10 Useful Skills To Learn And Five Outstanding Tips

10 Useful Skills To Learn

More and more people are turning to the internet to find a career that will actually allow them to earn a comfortable income.

Because of this trend, it’s important to understand which useful skills to learn to give you the greatest chance of success.

Prior to jumping into any activity online, learn about the challenges other people have had.

This will make it possible to avoid going through the same mistakes and costing yourself time. These are the things I wish I had been working on before I made the commitment to spend money to learn.

First, you will want to understand how fast and effective you are at reading, writing, and researching. After that, you need to become a brilliant planner because it’s gonna be necessary to create several steps along the way.

Most places promise you that it’s possible to double or triple your abilities when you buy their products. Which ones should you believe and which ones should you avoid?

Five outstanding tips about useful skills to learn

Here is tip #1 – ask yourself if there is any free information on that subject that you can find in a few searches. You will be amazed at how easy it is to find everything when you look for it yourself. There will be a lot of places that try to sell you information, but usually, it’s the same as what you search for.

Look out for ads that promise you everything, and avoid them since most of the time you don’t have to pay to get the general grasp of the information offered. Beware that everything is designed to put you into a funnel so that once you take the first step you will be hooked on the value you are given.

The problem is you will not deal directly with a lot of the people who designed the training. They are working on other projects and taking that free information to create their products.

Knowing this you can do the same thing and create a blog yourself as you learn for free and earn more than enough to cover any costs you encounter along the way.Teach what you learn and blog to become better at it

Here is tip #2 – Pinterest has a lot of graphics which can teach you everything to search or look up. It’s amazing the value you will find just by going to Pinterest and doing a search on their platform.

Images work great for building your own list of skills or just getting to know the basics of things like video creation, SEO, Building your own website, creating a service, and many more.

A lot of internet businesses bank on the laziness of people and the stupidity that goes into conveniences. You can become a part of that success with very little previous knowledge.

In fact, I can teach you everything you need to become successful doing it.

Here is tip #3 – Groups and communities are out there and cover everything. People have been working online for a long enough time that most of the information has many experts, all you need to do is find the most helpful groups and they give you the education.

The only thing needed from you is to ask for the help and then to apply what you learn and practice doing it. Unfortunately, many communities and groups are business-backed, which means the owner is also the one in charge of the group.Some people are too lazy to do the work you will do

That means you won’t be able to learn everything you will need from just one group. It’s better to join several that way you will be able to see past any bias.

Here is tip #4 – Don’t do this by yourself, as soon as you can find yourself an accountability partner. This is important because left on your own, there will be many things which are uncomfortable to do.

There are also areas you can split up and pick the ones you are great at and leave the others for your partner. The quicker you learn what you are the best at and what you are not so great, at the better it will be to gets things done.

Spend your time on the most important areas which you do well, and pay somebody else to do more urgent and time-wasting things.

Here is tip #5Be willing to make all the mistakes you can so that you learn it doesn’t matter. One of the biggest reasons why people don’t take action is that they fear they will mess something up.

From my own experience, it’s not anything that doesn’t happen to everybody else so when you make a mistake just accept it and figure out what you did that you need to do better at.Find a group with experts to help you learn more

This will help you to cement that information into your mind and you can move on to the next mistake. Also, don’t be afraid to try something, learn from it, and then use what you learn to write a tutorial so that others can learn from your mistakes too.

With those five wonderful tips out of the way let’s start to look at the useful skills you really need in order to succeed online.

10 Useful Skills To Learn

10 Useful Skills That Will Make You Wealthy

1) Writing – I am not talking about only one thing when I suggest and recommend you learn to write. But think about all forms of communication and know which is your most effective means to communicate.

I love to write and it’s so much easier then I had ever imagined. My fear was that people would find what I write and criticize it. But I actually don’t mind being criticized now, I feel left out when it’s the same old you did a good job…

When you can, let me know where you really didn’t receive the message. I practice writing a lot and have gotten to a point my style is easy for me to understand but I know it can’t be that way for everyone.

