Health Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercises

Woman outside being mindful

All forms of mindfulness exercises are about being in the present moment, and by practicing these you will experience less stress, less anxiety, and less depression than currently. Some other health benefits of easy mindfulness exercises include: improving your self-awareness, control of emotions, feeling your best, becoming more self-compassionate, becoming more loving toward others and … Read moreHealth Benefits Of Easy Mindfulness Exercises

Hypnotherapy for social anxiety, social phobia and shyness

Woman Laying On A Couch Waiting To Be Hypnotized

Let’s just say curiosity got me into trying this new approach to social anxiety. There is just something incredibly fascinating when I think about hypnosis or the subconscious mind. The relaxation of meditation plus the focused affirmation type suggestions gives me hope that I can find some amount of usefulness with it. Hypnotherapy for social … Read moreHypnotherapy for social anxiety, social phobia and shyness

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