11 Ways To Become A Valuable Role Model

You may not be ready to start a family quite yet, but there are lots of reasons you should be giving this topic some thought. 

In 11 ways to become a valuable role model, you are going to see how just one little difference now, can create a tremendous benefit later on.

Here is a list of things you need to write down so you can think about your own plans;

  • A parent who goes to work and comes home, what does this inspire in their children’s minds?
  • Someone who is always full of excuses about why they can’t be there for their families, does what harm?
  • Your kid goes to school thinking about how great their parents are only to find out that other kids’ parents provide what things better?
  • Imagine how your childhood went, what sort of things did you feel were missing?
  • It’s time for summer vacation, but you don’t get to take a big chunk of time off. Instead, you can only visit places closer to your home, which does what for the family’s enjoyment?
  • Christmas comes around each year, and you start feeling down because you know that money is always tight. There is a chance that your bills will just barely get met, leaving nothing to spend on your family.
  • A mortgage that you agree to is going to make you feel stressed out for thirty years or so, knowing that, you become stuck inside of a job that you resent.
  • Climate-friendly products, services, and businesses are facing higher costs, which will only increase the price of everything you buy. How can you be sure that you do your part while inspiring your family to do their roles as well?
  • The current trend is to focus more on family experiences and focus less on material possessions. This trend increases the need for each member to be involved with all considerations.
  • 2025 is the year that experts predict will change the workforce forever. That is due to the rise of artificially intelligent machines to be involved much more in physical labor jobs. Are you prepared to shift careers to include this?
  • What would you rather be doing, waking up excited each day for new experiences and surprises or stressed out knowing that your commute to work is going to keep increasing?

The reason I want you to think about those scenarios is that a lot of people dream big, but few go beyond attempting to reach those dreams.

Think about how hard it is going to be to inspire your family, friends, or yourself when you are always stressed out and uncertain about money?

What I am proposing is that you spend more time now to learn some necessary business skills. There is no future in doing side hustles or working for somebody else because AI is the one thing you want to use to your advantage.

Don’t be one of the people who failed to plan and don’t wake up each day, dreading the daily commute when you don’t have to.

11 Ways To Become A Valuable Role Model Right Now… 

To understand how you can transform your life, you need to be capable of thinking about what your actions will cause others to see.

The simplest way to impact your future family is to start becoming the person you wanted your parents to represent.

Assuming that you didn’t have wealthy parents who spent their time teaching and inspiring you to greatness, what kind of things can you do now that will change the way that your family will benefit?

I see thousands of people daily who are taking the time to prepare themselves for the rest of their lives. From all over the world, all walks of life, and even young and old.

For the rest of this article, I will be showing you how you can change and plan for those eleven events from above. The idea is to get a schedule with routines set up so you will be increasing the value that you have.

The reason you want to learn business skills should be apparent when you will be able to utilize AI as part of your strategies.

1) In the first one, we want to think about the family’s opinion of you. That means what they would write about you and what you bring to the table.

I can tell you what I remember about my parents, but the idea is for you to come up with your list of values here. 

What are ten things that you hope your children know that you will provide?

Do you want them to be excited or afraid to have you come home? Because this is your best opportunity to plan just what is going to be a routine for you later on.

Do you want them to see you exhausted, miserable, and eager to grab a beer, or would you instead have them come to you throughout the evening as the fun one?

You will also be the disciplinary one, which means you are very likely to correct their “bad” behaviors. This role can only happen if you are aware enough to see things when they happen.

An exhausted person would likely ignore others rather than take the time to learn this type of awareness. So, there is a real reason to give more thought to what you represent.

2) The beliefs that you hold onto are just as important as the values that you possess. These will come out from what you say, whether it’s an expression, a story you share, a skill you have, or unconsciously because some things are automatic.

False beliefs give rise to bad habits because you know that something isn’t the best thing for you. People will also notice them when they spend time with you.

What would you rather have your children learn from you? That it’s okay to sit on the couch watching television as the best use of their time or that practicing and learning something will help them to reach their dreams?

Excuses also come from false beliefs because you have conditioned your mind to be lazy. That means you will always look for a way to use the least amount of energy, which is noticed and learned by others around you.

3) Emotions come from the things you think about and believe. Those are one of the most contagious parts of every single human being.

When you get excited, others around, you wonder what is happening and will automatically want to enjoy whatever you are experiencing.

The same thing is right when you are depressed and angry because other people who see you like that will also wonder what is making you feel that way.

When they try to understand what could be wrong, their thoughts are turning into yours, because they want what is best for you, and that is to take away your pain.

