15 Secrets To Attract What You’re Worth

15 Secrets To Attract What You're Worth

In 15 secrets to attract what you’re worth you are going to be looking at what it takes to actually get what you want.

This is the fourth part of the series I have written, which is all about using your fears to improve your life.

To go back to the first part, follow this link to read about power and success.

The way you will need to achieve success depends on the amount of power, happiness, control, and influence that you want.

Here is what you need to know before you get started. There is a process that says you attract things of equal value to your life that you wish for.

Which is only part of the truth, you need to possess a few things to go with that wish.

Just because you can dream big isn’t gonna be enough to achieve them. Knowing that you need something more then just a desire means you are gonna be needing to put forth the effort.

This also means that desire and effort play a key part in your motivation to achieve any success.

The possibility that you can gain financial freedom amongst other things is 100{002cebbb9982bb452b7f35ba8a1ec40e802a4e49a9f04bce8c9af9df955e9923} realistic as long as your skills and abilities are up to pace with what is gonna be needed.

Now that you have Effort, Desire, and Motivation, you can see that there is a simple process that is gonna have to happen to proceed any farther.

What happens when you have doubts about your abilities? Does this change your chances of achieving what you want? Yes, in fact, that change is monumental but not impossible to overcome.

This just means you are gonna be sidetracked or that life has given you another temporary obstacle to overcome.There is a high possibility of achieving success

Hence the name of this website overcome life obstacles. Hmm. What do you need to do to figure out what needs to happen to be prepared for these kinds of obstacles?

Knowing that everyone has wants and desires, will show that you need to have something of value before you can start to fulfill your wants.

Another way to say this is that you have to offer something that is wanted by another person to gain what you want in return. This means that a wish isn’t anything real until you take action and start to pursue it.

How do you find things of value that you can offer to other people which will make your wants obtainable?

15 Secrets To Attract What You're Worth

15 Secrets to attracting what you’re worth depend on you

This is where these tips or secrets will help you out. I want you to see the benefits of how you will go from a shy or anxious person to one who has confidence, knows what they want, and acquires the skills to go after them.

There is no better way to look at it than that and when you realize this at the very beginning you know it’s gonna be an uphill battle. That is unless you already have certain things to bring to this scenario.

What exactly do you need to learn to make this process achievable in the least amount of time and effort possible? Or what are these secrets and where do you get them?

15 secrets to attract what you’re worth15 Secrets To Attract What You're Worth

#1 Secret – Passion

#2 Secret – Compassion

#3 Secret – Energy

#4 Secret – Time

#5 Secret – Positive Mindset

#6 Secret – Self-worth

#7 Secret – Trust

#8 Secret – Faith

#9 Secret – Optimism

#10 Secret – Open mind

#11 Secret – Self-awareness

#12 Secret – Decision-Making Skills

#13 Secret – Being Fearless

#14 Secret – Worry Free

#15 Secret – Creativity

Like I said giving you these little hints will get you started for certain in the right direction. But this is probably not enough to actually clear things up for you.

How 15 secrets become skills you should obtain

Simply telling yourself that you want something sounds like it would be enough, but in reality, it’s gonna be difficult to stick to doing something consistently. What will be needed is a strong desire or a passion.Knowing that everyone has wants and desires

Passion – means you will devote an extraordinary amount of time, effort, patience to consistently stay up to date on whatever it is that you want. Some people make hobbies of all sorts their passions and that’s fine because it’s something they get joy from doing.

The reason that passion is so important is that working passed your problems needs a commitment from you right out of the gate. You want to become fully immersed in the language and learn the terminology used because you ideally will need to be an expert to get the achievements you’re after.

Compassion – means you will be able to identify the suffering of other people. This way you can feel what it’s like and offer them support. One of the greatest secrets to gaining freedom from worry, anxiety, and fear is to think about other people and observe that you aren’t the only person who has problems.

The reason that compassion is so important is that working past your problems needs you to step out away from thinking you are a special case. That it needs you to identify what problems are really common amongst people from all walks of life. One great way to stop feeling like a victim or helpless is to start helping somebody else out instead of being full of self-pity.These secrets will help you with social anxiety and shyness

Energy – means you will be able to find the strength and the part inside of you that drives your desire to do more. You will need to find the energy to continue and push yourself to its limit at times. Physical, mental, and emotional changes take a lot of energy and it’s important that you know about this right from the start so you can be ready for the times when your drive is lowest.

The reason that energy is important is that going from something that is or was painful toward something that is pleasurable takes the most effort. Your body is used to doing the easiest things to just get by even when that means you are feeling the worst. By being more aware of what you need and where you are growing will be an adjustment at first.

