20 Ways To Gain More Courage

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As you may know by now courage is an essential part of your life whether you practice it or not.

The reason is that whoever finds the strength to face their problems, gains the biggest advantage.

When you learn these 20 ways to gain more courage, it’s going to absolutely change your life for the better.

I feel that I must warn you because it’s very easy to get overexcited.

The real world doesn’t produce results as fast as you want, there will be a need to improve your patience.

So before I cover all those ways, let’s get one thing straight.

You will need to train yourself to be able to tolerate rejections, there is just no way to chase the things you want without getting turned down many times.

This means that not only will you have the enormous advantages of bravery, but you will also learn how to endure the most annoying things that deter others.

I assume you already have an understanding of yourself, which means you know what you want and don’t want.

Without that knowledge, you will not have a direction to move in.

So, if you are not yet at that point, take the time to go back and create your journal.

Don’t worry, this article will still be here when you are caught up.

For those of you who are ready, create a new journal entry named “nothing scares me now.” (or anything you like as long as it’s about finding courage).

Do you have the patience to tolerate courage?

I like this question for a couple of reasons, you get the chance to think about what it’s saying, you learn something just by reading into its wording, and you know that to gain more courage it’s gonna mean you adapt to changes.

What kind of changes?

The kind that will transform your thinking process and help you start to see things in the universal view.

This is very important because starting right now you need to learn that your perception is wrong.

A Woman Wearing A Jacket That Says Fear Of God

I don’t mean wrong as in bad, but that it’s flawed and doesn’t give you the option of seeing things the way they truly are.

This is the way that you were taught to see things because it’s the most convenient way to meet the requirements set upon you by other people.

The reason that it’s wrong is that you are biased to things just like everyone else is who doesn’t adapt to a universal view.

But even if you have already made a slight transition to see things more as a community view, this is still not enough.

I wrote about compassion a while back and this is also an important concept to know about.

Heck, it’s a great way to practice modeling your life after a compassionate view of things.

But even it’s got some shortcomings since it’s not likely that you can view everyone across the planet and see how they all suffer.

Sometimes it’s difficult just to practice this in your family life, let alone in a universal way.

So, the true test is, how you can teach or train yourself to understand everyone every time. i.e.

Trying to understand what it’s like to be starving when you don’t have any worries about finding food, would need to become a reality for you.

Or to survive the horrors of war when you haven’t enlisted and experienced that first hand.

What can somebody do in that position who is trying to view the universal perception of things, and what is the end goal when you do?

The thing is you may not need to experience any of this because there are going to be books, movies, interviews, articles and more about these things so that you can learn.

Remember what you are trying to do here, that is to learn how to see past your own flawed vision of things in order to understand the biggest picture possible.

A View Of The Universe

That is only possible when you obtain the best knowledge about everything.

So, in order for you to be more courageous, you will need to be a top-rated researcher or a student, who desires to learn something new every chance you have.

Let’s face it, that is no small challenge to face because where do you start and when does it end if ever?

That is the thing, you want to gain the vital advantages over everyone else, which is going to require you to learn more than you know right now.

How much you learn or when you do it is up to you, but remember the goal of this is to find the courage to achieve everything you desire in your life.

Do you still want to learn how to gain more courage?

Does it worry you to know that you will basically need to be learning for the rest of your life?

Because everyone continues to learn something new, they just aren’t always aware of it like you and me.

Eternity, infinity or priceless

A Beautiful Waterfall

Words that mean something beyond what has meaning to the majority, because they don’t have a solid way to see the concepts.

To suggest that something never ends or that it’s not worth anything is a lie that your subconscious mind can’t grasp.

That usually is just accepted as an existing truth.

But in reality, you know better because life will most likely end as you know it when you die.

Or that something does have a value because priceless items can be purchased.

Things that are vague which cause confusion for 1000 Alex,

  • never
  • always
  • everything
  • nothing
  • something
  • eternity
  • infinity
  • priceless
  • worthless
  • special
  • unique

Why do you continue to use these words?

The problem with the way you think is that you accept things which aren’t really things that your mind understands.

You know of the concept yes, but do you remember it as what it is? Or what it’s lacking?

It’s very difficult to go after a goal when it’s not set up in a way that’s attainable. i.e.

Someday I will be rich because I will gain every skill I need to in order to do everything that I can think of doing.

Your mind is this way too, you will need to teach it specifics if you ever want it to help you face a challenge.

Or to access a solution for your problems.

This is why you must understand the meanings to all that you wish to learn and to achieve.

Without that understanding, you will be staring up at the sun and wonder why you lose your vision.

What is your role? What is your identity? What is the truth about you?

A Woman Covering A Part Of Her Face

Can you answer all these questions in a way that doesn’t lose any of the meaning that you want somebody else to understand?

Courage is all about the way you think and isn’t about the different possibilities you may discover.

Because it’s the same as the way you view yourself, you can become anything, you can do everything or you can be nothing and not do lots of things.

This is not the case when you choose which roles you want to play, or what your skills and abilities broadcast about you to the world.

The truth is that you are whatever you want to become and that it’s possible to do it all.

The hiccup that you will experience, is that some things don’t feel like they are worth going after.

There are changes that happen when you start something which becomes less desirable to continue doing.

Then it’s not that clear as to why things are not working out the way you expected them to work.

Not only do you need to know how you have to think, but you also need to learn how you communicate within yourself in order to discover your real needs.