The only way to do that is to put themselves into your shoes, and they will automatically suffer when you do.

Those First Three Things Will Influence Other People’s Memories…

Why does that matter for a person wanting to become a valuable role model? 

Memories are a major determining factor in life because they impact everything you do later on.

The more positive memories that you have, the more excitement and success you will experience.

The more negative memories you have, the more anxiety, depression, and resentment you will experience in your life. Of course, people who have less energy because they are always feeling like crap will also have fewer successes.

4) Is the reminders that you make a part of your routines because nobody does anything without remembering why to do it. 

As you may be able to guess, the better you are at setting up quality triggers, the better you will be at developing good habits, skills, and eliminating excuses.

This change will impact whether you procrastinate and whether you finish your work as soon as you can to move on to the next task.

What do you think a child will experience if they learn to procrastinate from you? It is very likely that they will struggle with school, finding a good career, and will settle for the least desirable mates.

5) It is about the actual skills you are trying to learn and what your real strengths or talents are. We all see things that inspire us to do those same kinds of things. 

It’s no coincidence that a child will try to copy what their parents are doing. This behavior is critical when they decide on a career because they have automatically picked up specific talents from you.

Work ethic, optimism, attitude, and personal expression are all influenced by the skills we possess. Lack of self-esteem and self-confidence comes from a pattern of thought where you don’t do things well.

This pattern is a direct result of your enthusiasm to learn new things and to practice what you already know. In other words, who you are is all about what you do well versus poorly.

6) That means who you become will depend on what you think about yourself. When you feel inferior to other people, you are far more likely to avoid things that are good for you.

This kind of self-identity happens because you will be afraid of trying at some point. After all, you go into a first-time experience doubting yourself. From that doubt, you make mistakes, which are no big deal.

But instead of reminding yourself of that, you start to demean yourself for screwing things up again. This behavior pattern is what develops into a personality disorder.

All of a sudden, you realize that one little thought of yours has transformed you into someone who hates themselves and is developing a mental disorder.

From your behavior it rubs off on any children that you are around.

7) One through six are changeable; seven is something you must do today to be capable of that change. Open your mind up to learning what smart risks are.

Who you are is a list of characteristics known as a personality. Your identity takes shape because you have allowed others to influence you by failing to experiment. 

To identify the right influences from the wrong, you will need to know all about self-reflection. Self-reflection is a process of learning the right skills and removing any bad habits that are in your way for who you are right now.

The Remaining Four Will Set You Up For The Future…

As soon as you understand one through seven, you will become capable of turning your efforts into a way of making a living.

8) It is about persistence because you must believe that you can change, but you also must be willing to do whatever is necessary to transform.

The thing about taking action is that regardless of the results you get, you will build your tolerance up. The longer you can teach yourself to keep trying, the better your chances start to rise.

Persistency is the best way to battle any rejection or criticism because you absorb the pain knowing that it makes you stronger. 

Since you will be conditioning yourself not to give up, you will eventually come up with the correct strategy. Not only that, but you will outlast everyone else who did give up so there will be less competition.

9) Consistency because, just like the last one, you have to make sure that you follow every instruction every time you have set up a reminder to do them.

The best way to teach yourself is to follow the same plan consistently, so you test every angle. Once you have located the best angle, you will want to replicate it from then on.

By doing things consistently, you will have spun an entire web that accomplishes the exact outcome repeatedly that you are after.

Teaching that to your offspring will create a lot more opportunities for them to develop into the best at everything that they do.

10) Is Courage to discover things about yourself that you dislike, this is just like #7 except you start to face your irrational fears so that you know you don’t just talk about doing big things.

Do you want to have all the top advantages for yourself and your family? Not just this tiny circle, either, you will have the ability to inspire bigger groups of people, which will directly influence what actions those people take.

A business that can get a group of people to promote itself will have created an endless supply of money that opens every single door for you for the rest of your life.

Not just yours either, but for each person that you choose to make a part of your life. Doesn’t that make you see the real power that you have at your disposal?

Doesn’t that alone make your vision about what is possible for your entire family, a much better view than what you may have already thought was possible?

11) Is to stop believing that you are utilizing your best effort when you remain somebody else’s employee. 

This decision is where you connect the dots between being a person who has the freedom to live life on their terms versus having too many obligations to stress you out.

It’s the equivalent to a blank check that you will write to yourself as soon as you can learn all that it takes to get from your starting point today, to a spot in the future.

With my help, you will be unstoppable, and your family, whenever that timing is right, will be set up because of your efforts. 

11 ways to become a valuable role model, starts when you say yes I want this to happen for me.

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