15 Secrets To Attract What You're Worth

Time – means that you will need to set aside the appropriate amount of time to do anything. Rather than think about shortcuts or ways around doing the work, it’s better to make a schedule and to do small tasks that will build into bigger tasks. Obviously the more time you can spend on a task the quicker you will see the results you are after.

The reason that time is so important is due to the fact there is only so much of it during your life. That means you need to prioritize the things you want the most and then do those as soon as possible.Learning to get yourself organized and to take advantage of building good habits will determine the success that you will make.

Positive Mindset – This is huge because you need to get your thoughts to a level that helps you obtain your goals. When you are just starting out it’s very easy to be distracted by things or others and to listen to the wrong kinds of advice. Taking control of your mind from the very beginning will eliminate many of the time-wasting setbacks which are always just around the next corner.

The reason your mind is so important is that everything you focus on can either be useful or useless. Which means eliminating your doubts, worries, and fears are one of the most important reasons to learn who you are. It’s impossible to obtain self-worth if you have limiting beliefs or an inner voice that second guesses you about anything you try to do.You need a strong desire or a passion

Self-Worth – To achieve the stuff you want means you have to think that you deserve to have them. You can spend an eternity making wishes or describing all the wants and needs you have. But it won’t do you any good at all unless you can get to a belief that you are worthy of your desires. You can’t allow for those negative thoughts to come up or to take you off your schedule.

Planning on having setbacks is a wonderful way to actually see them coming. Things like fear of failure, fear of success, self-sabotage are real possibilities early on. The best way to get them removed is to understand that it’s fine to think the way you think. But it’s entirely possible to acknowledge and let things go immediately when it enters your mind That way you won’t waste time or energy trying to figure out why something won’t work.

Trust – means you have identified what you know as priorities and set your sights on them. You have made a plan, set a schedule, and believe in yourself to follow that plan no matter what comes up. It’s about your values, beliefs and your identity or self-image. Allowing yourself to learn and make mistakes as you go and not letting yourself get too emotional that you would end up quitting.

The reason that you are learning to do everything is so that you can get to a point where you trust yourself one hundred percent and that way things become automatic. When it happens you will breeze through the tasks you know you do well and not even hesitate to say yes or to try other things.Compassion will help you move past your problems

Faith – means you are building the trust you have in yourself and continuing to believe in your gut that you can make the right decisions. This also means establishing a network because you can get to know the key people in your life that are experts already and they become the go-to people when you need advice.

The reason you are deciding to take the actions that will get you the things you want is that you have faith that it’s the right way to do it. You won’t be second-guessing yourself or wanting to change your mind. You will be open and listen to critiques and suggestions without getting your feelings hurt because you know it’s what happens and needs to happen to improve.

Optimism – means you believe that a majority of things will work out well. This eliminates the worry that the universe is out to get you and that everything you do is a failure. When you don’t already know something you understand that it’s an opportunity to expand your knowledge and not a reason to complain.

The reason that this is important is that you understand that nothing good comes from blaming, complaining, whining or bitching and moaning about something. That you are better off accepting the task right away and learning what is needed. Rather than wasting your time trying to get people to sympathize at how bad it must be for you to have to do what other people already do.

15 Secrets To Attract What You're Worth

Open-Mind – means you are prepared to listen and understand that everything should be given a chance to be expressed. No matter who it is or what it is you will at least be willing to acknowledge it whether you decide to accept it or not is your choice in the matter.

The reason it’s important is that you never know where you will find your next monumental idea from, you never know if there is a better way to do something, and you want to look for the value in everything before you just assume that it’s garbage. This also means that you understand the fact everyone is important for there own reason.Eliminate your doubts, worries, and fears because your mind is important

Self-Awareness – means you will be there to observe yourself without judging. Because you already understand that everything that is the most important for you to witness is happening right now in your life. When you believe without a hesitation that you are only responsible for yourself and not that of anyone else you will know what freedom really is like.

The reason this is important is that it helps your mind become non-judgmental and you can look at the world in all its glory for the very best it has to offer. You will be capable of understanding what value really means and that you won’t be obsessed with anything or anyone that doesn’t help out with the bigger picture that is life.

Decision Making Skills – means you need to figure out the way you will prioritize your tasks or your time and energy. Without a way to make quick decisions, it’s far more likely that you will find yourself stuck. Living in the moment or moving from the most important to the next is a wonderful time and energy saver. The sooner you figure out what you want and make a list of how to get them, the sooner you will have them.

The reason this is important is so you can pass things on to other people and not waste a second concerned about wasteful tasks which don’t matter at all. Everyone faces choices and some of those are just distractions that offer no help or value to anyone. With the right skills, you will be able to identify quickly what they are and how to move on asap.Observing things while being non-judgmental helps your mind focus

Being Fearless – means you don’t need to see fear as anything but the positive and that will lead you to do things when other people can’t or won’t. The easier you can identify something that way the sooner you can get past it and learn what was needed. Your body will use fear to warn of danger and it’s usually pretty easy to let it go after you’re done.

