. Say you are looking to eat healthily and have decided that you are gonna combine eggs, salmon, broccoli, and spinach into a smoothie.

You are expecting this to give your body and mind some specific result. No matter what, you have chosen to undertake this ritual for as long as needed.

Even it if tastes disgusting you chug it down and feel the effects as it’s being digested. Because of this process, you will most likely pay attention to how much you weigh or how much more focus you have gotten.

Why is this different than a routine? Because our minds are expecting something very specific to happen as a result. Instead of getting up, getting ready, and getting to work.

We are getting up and doing something specifically for a reason. 

What are habits and how are they involved with all of this?

Ah, I am glad you asked. Habits are things we do which either harm or help us. Usually, we do them without even thinking or planning.

These are good things like eating a snack or saying a prayer. These are bad when we don’t like them, such as drinking too much coffee or smoking because we know better.

The basics for a habit is that it consists of three parts: A trigger, a behavior, and a reward. With an end goal of being an automated action or behavior that gets performed by us.

Another way of showing you what a habit is about is to use an example: 

Every night I set my alarm to wake me up at 7 a.m. and when it goes off (trigger) I wake up(behavior). The reward is I am able to get myself up at the time I wanted to. (reward)

Another example: I set out what to wear the next day so it’s easy to get ready. When I see the clothes(trigger) I know to get dressed(behavior) I am able to get up and get dressed quickly(reward) 

When I plan for things I can set reminders anywhere I want that will help me to do something I want to do. (habit)

A habit means we make small decisions that are followed by actions that we take each day.

How does knowing about all of these help with self-improvement?

This is where planning things comes into play. Self-improvement is about planning and doing positive things. We can plan on doing rituals, routines, and habits to help us change our behavior.

When we plan our routines out we often have one goal in mind. So instead of just wasting time, we try to get to the result as fast as possible.

What if we plan for many results instead of just one big one at the end? Does this sound like a better way to use a routine than to just get to work on time?

Instead of eating breakfast to fill us up we plan a ritual to eat for a purpose. This hopefully will result in ourselves being healthier and making our daily goals easier to do.

Because we have changed something that may have been hurting our focus and energy we have begun to correct a bad habit.

When we create more rituals that have a goal of removing our bad habits we create far more benefits within our daily routines.

And because of this, we are able to actually function on an optimized level which can change how well we gain our skills and abilities.

You go from being sluggish and lazy all day to a desire of doing more to give yourself a better life. The results are endless possibilities including a bigger bank account, more time to spend with family, more time to do fun hobbies or activities and you gain motivation to live your life fully.

There will be more to look at about all three of these later on, for now, it’s just important to understand and be aware of them.

Let’s recap on what we have learned…

Our days are made up of routines, rituals and habits which most likely are a waste of energy. When we understand this about ourselves we learn to make a few changes.

These changes can happen by utilizing rituals to complete a specific set of actions or habits that focus on one behavior. They are a part of our routines which are the combinations of all our actions taken during a certain period of time.

By being aware of our choices in things our bad habits start to vanish and new positive habits take over. Our bodies and minds are loving us more and can lead to more productivity and changes.

To improve your life with self-improvements is just a matter of planning ahead for things we wish to do. With a strong enough desire, we become better versions of ourselves and end up with greater results.

With these 3 ways to get control of your life, you will develop all the necessary actions to make things super simple and easy.

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