Let me have it as long as it will help me to improve in some type of valuable way to others. There is one tip I see from almost every professional writer and that is to set a schedule to write a minimum amount of one thousand words each day.Find an accountability partner and keep trying

This will help you write faster, write more in fewer words and help you to build up your confidence. It’s also a great way to tackle writing a book, instead of thinking you need to write fifty thousand words, break it up to fifty days.

That’s only two months to create something which could earn you millions depending on how good it is. Writing is just the beginning because when you can communicate in writing you will also be able to create even more content.

Stuff like videos with the ability to write a script, podcasts from a set outline or list of topics, tutorials which are a combination of writing and video, courses which can be all of these.

Information is the cheapest product you can actually make, it’s like selling air only you have to arrange the information so that it helps people to achieve their goals.

10 Useful Skills To Learn

2) Creativity – Soon there may be very few physical jobs because robots will be able to do everything hundreds of times more efficiently than humans.

But one problem that robots won’t be great at is understanding the creative mind. That means you will still find that entertainment is a giant place to make big time money.

It’s apparent to me that humans haven’t been evolving as fast as they potentially can. Why? Because too many people settle for jobs that include repetitive mind-numbing tasks which require no special skills or abilities.

Let’s start to change that by introducing as many people as possible to the world of creativity. You may wonder how is it possible to increase this skill?

The more you can control your focus and concentration the better you will become at learning all the different exercises that build up this ability in your brain.

The easiest way is to read more about the way your own brain works. When you understand where creativity gets it’s strength you will want to be focusing more time on that one area than anywhere else.

Just a bit of a hint because I have planned a full article covering each of these skills. Imagine doing what monks do but with technology on your side to help you accomplish ten times more progress.Be willing to make mistakes and don't let your fear stop you

3) Emotional Intelligence– This one is a bit more complicated than to say it’s about the feelings each of us experience. Because emotional intelligence is actually all about how well you live your life to the fullest.

There are going to be many new and awesome ways for you to grow this skill and it’s absolutely essential to any mission you have about your own life.

The research that is out there is incredible and it’s showing how much further our brains will grow in the next few decades. In order to handle a lot of these new capabilities, it will become a key part of your daily life to expand how your mind functions.

Because certain things are unpublished or uncirculated it’s all speculation at this point in time. But there is plenty of hype about what’s soon to be announced and all I can say is it will be bigger than anything you believe right now.

What will you need to start doing today to gain this level of readiness? I suggest you get familiar with yourself and become capable of letting things go.

Learn how to live for every second, learn how to make your life about something bigger than yourself, and figure out how compassionate you can become.

These will get you pointed in the right direction for the next skill.

10 Useful Skills To Learn

4) Self-hypnosis – There are thousands of different improvements you can make just by starting to do one session a day from now on. Instead of letting yourself feel anxious, it’s essential you learn to change fear into excitement when there isn’t a threat to your safety.

Because facing fears are so full of mixed emotions and feelings doing these in order will be your chance to become a new you. Either you will want to find a hypnotherapist that you can learn from, or take a course and practice getting yourself into trances.

There is no better time than now to develop yourself in this way because not only will it open many more doors for you now, but it will also change how well you feel and behave when you start to grasp the practice.

I am working on a guide that will cover everything you need to do prior to starting. In the meantime, you can get started by introducing hypnosis to yourself. Because of its importance in your life, there isn’t a bad way to learn it.

That is unless you fail to understand how it works. Once you have the chance and start to do it a few times a week, it will become a habit for you. After that, continue doing it consistently so that it sticks.Learn to be consistent with your writing

Make sure you follow the directions so you know what is needed from you and it’s also gonna prevent you from wasting your time.

5) Story Telling – These next two are interchangeable but you will have to learn to communicate in a way that is better than just telling someone the facts.