What that is saying to you is that you experience emotions because of the way you are thinking. The actions you are taking and the behavior you are demonstrating.

This is all a part of your minds communication system and to continue to be brave and pursue what you want, you need to also understand what each emotion is telling you.

Back to your journal and what you need to figure out is, when you feel certain ways you track them in your emotions and feelings section.

Writing about what you are doing, how long you do it, what you started out feeling and what you ended up feeling like after.

This also works well when you are interacting with other people and can help you see which topics change your moods.

Now for the why, because you need to know the purpose of this work. The benefit will be extraordinary awareness so that you can keep control over your reactions.

Without this, you can only monitor yourself for specific situations and choose to avoid them or not.

With this information and practice, you will be able to keep yourself cool, calm, confident in the face of any challenges that come up.

That will help you understand how to become fearless, and how you can gain the high levels of courage you will be needing.

A Woman Holding A Bottle With Her Eyes Shut

Here are the 20 ways to gain courage now that you’re ready for them

1) Knowing the difference between your wants and the things you don’t want to have happen. You go from being uncertain, to having a clear destination.

2) A belief system that is made up of all the wants you have plus the things to avoid. In addition to those, you develop the confidence to pursue your dreams which means you need to believe in everything being possible.

3) You need a way to decide on whether you believe in something or that you refuse it. When you create a strategy to use and a plan to follow, you will be capable of moving forward.

4) A strong desire to change your situation from it’s current state to one that exists without all the major challenges.

5) A plan of action that will build your skills and strengthen any which you already have.

6) The patience to learn from your mistakes and the ability to handle rejections.

7) The tolerance to know failures are just results that eliminate another possibility.

8) A universal perception of the world, the suffering of others, and the ability to handle whatever obstacle you encounter.

9) A concept of specific plans for specific actions this way you don’t waste your effort without knowing where you are going.

10) An ability to know yourself and communicate effectively so that you change from fearful to fearless.

11) A reward system that adds incentives for your progress. This way you build momentum as you reach new milestones.

12) You will write down your experiences so that you can reflect on things as you need.

13) A way to experiment and find evidence that supports your beliefs to help strengthen and improve yourself.

14) The ability to ignore outside influencers such as friends, family, and everyone that isn’t a proven source you can trust.

15) A purpose that will help to elevate your mood whenever you are having a less than ideal day.

16) Time management system so that you work whenever you are scheduled regardless of mood. This allows you to learn self-discipline and avoid procrastination.

17) A clear focus on your plans and goals that you can look at numerous times a day. This helps you seal those into your subconscious mind and allows you to concentrate all your energy.

18) A Group that is doing similar things so you can grab encouragement and not feel like you are doing things on your own.

19) A resources plan so that you will make adjustments as needed to obtain the right information, skills, tools, or equipment to use in your transformation.

20) A belief that you are not going to quit until you reach your goals. This must be an unbreakable belief that you strengthen every day and remind yourself that you are the one who looks out for yourself. That nobody else can bring these into your life except you and that all your effort will be worth it when you achieve your dreams.

There you go these are the things that will give you courage, the same things that you have learned most likely to do the opposite of. There are certainly more things that can factor into the courage you gain.

But keep in mind not everyone is shy, not everyone has inferiority complex issues, and that irrational fears will change how you set up your belief systems.

A Woman Sitting Who Is Wearing A Pink Hat

A few other tools to help gain courage

Optimism is a way of thinking about things so that you see the best possibilities instead of the worst. This will be something you can learn while you build up your belief system.

Watch out for sabotage, that is where you start to doubt something or when you come up with excuses to skip doing the work necessary. There will be bad moods but that isn’t an acceptable reason to let your plans get ruined.

Not only will you want to build a plan to attain your goals but also work on a plan B so that you are prepared for anything that could go wrong. It will be better to do in small steps so you don’t lose hope.

That is the other part of gaining confidence that really needs your attention if you’re not familiar with it. Work on a system that will be used to build up your hope at all times.

This means that the more you see yourself succeeding, the more your mind realizes it’s possible and the more motivation you can have.

Eliminate any self-pity, any feelings of being better than everyone else, and learn to be grateful for all that you do. For any other tips and tricks keep researching for things and learn all about human nature.

There are a bunch of social skills, communication skills, and learning skills that will help speed things up for you while you continue to make new leaps in your transformation.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments and write them below. Whenever you can find time, practice and visualize yourself practicing things to improve even more.

20 ways to gain more courage is your steps to becoming free from obstacles in your life. They will not prevent new problems from coming up but when you learn to handle yourself it will help you immensely.

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2 thoughts on “20 Ways To Gain More Courage”

  1. The trick to gain courage is to have a plan and to follow that plan regardless of how you feel about doing anything. There is a pill for courage because you can realistically change any label on a bottle of pills and convince your mind that it is going to make you brave. Instead of taking a multivitamin every morning just start to believe that it’s a courage pill to make you 100 percent braver. Because when you are doing something that you know is going to benefit you it’s not a lie, it’s just disguised as a symbol and your subconscious mind loves to communicate with symbols. The act of reminding yourself every morning to try something new, or to take a risk you used to avoid is as easy to swallow as a pill for your health.

  2. I think I seriously just need a courage pill! These are some great ways to gain courage. Some I have thought of, and try to use daily. Some I have not and will try to incorporate into my daily life. I think just having a purpose, writing down things that I need to work on with courage, and focusing on a plan of action. All great ideas you have listed!

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