10 Reasons Why Avoiding Things May Cost You Big Time

10 Reasons Avoiding Things May Cost You Big Time

What is avoidance and why is it so bad for you when you practice doing it? In case you haven’t noticed, there is a way in which you learn things and it involves repetition. Whenever you have a choice to make you want to be careful that you choose wisely.

10 reasons why avoiding things may cost you big time is going to show you why choosing wisely can mean so much. When you avoid doing something that means you choose to steer away from it and that is noticed by your subconscious mind.

That memory enters into your knowledge base because it’s a preference. And you know what preferences are for right? They create a better experience for the user whenever they are used correctly, but what happens when your preference is to avoid something you need?

Over time, the way your subconscious mind works, it’s going to give you emotions that try to help you make quicker decisions. Because of that, it sends the fear emotion to you and you will respond by staying away.

This tends to get worse the more you skip that certain activity and you will eventually develop what’s known as a phobia. When you made the decision that you didn’t like talking to people, you told your subconscious mind that was your preference.

Now every time you see people you become fearful because you trained your mind that you preferred to avoid them. That means you will start to feel afraid instead brave or that you will continue to reinforce that feeling everytime you don’t change your behavior.

This is the bad result because unless you really dislike people to the extent that you will never want to interact with anyone, you must undo this false belief.

You probably fear many things if you aren’t taking the time to practice them. This may be something that you just don’t feel like doing, but that feeling tells your mind that it’s your preference to avoid or decline to do it in the future.

This becomes a bad habit of yours because you don’t make an effort to train your mind to be interested in it. An example is saying omg I will never be able to do that, or I haven’t got the skills to try that because it reinforces your fears and your doubts about your own capabilities.

Why do you do this bad habit then if it’s so harmful? Because you aren’t aware that you do it. When you are not aware of the things that you do, it becomes so easy to believe that it’s more important to avoid than to try doing it.

Those are both important points about why you develop the fears and phobias that you have. Since your mind wants to protect you and it’s not it’s job to know the logic behind your reasons, this can really harm the progress you are trying to make.

It’s really easy to develop all types of false beliefs just by doing daily activities. Any interaction with another person can change how you think. Any article or video that you come across may be teaching you something that will hurt you instead of helping.

This is why it’s so important that you learn to become more self-aware of everything that happens in your life. That is why I put together this list of ten reasons so that you can start finding out about them.

10 Reasons Avoiding Things May Cost You Big Time

10 reasons avoiding problems will haunt you

The first few reasons will mean all the difference in why you behave the way that you do.

1) You have doubts about yourself and you don’t want to feel bad if they are proven.

2) You have people that don’t want you to be happy, they want you to stay miserable because it makes them feel good about themselves.

3) You believe that getting more attention will just bring more new challenges that you can’t handle.

4) You feel that you don’t deserve to have a better life. Because of that feeling, you stop trying to prove that you do.

5) You feel ashamed that you did something against the law, violated another person rights, or that you can’t admit that you did and are in denial.

6) You convince yourself that it’s too hard to get what you really want, that you will be humiliated or become worse.

7) You stopped learning or your desire for knowledge didn’t match with your minds needs for it.

8) You lack the support around you to realize that it’s possible, so instead, you feel trapped. You use every excuse in the book to prevent yourself from taking actions that will change your situation for the better.

9) You feel entitled to a life you have done nothing to deserve. Meaning you depend on good luck and believe you are just the recipient of bad luck.

10) You don’t trust anyone including yourself, you think that if you do they will just take advantage of you and that you won’t be able to handle any more rejections.

All of these are strong and get reinforced because you haven’t tried to challenge your beliefs. In fact, you would much rather keep your life the way it is because it’s comfortable and it’s the only life that you know how to live.

The main issue is that you stopped trying and became incapable of believing in yourself to be the strong-willed person that has to make the decision to change things.

10 Reasons Avoiding Things May Cost You Big Time

The result of your avoidance is suffering

10 Reasons Avoiding Things May Cost You Big Time

Every single thing on that list is changeable, but you first need to admit that it’s happening. Until you gain the courage to write down a list of things you go out of your way to skip, you will stay a suffering mess for no reason.

The one thing that was repeated often in the list is the word “YOU” and it’s because your life is all about things you control. In fact, all fears and phobias start out with a thought where you are choosing to do something to make yourself feel better.

It’s just not been working out that way for you because you didn’t re-evaluate your needs yet. When you can realize that all your big problems stem from the things you don’t do, you will become way more powerful and be capable of changing your situation.

This means that you must start by confronting yourself as to why you stay miserable. Get down to the root of your issue so that you will want to make these changes, and do it before you are put into a situation of no return.

Now I realize that is an assumption to make that somebody is miserable and suffering, what if I avoid things because I just don’t like them? That is fine because you know it’s your choice and that when you want to do it you can.