Once computers and robots become mainstream everyone will be overwhelmed with facts so you need to have other ways to make communication effective and valuable to people.

Don’t just expect to talk about the details that you remember either, these need to have a purpose and be to the point with as few wasteful pieces of information as possible.

Robots will still be able to tell you a story because they will describe things the way it’s programmed in. After enough information has been gathered they will even be able to recognize expressions and other body languages.

This means only the most positive reactions or the most impactful reactions will be part of their stories. Make sure you become creative enough to stay ahead of them.Get familiar with yourself today and let things go

6) Persuasion – Like I said before you want to tell stories but have a point in those stories. When you learn to only communicate effectively a part of this will have to be persuading enough to get the result you are after.

Don’t be somebody who isn’t able to get things from other people because everyone will be trying to do it to you as well. Become the best at this and you will have a shot at success, whatever you decide that will be.

There are many different parts of persuasion from the way you greet somebody down to the way you first start talking about yourself.

Don’t leave anything as a choice, but convince others that you have what they need no matter what it is. The better you do at this part the more fun and joy you will experience.

It’s also essential for you to be able to give to people what they aren’t able to get for themselves.

10 Useful Skills To Learn

7) Teaching – You will not be the same figure that you remember from school, this will be a much more sensationalized message that you offer others who search for the same things you have.

Don’t underestimate the power you can achieve based on the way you get people caught up and on the same levels as yourself.

Each of us will have the chance to encounter people at many different times and locations. When you learn to be teaching at every chance you will continue to give away the most valuable gifts possible.

8) Open mind and optimism – This one can be obtained in the very beginning but isn’t actually required of you until you understand how to teach.

Before you develop all of your teaching methods you need a way to grasp what everyone else is saying and communicating with you.

Therefore take this skill on in several steps so that it becomes a part of who you are early. After that, you will grow as you continue to learn more about yourself and what it is you really want in your life.

Take the time to include in your research new philosophies as well as the well known and established. Your job will be to understand things on a level well past any right or wrongs.

With artificial intelligence in your life, it will no longer be an issue to get your brain up to par with everything you need.

These last two are things you need to be aware of because things are always likely to change as time goes on and more things are discovered.Use persuasion to your advantage

9) Awareness and observational skills – Focus and concentration are the essentials, but being able to observe yourself and others to eliminate bias or judgment will be important to have as well.

The part that could change is from your senses, with a more capable mind there will be potential for lots of new skills which replace other ones you develop now.

Or there could be more ways to simply upgrade to higher levels that are even unthinkable right now. So by reading and understanding how you behave, how you use your senses and human nature.

There will be unlimited potential with what you can learn and teach in these areas. Just think of implants but instead of cosmetics, these are to enhance your sight or to enhance the feel of something.

Rather than go into details based on my own thoughts I will leave you with this to come up with your own. Maybe you will want to share some in the comments?

10) Are you ready for mind control? – This one is a speculation but some people say and aim to prove it’s already possible to achieve with the right kind of concentration.

Now, what happens to how you develop your body when you can do things hands-free? In the future, if you no longer need your legs or arms does something change that your mind now does which keeps your diets at lower levels of consumption?

10 Useful Skills To Learn

More Wonderful and useful skills you can learn

Part of being creative is to use your imagination, but what needs to be learned to strengthen that part of your mind? Let’s take a look at all the ways a great imagination assists you with the rest of these skills.

Imagine you obtain the skill mind control, can you place yourself inside the physical conscious of a robot with AI? Instead of video games that have a linear progression, you are now able to encounter things that are dangers for the controlled robot.

Your mind sends the sensations throughout your body but only at the levels, you control. What kind of things become actionable, and what could this mean to how you actually program an AI to sense things.

Journal all kinds of creative things to enhance your imagination to levels that are beyond crazy.

Imagine what it also would mean for space explorations, for underwater, or any other type of miniscule activities you could try out. Not only would you have sight but you could physically experience things unreachable to your mind right now.What will you discover with these useful skills

In its own way, there would be new worlds the size of a sand pebble or even smaller. Doesn’t that go to extreme distances beyond where you can even imagine?

