100 Questions To Ask Yourself – (Self-Reflection)

Most of us never take the time or make the effort to fully understand who we are. You may think you are an expert when it comes to understanding yourself but have you ever actually done it?

100 questions to ask yourself becomes the most important step for anyone wanting to experience a life-changing transformation. It will be impossible to overcome life obstacles without first looking at why you are you.

The goal of this article is to really take the time and answer these simple questions. Then you will need to reflect on why you believe it is true or why it’s something you want to change.

Once you have completed this list, you can start to understand who you are and why you are you.

Two People Looking At Art

Where are you in this journey?

1. Who are you?

2. What fascinates you?

3. How do you know what you want?

4. Do you ever plan things out or do you let things happen?

5. Do you have a purpose or mission statement?

6. What are your passions?

7. What is your ideal career?

8. Would you live large or minimalistic?

9. What is your take on the environment?

10. Does it matter where you live?

These first 10 questions will help you understand what really makes you stand out from anyone else. For every answer you write down, can you go further?

Ask yourself why after each answer and see what else it leads you to. The deeper you can go the more help these questions will be when you want to make a change in your life.

What do people around you do when you see them?

11. Can you approach a stranger and say hello?

12. Can you get comfortable around the opposite sex?

13. Do you have any favorite things to wear?

14. What colors do you think are the best ones?

15. Do brand names influence your clothes?

16. Do you get lost in daydreams when you are sitting alone?

17. What smells inspire you or make you smile?

18. Do you ever stare at another person?

19. How do you react to a joke you don’t understand?

20. Do you like cold weather or warm weather?

Being aware of yourself out in nature is dramatically different from out in public. Do you ever wonder how people can prefer cities to country settings?

Have you wanted to journey back in time to experience something that just isn’t possible in today’s technological world? Would it really make you happier if you had to work harder to live?

Would you be willing to change yourself to be somebody brand new?

21. How wonderful or miserable is your life today?

22. What is missing in our world that would make it better?

23. Who has more power men or women?

24. Would you change places with the opposite sex for one day if you could?

25. What is the most precious resource in our world?

26. If you could pick one food that everyone alive had to eat each day what would it be?

27. Would you trade your life for somebody else’s?

28. Which are more important plants or animals?

29. Which profession would you eliminate in the world forever?

30. Would you rather be an artist or musician?

The things we think are true may often be lower on our list if we have to choose. Do you know what a bucket list is and would you or have you made one in your own life?

Sometimes these questions will hit a nerve but do you understand why that is and what it means? People aren’t the only reasons we feel shame or guilt, sometimes we believe things that make no sense.

Person Visualizing Something

Does fear get the best of you or excite you?

31. What really causes you the most stress?

32. Do you have a favorite scary movie?

33. Do you remember any nightmares you have ever had?

34. How do you react at a funeral? Cry, laugh, not sure how to act?

35. Have you ever seen anyone die if so who and what did it feel like?

36. What is the worst kind of natural disaster?

37. Do you believe in ghosts?

38. Have you ever experienced an out of body moment?

39. Do you like seeing people get scared?

40. Do you like to be scared?

The further we go into our minds the scarier it can get for some people. Do you ever think about things when you are not conscious? Could your dreams be someone else’s reality?

Did you know fear is just emotion the same as joy? When our minds tell us something is unsafe or unknown it can confuse our bodies.

Do you think the human mind could be taught not to fear anything?

What really goes on when you are not there?

41. How does anxiety impact your life?

42. Do you worry about other people worrying about worrying?

43. What does perfection really mean to you?

44. What is information and where did it originate?

45. Can you explain why we feel deja vu?

46. Do you ever see things other people can’t?

47. Are you always curious if you missed something?

48. Where does the child go when we grow up?

49. Is there a memory you have that you wish could be repeated?

50. Would you rather lose memory or an idea?

We say we know ourselves yet questions are endless. From the beginning to the end of our lives we never stop wondering about this world or our lives.

