12 Life-Changing Steps To Do When Bored

When you want to make a life change, sometimes it’s right after a major event has taken place and you just don’t feel like yourself anymore.

With the 12 life-changing steps to do when bored, you can go from feeling down in the dumps, to back into action before you ruin your chances of ever gaining true happiness.

This isn’t limited to anyone who is bored, everyone that wants to know how to become more:

  • joyous,
  • fulfilled,
  • excited,
  • successful, or
  • enthusiatic will want to read what these are.

Since this is about doing something that will make a permanent change, you will need to know that it will require you to read more, write more, and develop a few lists in the process.

The alternative to this is that you can stay bored, stay unhappy, stay in the same place with the life you have had.

That means you probably will end up giving up on your dreams all with this one decsion.

12 Life Changing Steps To Find Your Unmet Needs

What is an unmet need?

How do you learn about them?

Can you be happy without fulfiling them?

What happens to people who don’t figure this out?

I am sure you have heard about life being completely different for everyone.

This is the truth because no matter what you want, where you’re from, or who you think you are, those all may be completely pointless to what you need to be doing with your life.

An unmet need is different from any other need that you have because they come from within yourself.

This means you can’t go out and ask somebody else what it is for you, or you can’t take it away from somebody that has found thiers.

It’s something that your sub mind knows about you that even it doesn’t always make easy to figure out.

The challenge is how you go about unlocking it or how you decipher the code in order to find it’s hiding spot.

These are hidden within the emotions you experience which are sent to you daily because you are either moving towards them or away from them.

How can you learn more about what they are if they are hidden?

Simple, re-live your childhood but put an emphasis on what you remember that is like it could’ve happened yesterday.

This is how well you remember it and it’s usually a vivid image.

The bad news is that unless you figure them out your happiness will always disappear. No matter what you try, you will feel like everything just leads you to more dead ends.

So it’s important that you become serious about finding out what it is before something happens to your memory.

Maybe you have heard of people who seem to have everything and more that they could possibly want.

But the only reason that you hear about them is because they decided to commit suicide and it’s so shocking you can’t quite understand why anyone would do so.

This happens to people from all over the world and isn’t contained to just one geographic location, or contained in one type of career.

People often have no clue what life is about and it’s because they haven’t learned what is really important.

Maybe this interests you now?

I guess it doesn’t have to make you fall off your chair and convince you before you learn the steps. One way to know that you have an unmet need is because you get bored.

Have you ever taken the time to try to understand what boredom really is?

It’s a feeling you get because your mind is telling you that you’re doing stuff that isn’t helping to challenge you.

Or that you are wasting too much time in finding better ways to use your time.

Since most people I know, or used to know are people who always got bored, I know first hand how many people this includes.

Here are the life changing steps to remove boredom

First you have to acknowledge that you don’t know most of what there is to know about life.

To say this another way is that you’re ignorant about what it means to live.

Lot’s of people are experts about chasing short term pleasures but they haven’t taken the time to figure out how to be happy for years.

Or they get used to living so much in the moment that they forget their brain wants them to have a plan just in case something were to happen.

It’s about the whole safety and security issue that is innate in your being alive.

The second thing to realize that it’s not about money, in fact your mind works best when you don’t already have all the resources you need.

One of the big reasons why people get bored is that they make too much money and then it’s no longer challenging.

There has to be something else for you to chase that isn’t about financial status or bank accounts over flowing.

This brings up the third part which is about the people you know and who you really communicate with often.

Did you know that people tend to become friends based on something unrelated to their unmet needs?

It’s quite amazing to see a group of people that don’t function well and still with all their problems they just don’t seem to care that it’s harmful.

You have probably come across people who tease each other and take cheap little shots thinking it’s funny.

These are the people with the worst lives of any, because they secretly are full of hate and because people tend to find other like minded friends, it’s a wonder they don’t kill each other.

Do you have any friends that you don’t really like and that you get mixed feelings about all the time?

Perhaps you should look into what those other feelings are and find out why you are experiencing them.

One reason for boredom is that you don’t know what else there is to do because you don’t want to go out and deal with trying to get passed the people that are in your way.

It’s like telling yourself I can’t go there because xyz will be there and I can’t tolerate them all the time. That’s the first three steps you need to take.

These next steps are gonna hurt but it’s worth it

Now I want you to go to a mirror and really take a good look at your face.

Notice any flaws or any area that you don’t like about yourself and start to keep a journal about what you are seeing and why you are noticing those things.

Step four is about seeing yourself the way you are meant to be seen. It’s not about holding onto your limiting beliefs and being overly concerned about what you really look like.

These are superficial things as you may know, but they don’t actually help your level of happiness in life.

In other words, you see yourself as a mess or maybe you’re wise and you have already learned that you look different to every person who sees you.

Regardless of what you think you look like, nobody will ever see the same thing about another person.

Your mind doesn’t need to see that much detail about a face to realize it’s good. Your perception isn’t based only on one sense, if that was the case nature would be uglier than it is.

Step four is learning that your beliefs about the world you live in aren’t perfect and neither is the way you see yourself or others.

It’s a great thing because it means it’s not important and that it’s okay to go through changes.

Now step five is similiar but this time it’s about your body and more importantly the way your body functions.

Whether you like it or dislike it doesn’t matter because it’s only purpose is to keep you alive and to help you get through your obstacles.

Don’t worry if you have any body flaws, or any extra pounds that could be removed to look better.

Like I said it’s important because you want it to perform well and this has to happen or you create your own levels of boredom because you lack energy.

Any beliefs you have about being fat or being skinny don’t matter, but you need to form healthy beliefs that will encourage you to get things to peak levels of performance.

