18 Benefits Built And Created With Positive Thinking

18 Benefits Built And Created With Positive Thinking

An open mind, a belief that you control your own life, and now the 18 benefits built and created with positive thinking.

This is the best way for you to start to become the person you have always felt you were.

The only thing that stops you from getting your wants, dreams, and desires is you.

That over your entire life the one obstacle which is the biggest is your own mind and your own lack of control over that mind.

Having already made such a huge breakthrough now is not the time to start regressing.

You must understand what you will gain and how positive thinking will be essential to creating your motivation.

I like that word essential much more than the word required.

When something is essential I can picture positive things, but when it’s required I see things I have to do.

One brings joy the other one I try to hide from. Don’t tell me show me, don’t judge me help me, don’t provoke me motivate me.

The duality in life is one of the most important concepts you can understand. What goes up must come down only applies on earth, so does it really have duality?

Positive thinking and open-mindedness

Everyone knows what positive is, but not everyone does it, why? It’s not like it’s a difficult concept, it’s not something that you even have to try very hard to do.

But the idea is I want something only if it’s not required of me to do something. How do you stop a thought that means you have to take action?

One way is to stop using the words that create the thoughts, to begin with. I know I am responsible for the vocabulary I have in my control. But I still use the words that don’t serve me, why?

Positive thinking comes from the simplest way you live your life, and the easiest way to make a change is to slowly start using different words.positive thinking is essential to motivation and success

Today I replace required with essential, or to do list with a priority list. Tomorrow I learn what it means to write down my feelings, my emotions, my experiences, and my preferences.

Perhaps you like the word required and feel strongly that essential is wrong. That’s something you personally control because you can’t stop me from what I prefer. (you can but that would cause me harm)

Harm is another negative word that you can replace with damage, suffering, or unpleasantness but all of them mean something that’s not positive.

In that case, you replace your thoughts about the action you control. I won’t cause harm to anyone including myself because I know it’s not positive.A mindset control every part of who you are

What do you do for fun or joy or happiness or comfort or problems or money or or or or? Start thinking along the lines of what matters most.

Take that idea and break it down into what makes it so valuable to you and creates it as something you desire? You can only start to be positive when you have a reason to do so or a motivation to do so.

I can’t force you or anyone else to read my blogs, I can’t control the shit that happens to you, I can’t solve all your problems because I don’t control you.

What I do control is every single decision I can make, my behavior, my actions, my thoughts, my knowledge, my everything. Because I understand that it all starts with a mindset.

18 Benefits Built And Created With Positive Thinking

What is a positive mindset to have?

To become an optimist you must first understand the difference between your options. You choose how you view the world because it’s under your control by way of your mind.

When you train your brain to see things positively, you learn that optimism means looking for the positives in life. Rather than the pessimist who sees everything based on the worst things that could happen.

The reason optimism and positive matter to you is because it helps you choose how you will feel at every moment you are alive. Are there times you will feel different than you would choose?optimism is positive thinking for every part of life

Yes, but that isn’t a big problem since you can quickly think of the positive in your life. You have experienced enough positives which cancel out and replaces that negative feeling you had.

A common way that stops people from making the right choices is their thoughts about how difficult or time consuming it will be. This is also known as doubting yourself or self-sabotaging your life.

When you start to track your thoughts you will learn how simple this really is. Nothing more than getting to know yourself because each thought has a likely cause.Your mind makes it possible to accomplish anything

You journal about things that come up, you ask yourself questions that reveal the truths, then you can start to eliminate the problem directly from the root of the issue.

Time-consuming isn’t a real thing because you waste far more time when you remain negative. You will take fewer actions, experience fewer things, understand less, have way less pleasure, and experience more pain.

The tradeoffs are pretty simple to see in this case, you don’t benefit by being inactive.

18 Benefits Built And Created With Positive Thinking

18 Benefits of positive thinking

You will probably notice by now that this entire post has been revealing the benefits but I will state them so it’s certain you will understand what they are.

  • creates an open mind
  • builds a better version of you
  • is the only way to find happiness
  • will create wealth in your life
  • will be essential in understanding who you are
  • will create confidence
  • is your purpose to live your life
  • means you are alive rather then you wish you were dead
  • opens the door for you to be successful
  • is why you learn
  • builds your capabilities to extraordinary levels
  • builds your creativity
  • improves your imagination
  • proves why you believe things
  • give your values meaning
  • helps everyone
  • invents new things
  • is the answer to life’s mysteries

Did you know all of that? By now I hope you have a better understanding of why it’s important to understand as much of this as you can.

You and your mind create everything you do. You have that sole responsibility to do those steps to build your life to exactly what you want it to be.

18 Benefits Built And Created With Positive Thinking

One more thing about positive thinking

I will touch on this in the future but I wanted to ask you a question about how you see change. Does it scare you or does it excite you? Why?

The moment change comes up into your thinking you will automatically respond one of two ways and it’s important you realize that about yourself.

I can tell you what the reason is that change feels so awful, it’s due to the fact it takes energy to consider all the outcomes that could be possible.

Words like would, should, could, might, maybe, perhaps, and even possible are ways that reinforce that there are things we don’t understand yet.

Believe me when I say learning something can be exhausting when you don’t understand the reason it’s important. Think about this for next time and let me know what else you want me to write about.

18 benefits built and created with positive thinking are just the right amount of reasons you need to get to work on yourself. Before you know it nothing will seem impossible and your dreams will begin to come true.




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2 thoughts on “18 Benefits Built And Created With Positive Thinking”

  1. I struggled in my life and realized a while back that it was due to a lot of the things I thought about myself, others, and the world in general. When I started letting go of a few stubborn beliefs and got into the habit of searching for my own answers. I was starting to improve how I felt, it wasn’t a fast way to feel better but over time I was less depressed and more driven to search for more answers.

    Over the course of time, after I quit drinking, I really felt like there was little reason to live. But that changed by realizing there is something even better than to get drunk at every chance. There are so many wonderful people that aren’t idiots and who want to genuinely help others it’s contagious and it’s how I really started to feel better.

    In an overall mindset, positive thinking is like having a master key to everything that has always held me back from my potential. Unlocking all of these benefits isn’t something that might happen, it’s something that will happen as long as you stay willing to work on yourself. I appreciate the comment and want to thank you for continuing to support this site.

  2. I do believe in positive thinking, and the glass is always half full. I really don’t even like being around negative people. As you list, the benefits are immense when you think positively and things tend to go your way more too. For me, the biggest benefit is that I am happy. Positive thoughts keeps me in a happy mood. Great information as always!

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