When other people experience things we wish we had done. Why is there jealousy? If you didn’t get jealous would you still find reasons to improve yourself?

Gold Medal

Life can be difficult for some and not others

51. Can you explain what fate means to you?

52. Do you think free will is real or made up?

53. Do you think AI is a good thing or a mistake?

54. How long will you wait for something you want?

55. Have you ever given up on something you wish you hadn’t?

56. Where do people gain happiness from?

57. Which would you choose, IQ or creativity?

58. If you could gain one ability nobody else would have what would it be?

59. Do you prefer daytime or nighttime?

60. Which are more powerful emotions or decisions?

From the earliest humans, we learn about fears and emotions. Our basic needs will always be a priority to keep us alive. Do you think we can ever learn to trust ourselves blindly?

Knowing that humans make mistakes will it be possible to just let things happen and not need to worry about anything? As a part of our learning process, we get taught to believe – just because.

However, this leads to people who question it. Would life be easier if everything was just provided with no questions?

Having a Strong Desire shapes people differently

Have you ever wondered what makes some people successful no matter the task?

61. How many times would you try something before giving up?

62. What do you think is too hard or too difficult to accomplish?

63. What is the biggest obstacle for you right now?

64. Have you ever felt superior to other people?

65. Have you ever felt inferior to anyone?

66. What is the most confusing thing about yourself?

67. Have you ever had a chance to be the Hero?

68. Would you ever work for years at no pay if your dreams could become reality?

69. Would you ever sacrifice a dream to make somebody else’s come true?

70. Does it matter to you if you accomplish your dreams knowing that the world will end the next day?

Focus is something many people take for granted. They are willing to do many things half assessed to get them all done quicker.

When this kind of tradeoff happens is it any wonder so many people are incapable of achieving their own wants and desires.

Is there anything you do right now half assessed that really should be done with full focus?

What Motivates You To Get Out Of Bed?

71. If you could choose a mentor who would it be?

72. Do you consider yourself teachable?

73. What one achievement makes you feel proud?

74. Who would you consider your inspirations?

75. If you could ask the universe any question what would you ask?

76. How would you react if you woke up and everyone else had vanished?

77. What fictional character reminds you of yourself?

78. How much do you think your life is worth?

79. Do you have anyone you would trust with your life?

80. Do you know how to forgive yourself or others?

Mistakes are an important part of life because they show us we aren’t perfect. Do you give yourself enough of a chance to try something before thinking it can’t be done?

How would our world still be exciting if nobody ever made any mistakes? Would it be boring and empty or would it be more exciting knowing you couldn’t fail?


What has life already taught you about yourself

81. Do you practice being kind to other people?

82. Are you thankful when you achieve something difficult?

83. Do you understand what empathy is?

84. Do you know how to show sympathy to others?

85. Have you ever thought about where your beliefs come from?

86. Have you ever thought something was just wrong and nobody else agreed?

87. Are you willing to stand out from the majority?

88. Have you had to overcome any problems?

89. Would you be willing to accept help when you didn’t ask for it?

90. Is there a right way to do everything?

When you think about the world and how you fit in, do you ever think about people who have it better or worse then you do?

Do you place any value in knowing there is always somebody smarter or better than you at everything? Does it make you wonder how much effort is required to be well known?

What makes life special and unique for everyone?

91. Do you know why you are special and unique?

92. What is love and have you ever experienced it?

93. Is your life filled with more pain or pleasure?

94. What makes a person interesting?

95. How would you describe yourself winner or loser?

96. Are you a victim, bystander or bully?

97. Who should decide guilt or innocence?

98. What would you guess is the meaning of our lives?

99. Is that meaning the same for everyone or different?

100. What would you like it to say on your tombstone?

Everyone I have ever known lives some kind of fantasy, would you ever want to live in a world created by your own mind? Out of these 100 questions to ask yourself, which was the hardest to answer?

Like I have said before we never stop having questions and when we run out we are dead. Did anything make you think of your own questions or something I missed I should add?

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