This doesn’t mean you need bulky muscles or six pack abs, those are actually just a waste of time because there is too much focus on muscle gain and nothing on organ function.

Step six is an understanding that people have different body needs, different mental needs, and different spirtual needs. Notice I say needs and not wants.

This is also why it’s pointless to make any comparisions to other people. You will be aiming toward goals that are wrong, you will be damaging your body, mind, and spirit because it’s not meant for you to be them.

I hope you get the point that everything you will be doing is for your benefit and not about something external or that makes somebody else happy.

Sadly too many people get told what they should do and it’s only about the other persons wants and happiness they are helping.

Then they end up a mess of a person who doesn’t understand anything that is important to their lives.

That was steps four, five and six.

Notice that I haven’t talked about specifics or anything that really is one size fits all.

On to the next life changing steps

Let’s take the focus off of your body now and look at things from the inside again.

In order to get headed in the direction of happiness you need to start to figure out more about your purpose in life.

Step seven is to ask yourself this question – What gets me really excited and would be something I could do forever?

Realize that you have probably no idea what forever means because it’s too big of a concept to fully know what it is.

That is the challenge of putting labels on things that don’t really gain any usefulness by doing so. When you can’t understand something there is no reason to torture yourself to the point of trying to.

This is a lesson for you to see how bad it is when you label yourself or others. Think about it this way, you see somebody walking by and they are minding their own business.

When you notice them, you lean over toward a friend and say something just as that person looks up at the two of you.

Freezing this image in time what do you think goes on in the heads of everyone?

You aren’t certain are you, instead you can only make a guess and this shows you whether you believe in something that is real or limiting.

You and everyone else has to understand that it’s nothing that matters, Why?

Because other people don’t think the same way as you.

The more you really want to know what goes on inside of somebody else’s mind indicates that you’re not that educated about yourself.

When you gain the amount of confidence to reinforce a belief that other people’s thoughts, actions, behaviors mean zero to you, then you can have freedom of your own sense of self-worth.

Step eight isn’t too far away from the ability to be self-confident, it’s got to do with how you live morally. The reason you need to identify the morals or the values you live by is because without those none of your beliefs will mean anything.

To know what you actually live by is to take a few minutes and write down what you hate that other people do. This is an on going list and it will help you to set up your list of beliefs.

Some people value family but don’t know why, or other people value money but don’t gain happiness when they get it. So it should be obvious why you want to start to work on knowing who you are.

Since step eight is about values, step nine is close to that one but it’s about what you do well. Let’s say that a stranger approaches you with a gun and asks you what you do well.

How confident are you in the skills you posses to do them well with a gun to your head?

For any of those capabilities that you feel aren’t that good you need to make sure you identify them so that you can decide later on if you need to learn to do it or not.

Remember that when you are searching for the purpose of your life, or what will make you happy there isn’t anything that becomes impossible. And there is a rule to life that I want you to remember.

It doesn’t matter what you think about your skills or your abilities right now. That part can be changed, but the part that is important is to understand what your limitations aren’t.

Not what they are but you need to know that limitations probably aren’t something you have learned the truth about.

That is steps seven, eight, nine, and were getting ready to start on ten.

What needs to be learned before you gain happiness

Step ten is this: understand that there are no limitations to you and that everything you want in life is possible.

The only real factor you will need to account for is tme. Because time is very real to you and I, but it’s not all that real to your sub mind.

Knowing that your subconscious mind doesn’t care so much about how long something takes is a real asset to you. This means that when you learn how to use visualizations there will be no limits on your potential.

I have said it before that people are so misinformed about what life is and who they are, it gets very confusing for the rest of us to live our lives better.

These negative people cost more lives lost in the world then there is data kept. But it’s huge because every human being makes mistakes.

Every human being won’t even go a couple of hours without at least making a few mistakes. They just don’t say them outloud.

Step eleven is you need to learn that people aren’t as great as they lead you to believe.

This will likely help you to boost your own self esteem because when you start to understand that even the most important people don’t do everything well, it’s not so bad after all.

It even goes further because it starts to clear up some of the limiting beliefs you got taught in your childhood.

How many different people did you have to tolerate trying to teach you things?

How many times have you thought to yourself that they are an idiot that doesn’t clearly understand what they’re teaching?

Realize that this is a must for everyone and not so you can start to make fun of other people.

That would defeat the point of learning to find your own unmet needs. It’s just another useful thing to keep you from becoming a narcisist.

It’s like learning that you can gain confidence infinitely or any other skills that you want to learn for that matter.

When you remove the comparison mindset from your beliefs you begin to see the world as having more and more to offer you.

Step twelve is something close to the last one but it’s more fyi kinda stuff.

I wouldn’t even mention it if I didn’t believe that it’s important.

Do you think you should be a leader who is fighting on the front lines for yourself, or staying back in the pack and letting somebody else tell you it’s safe to go this way?

I think it’s obvious that when you learn to start doing more of your own research, you will come to this conclusion yourself but it’s at least worth discussing here.

It’s like this, if you follow somebody else and they get it wrong what will you start to think about yourself?

What would be the point of you not taking the lead because you are the only one with your head screwed on right and not with it stuck up your ass right?

Everyone, no matter what they say or show you to do is about one thing.

That is doing what is in their best interest, and that means it’s often to make sure that they look good instead of foolish.

So if you get stuck following somebody else you may end up with a bunch of idiots who are pointing the finger at you instead of themselves. The more you read and learn things, the more clearly you start to see this.

Once you learn about your unmet needs you will also learn what many other peoples unmet needs could be.

I hope you have found 12 life changing steps to do when bored very informative, but remember to,

Focus on your needs like a lazer beam and never stop before you reach them

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