What I am really talking about here is a feeling that has stuck with you for a long time. That is why I mentioned avoiding people as a whole and not just specific people.

It’s when you make the over-generalizations about all of something that it’s more severe. Because we all will make wonderful choices to avoid the bad things, and won’t even develop a fear because it’s not something we think about all the time.

What I am talking about is fear of doing the things you really want to do but think that you can’t because of those 10 reasons. It’s like being an animal lover one day and then getting rabies by some random animal. Afterward, you develop the irrational fear of all animals thinking that they will make you sick.

But realize that if you have a fear of something it’s still the same feeling regardless of whether you care about doing it or not. Many times people think that they have to accept a minimum wage job because they are afraid of success.

That means they don’t try to aim higher since they aren’t sure what life will change into and the responsibility that will come with more money.

If you hate facebook and want to avoid it because it’s not for you than just acknowledge that truth and move on with your list until you have the things that you aren’t doing which you want to do.

10 Reasons Avoiding Things May Cost You Big Time

When you have the list then you need to practice doing them

It’s really all there is to get over a fear, but there is a lot more you can learn to motivate yourself to take on the challenges. Hypnosis is one way to acquire the beliefs that you want and to eliminate the harmful ones.

You will just need to understand how to get yourself to relax and to allow the suggestions to be placed into your mind. It’s nothing at all scary because you are aware of it while it’s happening.

The only thing that it needs from you is a belief that it works or else you will struggle to get to that point of entering into a trance. A trance is that grogginess you experience when you are half awake and half asleep but it’s much better because you aren’t going into a deep sleep the same way.

There are lot’s of studies and research on it so that you can relax and know that it’s safe to practice. There is only one real rule about hypnosis which is, you shouldn’t listen to the audios while your driving to avoid getting into any accidents.

This means that there isn’t a real reason that you need to prevent yourself from facing your fears and gaining the courage that will change your life for the better.

Remember that when it’s a fear or a phobia, your goal isn’t to overcome it with one giant step. Instead, it’s to take down the feelings you associate with the fear with lots of practice and small steps along the way.

Sometimes you will hear that things don’t work and it’s not because there is a fault with the method. It’s almost always because the user of that method isn’t trained to do it correctly. Make sure you learn to do things properly or you can be harming yourself in the process.

10 Reasons Avoiding Things May Cost You Big Time

One last thing I want to mention is about a fear of the unknown

This is one that causes the most confusion when you are trying to face it, because how do you practice going forward into the future and allow things to happen?

The way your mind works is that all you need to do is to make a believable plan and follow it. This way you will be able to see where you are going like having a map, and you will have control of when and where you get to a point on that map.

So the more you learn about making your goals, your actions plans and then creating a plan B, the more you will be able to rest and relax knowing it’s all going to be fantastic.

And with the practice of patience and being motivated you will get there when you have gained everything according to your plans. But just because you have a plan doesn’t mean you won’t make changes.

Knowing that you can always change something will add a little more assurance to your state of mind and give you the best feelings as you work towards them.

Learn to become persistent and that will allow you to be flexible so that the idea of making changes won’t frighten you when it’s needed.

10 reasons why avoiding things may cost you big time isn’t about money. It can be anything that you want or dream about having, experiencing or doing. The main take away here is that you already have the power to make these changes, you just need to start taking the time to stop avoiding things which make you uncomfortable.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to comment in the space down below.


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4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Avoiding Things May Cost You Big Time”

  1. Avoiding things is one of the biggest reasons why people will fail to get started. I am glad to hear that you plan by making lists so that you will learn to face the more difficult or uncomfortable situations and deal with those. The longer you remain hesitant to face something, the more difficult it will get because this is how a phobia gets formed. Thanks for your comment and be sure to let me know if you are in need of anything.

  2. I do believe that avoiding things does lead to some form of suffering. I think we all avoid some things. I know what I avoid, and I have worked hard to make changes in my life to deal with these issues. I know that avoidance does not help me grow either. I find that making a list, and then sticking to my list is best. This way I do the things on the list and don’t avoid something I shouldn’t. Kind of like putting it off indefinitely.

  3. It’s the formula for unlimited motivation, you simply will not lose hope for anything when you know the truth. That is only possible when you control those beliefs that you work on making stronger. When you remove the false beliefs, learn who you are including what your true needs are, and then have a desire to make the changes to gain what’s missing. You will create a vision of exactly what to do when to do it and how often you need to practice. It’s easy to figure this out but can be difficult until you get used to it. That is why I suggest you trial and error and force the mistakes to occur early on so that you will develop the strongest methods moving forward. Thanks for that comment and feel free to do so anytime Jeff.

  4. Very motivating post on how avoiding things can often make things even worse, I used to be that person and putting things off only made me a very anxious and depressed person. Now I have faith in myself and things will work out for the best, when you take things in your own hands and have God on your side how can you fail.


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