The reason it’s important is that everyone has them and most people haven’t learned why. When you can teach yourself and others that fears are just momentary distractions, the better you will be able to handle the real problems that you can solve.

Worry-Free – When you no longer fear things you will find that worrying about something is also not important. This goes right along with being fearless and trusting yourself to learn what is needed and to move on quickly. When things are just not important and you are worried about them, it’s your mind trying to sabotage you. Identify this and take back control over your thoughts.

The reason it’s important is that there are nice things you can worry about. You can learn exactly what those are and then let go of all the other ones. This will create more opportunities for you to track and come up with ideas. Without quality ideas, you will find that very little else is valuable.Creativity is an incredible ability to possess

Creativity – means that you are capable of taking something from an idea to invention or creation. There are all types of wonderful things you can come up with when your mind has the time and the energy to focus exactly where you want it to. That means you are able to solve problems which will have a major impact on other peoples lives and that is how you can create value quickly.

Unlike the other things, this one is full of great reasons that will continue to move you in the direction you want to go. Use this skill to help, teach, create, mentor, build, listen, show, perform, maintain, or anything else you can imagine. Creativity is the mother of all skills because it’s the best way to truly make a huge impact on this world and to make you a priceless individual.

15 Secrets To Attract What You're Worth

Learning these 15 secrets should be your priority

No matter who you are or where you come from all of these are possible for anyone who wants to learn them. In fact, they are all things you can teach yourself when you have the passion and desire to do so.

That is the very purpose of what I am doing with this website, to teach as many people as possible to understand how they can stop being self-haters, and inspire you to love yourself.

They are great because no matter how you learn them, it’s the correct way to do it. As long as your moving toward what you want, you won’t go in the wrong direction unless you stop learning.

There are many distractions out there and that is unavoidable. Understanding what you want and what you desire, means you will be able to quickly tell whether something is needed or not helpful to what you want.Do you respect and love yourself enough to learn?

The first thing I want from you is a dedicated answer to the question. Do you think you’re worth spending the time it will take to learn these things? Do you think you can become a greater version of yourself then where you start out?

Do you understand what value and worth really mean?

15 secrets to attract what you’re worth is your checklist. In order to gain the skills that you need to obtain to be priceless, learn them all and know how to apply them in your life.

Once you gain these and start to implement them in everything else you do, there will be no stop to what you can truly accomplish.

Be sure to get my free ebook on confidence if you haven’t done so yet. You will be able to get the latest updates as well as the book below.

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How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

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  1. Hi Christina,
    The thing about optimism is you really need to have a focus on your goals. When you aim for something you have a couple choices, go high on expectations or break your goals into more bite-size chunks. When I look ahead at where I want this website to go, there are many stepping stones I need to arrive at before it will be the vision that is in my head.

    Each step along the way I know I have a chance to reformulate the process. Where am I now compared to a week ago, where do I believe I can do better, and where can I concentrate so that I make the biggest move but not gamble too much with regards to quality. What this does is free my mind from obsessing about each little step in relation to the overall.

    As long as I trust myself it’s gonna go fine, and if there is a hiccup, I will still be able to correct that mistake and rethink based on what I learn. I mention this being called “connecting the dots” Ideally it’s a straight line, but realistically it may be more like a zigzag. When you are worried about things going wrong it’s due to you knowing that mistakes will happen and then not having a plan for when they do.

    The other way to aim is to go high and above anything you will expect possible. This way you know that falling short was your plan the whole time. Sometimes being unrealistic is a great way to give it your all and not be disappointed when you fail. I know I will fail and I want it to happen that way I can be grateful I was able to get as far as I actually did.

    To change your mindset, you just have to realize your the one in complete control of how you choose to view the journey. This way there isn’t anything to fear you just do your thing and become ecstatic when you are gaining progress. Let me know if this cleared it up for you and I appreciate you taking the time to ask.

  2. These secrets can be real eye-openers into strengths and weaknesses. I have worked hard at developing some of these strengths within myself. Some I have most certainly overlooked their value. Optimism is one I battle with often. I am not sure why I have such a hard time with that one. It is a lingering nag in the back of my mind that waits for half the water to leave the glass. I try to examine if it is fear or trust issues. Perhaps these are all interchangeable. Although I am not afraid I can’t handle if something goes wrong, or trust that I can get through it. I just can not seem to change my mindset from believing something inevitably is likely to go wrong. Any suggestions on what can help with that?

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