Who knows what kind of a world you will eventually discover or where everything will end. Could you even die in the world where you are exploring if something becomes more realistic than where you started out?

Anyways, I have thought for long enough and now it’s time to relax and learn more. Let me know what you feel when you read this or what you think and how it can actually become a possibility.

Be sure to not only discuss that but also any additional useful skills to learn that you think are better than the ones I have mentioned here.


About Author


How are things going with you? My name is Eric and I am owner and operator of Overcome Life Obstacles. My main goal with this website is to provide answers to anyone who was like me and got lost or stuck in their lives. While you are here I wanted to make sure you check out my click herewhich is where I got my start in affiliate marketing as well as with self-improvement.

6 thoughts on “10 Useful Skills To Learn And Five Outstanding Tips”

  1. It’s not that you have less imagination, but you have fewer questions. The subconscious mind starts to gain information fast between the ages of 1 second old til 7 years of age. It’s also during this period of time that you soak up everything that happens and occurs in your life. Once you have this base of knowledge you start to acquire new things based on your conscious mind and the filter that is your experiences.

    In other words, you have quite a bit of information stored that helps to guide you rather than a need to continue to soak things up like you do when you are a child. Because of this, it’s important that you also evaluate what your beliefs are and remove what isn’t helpful keeping only the best information. You let things go, so you can develop a better set of beliefs, values, and asses your needs and wants.

    This is why priorities change, people may experience a mid-life crisis or any number of revelations that challenge who they think they are. It’s also why keeping track of your thoughts and feelings will help you to almost always know the reason you are behaving a certain way. Back to your question about improving the imagination, when you challenge yourself to be curious and try new things it stimulates your mind to build new pathways.

    These new experiences and new ways to look at things will develop that imagination further. Think about putting together a puzzle that is a sphere shape such as the planet. The more angles you can look at the easier it gets to see the bigger picture and this is what you need to continue to do if you want more of it. Let me know if this helps to clear that up for you. Thank you matts mom for the question.

  2. That ability to concentrate and focus are two of the biggest selling points for hypnosis and it only takes a 20-30 minute session once a day to see the improvements happening. The main point to remember is that you already have that ability inside of yourself, each session will be for a specific area along with the focus and concentration. So it’s great when you are a beginner that you find a rotation of a few to avoid them becoming boring.

    Doing it consistently and making it a habit will allow you to start or end your day doing it. Here is a video that can explain it to you.

  3. These are all just great tips and ideas. Funny you mention imagination. I think it is a great thing to use. I find as I get older (not old!) that I have less imagination than I did when I was much younger. I used to be artistic and could do a lot of artsy type stuff, and now my brain just doesn’t have that. Curious, do know why we lose that or is it just me. One thing I am really good at though is accepting that I am not perfect, and I will be the first to own up to a mistake. Even though I tend to be very competitive, I will always accept and own up my mistakes. I think being confident also means being humble.

  4. Eric,
    I found that most of your 10 skills are very important to being successful in any online business today. I want to see what you write on self hypnosis. I think if I do this, I will never get anything done. Today there seems not to be enough hours in each day to get everything done, I cannot see the advantage of this unless it increases your ability to concentrate.
    Send me a link to more information on this.

  5. The part about mind control is simply to stir your imagination. What may become possible in the future for the population and how that will continue to change the way we perceive the universe. I appreciate your words and hope to hear from you again. Thanks Mick

  6. Very interesting webpage on 10 Useful Skills To Learn And Five Outstanding Tips! I agree with you on most of your points but differ on mind control. I will not turn that over to anyone for any reason. With respect to creativity, I think it is best achieved when one is self employed or working on a project where he or she is in full control. When working for someone else, the boss will have some control over the outcome or the final product. You have provided some excellent content that is well written and have made some really good points.

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